The Secrets Series

🌹Welcome to the Secrets Series!🌹

A page where you can get to know Trenton Devereux and Paris Thompson and the books in this series.

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Book 1- Secrets Unveil 

Paris is an 18-year-old medical student who never thought she would meet a guy quite like Trent. He is the epitome of every woman’s fantasy. He is tall, attractive, muscular build, and a lover at heart. He will do any and everything for her even when their relationship is tested; he fights to keep them together. When Paris is brutally attacked by a group who coerces her into an underground sex ring, he assassinated the group. What they believe is over, is causing them to fight yet again.

(This book is completed and currently unpublished until  I decide whether to self-pub or rather find an agent)



Book 2- Secrets To Live By
Paris and Trenton are back at it again; still fighting for their love, their lives, and to stay above what life throws at them, even when a witness comes forward determine to make them pay for a mass murder allegedly caused by Trent.

(This book is currently being written during #NaNoWriMo2016.)

Book 3- (This book is untitled for now and will be written after Book 2.)




Book 4- Secrets (Prequel) Earlier Life Of Trenton Devereux (This book is currently being drafted, but will be finish later in the future.)


My interview with the main characters:

  1. Trenton’s Interview
  2. Paris’ Interview


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