Have Faith In What You Do

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for awhile taking care of life’s problems, with dealing with my health, and other things. Yesterday was a terrible day but now that’s out the way… I’ve mentioned in a post about my blogging goals for this year, you can find it here, which I’ve managed to complete. One of them at least.

It has taken me awhile to work it out since I didn’t quite understood how to copy or move a post to another page. So I went into my admin and worked on my menu. I ended up adding related posts to the Romance- Erotica Stories page. There, you will get a drop-down menu of stories, poems, and such. It is now available for viewing. Please go visit and tell me what you think. Some of you may have already seen the posts, but I will add new content later on.

I’m still doing edits in my book Secrets Unveil. I’ve went through a lot with this manuscript last year and back nine years ago when I first started writing it. At first I wasn’t ready to release it to the world, the feeling of sharing something you hold dear was downright scary. And, with the non support I would get from others before I was even finished then.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you writing a book is a waste of time or asking you why you want to write a book with violence, sex, and language throughout it? Many times I had, yet I put my book to the side, went back to it, back and forth. With it finished, so many times so, I cried tears of joy; now I’m brainstorming the sequel.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, do what makes you happy. I can’t stress that enough. I have some people in my family and friends who do not read, follow, or share my blog and its content or care to read my book, but it’s okay. I care and that’s all that matters.

And should not care if certain people don’t  share your hopes and dreams. One thing I know, someone does and they want to read your work.

Enjoy your day!

Be Strong…You’re Gonna Need To

Courtesy of Google Image
Courtesy of Google Image

For every dollar I’ve heard that, I would have thousands of dollars. Lol. I never had any guts coming up and often got picked on. Or cry when someone put me down about something. Or get scared to move forward based on what someone said. Until my late father once told me, “Pamela, stop all that d–n crying! Everybody’s not going to like you or like what you do.” “You have to make the best out of a situation with what you have.”The other day I was on Goodreads where I signed up years ago to begin my writing career, which went kaput by the way at one point, but it’s cool now. Yet, at the same time whenever I read a book or check the Goodreads site for a book out there to read, I’ll ease on down to the reviews. Some were good and most were shocking.


It’s like the reader hated the story like it was based on their own life and it was traumatic. They left mean reviews but everyone is entitles to their own opinion. I know that now and at that time it had discouraged me from writing. Well, from putting my book out there. (And would you believe it when I posted on my blog about what my book was about, someone hounded me very badly for a few days on because my main characters are similar to people she knew. I had to blocked her.)

Long story short, the book written, edited (my own), emotions all over the place with my characters stressing with each other and fussing with me, and ready to find a professional editor, I took a glance at the reviews again the other day.

I’m doing a reading challenge on reading 50 or more books this year for Goodreads. So there I was, searching for a recommended book, typed in my fave author’s name and after reading the excerpt, I saw a review(the first one) and the reader blasted on the author. She did not like the book to its finest. Then after her, everyone followed suit with more bad reviews. She also was actually giving writers advice on how and what to write. A whole screen worth of her rants. I was like “dang, for real?”

My thing is you’ll have your days where you’re sitting back sipping merlot and some days you will stare at the screen hoping your next book will be a success.

Can’t give up though. I just want to share this tidbit of information to not let reviews about your book get you down. Get that book out there. Someone wants to read it. Take care.

Blogging Goals For 2016

Hmm. My blogging goals for 2016? Well, first off let me say, 2015 have been an interesting year. I met some wonderful people whom I’ve shared the same interests with- you all are awesome and I am thankful to have met you!

I had bookoos of writing and blogging challenges. I had completed a novel in 90 days, which took a lot out of me but was worth it. Did I mentioned the beautiful spirits I’ve met here on WordPress?

For 2016, my goals are to publish more on my blog, but differently than I used to. However I go with my posts, I can only hope it’s successful and I don’t get bogged down. For Secrets Unveil, I’m hoping to find an agent or whatever direction I’m headed to. It’s very taxing so kudos to all who has already on their writing journey.

Two new pages has already been created and I plan on giving this blog a new theme. One page is already in the works. Secrets Unveil has its own page which talks about, you know it, my book. Right now is only the synopsis. You can check it out here. I want to put certain posts/stories in its own place, which make it easy to find.

The other page is called Romance-Erotica Stories. Which housed stories from previous posts that I’m moving here that meets the page criteria. The page is up but starting next year I will add stories to this page.

I want to work on myself and for once do what makes me happy without letting others orchestrate my life. I like helping people, and also for next year, I want to be more involve in any way I can. I believe you can get far with like people when we all work together.

That’s my goals for 2016 so far. I have a lot of I(s) in this post. What are your goals for 2016? 


PromptWhat are your blogging goals for 2016?


Writing Challenge (Day 4) Ten Facts To Know About Me

Here’s Day 4 of this writing challenge. I have to admit I was a bit shaken up, but yet again, I’m to expose myself. No fear. Taking on this challenge seems similar to what I’ve recently done here on WordPress.

On with the show.

Ten Facts About Me:

  1. I had always wanted to be a ballerina. Ballet has always been my go-to choice since age four. I would stand on my tippy toes and twirled around; without ballet shoes I might add. My parents didn’t have money to pay for lessons, yet, that didn’t stopped me. I trained myself by watching ballet on television. I’ve put together my own tutu from scraps on my very first sewing machine I received for Christmas at age 10. I never did became a ballerina like I wanted. 
  2. I love horror movies. Yeah, I do. I was once called creepy because of my crazed love for horror. I will choose it over romance movies. Weird, huh? I can stay up till 2am watching it.
  3. Astronomy amazes me. I’m fascinated by the planetary alignment and how it works.
  4. I love cats. They’re so soft and cuddly. I don’t have one now, but I do feed stray cats that come by my house. I can never get a picture of them, cause they will run away before I can approached them. I’m seriously thinking about adopting one though.
  5. I don’t like sports. Nothing else to say on why they don’t appeal to me.
  6. Being alone is something I like being 90% of the time. I used to wondered why I prefer being alone over being around people. I didn’t grew up alone. I am the oldest of two brothers and one sister. A pain in my butt then. I suppose I have trust issues. People had lied so much and take manipulation to a whole another level. sorrow-that-reveals
  7. I am a mother of an overactive, take me from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat six-year-old daughter named Shelley. I never thought I wanted to be someone’s mother. Guess life has a way  of changing you. I spoke about her in previous posts.
  8. I have a thing for Italians. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ever since I seen Tony Danza on Who’s The Boss, I was hooked. The accent, their attitudes, the food. Ho appena li amo! (I just love them!) I’m studying the language.
  9. In high school, for three years, I took up French. Now, I don’t remembered a darn thing. Okay, maybe a little. I’m going back to learn the language. It is so beautiful. I also want to visit  France someday.  
  10. Okay, the last most of you know- writing. But, what you didn’t know that I was nominated in a poetry contest ten years ago. I was to travelled to Florida and read it to an audience and received my award. But, my a relative hid the letter from me and when I found it, it was too late. I was devastated.

Those are ten facts that I can safely share with you guys. Hope you enjoyed them!

Finish Line: Novel Completed

Whew! Back on July 13, 2015, I started the rewrite on my novel, Secrets Unveil This was for a 90-day challenge for a writer’s group by my favorite author, Mary B. Morrison.

I am so thrilled for that motivation, the determination to finished a novel I started several years ago. It has been challenging, especially when you have everyday life issues jumping in the way. Nevertheless, I did it and I’m proud! Yay!

I’m planning on taking a week away then go back for the editing stage before I consider sending it off to a professional editor. I really can use a second pair of eyes. Later on, I’m writing a sequel to Secrets Unveil; I fell in love with my characters and don’t want to stop telling their stories. They won’t stop “talking” anyway. LoL! You can read about them here.

When you want to do something that you have always wanted to do, do NOT let anyone persuade you not to. You are the captain of your ship. It’s your life. Preserve on.