Secrets Unveil- A Romance-Erotica Novel (Book 1)

Welcome to the story about two young loves finding solace just to fight to be together!


Synopsis of Secrets Unveil

In this novel, the main female character, Paris Thompson is torn between two best friends. Although she loves one, her heart belongs to another, Trent Devereaux.

Paris is an eighteen-year-old college student majoring in nursing in Columbia, S.C. She’s ambitious, a bit of an introvert, and open-minded. When her best friend snatches Trent before Paris can say Rumpelstiltskin, her best friend is pregnant by him.

Trent is a college student who comes from a wealthy family from Cherry Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. He’s attractive, muscular build, a lover at heart. Nothing stands in his way to what he wants, and he will fight just to get what he wants- as is his undying love for Paris. She’s his soul mate. He will do anything for her. They click on a level that no one can understand. With his child’s mother (Paris’ friend) constantly in his pockets and treating him like he’s nothing more than a meal ticket; it only pushes Trent closer to Paris, who simply wants him for him.

As time goes on for Paris and Trent, she meets a new female friend, Caitlin Chan, who turns out to be major trouble. Caitlin manages to coerce Paris to join an organization she’s affiliated with, called Mackleson’s Production. Drugs, sex, extortion- a whole new world finds Paris.

Trent is fighting for their new relationship, but Caitlin is influencing Paris to make deadly decisions for her life as well as with her relationship. When Trent receives inside information from Mackleson on what goes on there, he tries to warn Paris, but she isn’t listening. She loves the thrills she gets with Caitlin.

As Trent realizes that Paris isn’t listening, he approaches Caitlin to tell her to back off from Paris. Caitlin doesn’t back off and has no plans to do so; she has a job to do- recruiting young women to join Mackleson.

Trent then set a game plan to expose the illegitimate organization with the help of his recruited team by first executing the head man. When Trent thought his plan is coming together nicely, the head man’s associates attack Paris when she wouldn’t tell them who killed their boss.

Paris has motives to have the boss kill, but has no idea who done it. They are not buying it. Paris ends up in a mental institution after having a mental breakdown from the attacks.

Trent and his team go into a war-like battle with the evil crew annihilating nearly everyone in the warehouse. Several months later, Paris is recovering and is able to go home. She tells her family what has happened to her and made a promise to continue with therapy sessions. While Paris and Trent move on with their lives in content and bliss, a witness comes forward.

What they thought is over is causing them to fight once more for the love they tried so hard to build.

Writing Challenge- Secrets 

©2016 by Pamela E. Hester


This is an edited synopsis that I’m trying out. I hope you all enjoy this more updated, detailed version of Secets Unveil.

Comment below on what you think, what work and didn’t work. All feedback welcome.


9 thoughts on “Secrets Unveil- A Romance-Erotica Novel (Book 1)

  1. ROXI

    I loved the romance turned to suspense. What going happen to the hidden loved will they finally connect as one. You doing a great thing with your novel. Keep progressing into your success

    Liked by 1 person

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