PressThis: What to Avoid When Writing Your Book’s Opening Lines #NaNoWriMo #amwriting 

For those of you participating in #NaNoWriMo2017 or just working on writing for anything else, I hope this article can be of great help to you.

The opening lines are where the final purchase decision is made for some readers. Consider these tips for opening lines when writing your book.

“Your first sentences are the make or break when it comes to convincing a reader to buy your book. The middle of your book may very well show off your best writing to date, the place where your story turns from enjoyable to unputdownable, but no reader is going to know that if they don’t get past page one.”

Source: What to Avoid When Writing Your Book’s Opening Lines

It’s As Close As We Can Get #writing #blogging

Writing is as close as we can get to keeping a hold on everything that means so much to us. Whether its writing fiction, nonfiction or writing a blog post, we tend to jot down our words before they vanish from our  idle minds. When I was a young girl, I would walked around with a notebook and pencil, looking for something to write about. When I do, I immediately started writing. For, if I didn’t, it would wither away and leave me devastated. From that point on, I write about everything that I can:

Write about phrases that grasp at your soul.

Write about the adventures you enjoyed or didn’t.

Write about childhood memories or recurring dreams you have.

You see, when we write, we tend to keep hold onto the many things that means so much to us. It’s the exact reason why we all write, correct? For if we don’t, it will slipped away like sand through our fingers.

Read more on recurring dreams.

Three-Day Opening Sentence Challenge (Day 1)

For three days, I am doing a three-day opening sentence story challenge. I want to see how well I can do with opening lines. (Recently, it has been a struggle with other works.) I will pick a picture, any picture, and come up with one sentence to go along with what’s happening in the picture. It’s been…um, fun. 😊

In the near future, I may write a short story to further the story.

How are your stories coming along?

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Jacob drove home astounded at what had recently taken place at work as he pondered his challenging agenda for tomorrow; he was ill-prepared.


Pamela E. Hester ©2017

Find Your Writing Inspiration 

We all can tend to lose what ounce of inspiration we have left when it comes to writing. Whatever piece of writing you have, whether: an article, blog post, your book; don’t lose hope.

I used to shy away from making connections with others; that had always felt awkward- even online! That until I found out the power of making online connections from ALL areas in life. The other things are: reading everything, and getting out of my comfort zone. This past Sunday when I turned another horrifying year, I vowed to get serious about my writing (and everything else) like I’ve done before this 2016 graced us. I had nearly slipped away.

Everyone, please do the things you may have never done before. Definitely go outside your comfort zone. Live your life and take your writing farther than you can reach. Find your writing inspiration. Never be satisfied.

You can and will go far. Happy Tuesday! 🌹

Her Caribbean Lover, Part 1

She sat on the grassy, hard bank, contemplating whether to take that swim, or just wait for him to join her.

It has been awhile since she is able to relax her tiring body; work has been hectic and she could really use some time to recoup.

He saw her. There she was as she promised; a poised, curvy, gorgeous woman who saw life as it is anticipating his arrival but on her terms.

Standing tall and muscular, his handsome face took in the soft curves of her body as she slowly dips a foot in the amazingly cool water.

The coolness of the blue-green water soothes her. “Ah,” she moans. This what she waited several months for.

He waited for his cue, not wanting to frighten her with his presence. He waited as she stops to strip out of her clothes to a skimpy, red, yellow, and green bikini that lies underneath. And, he waited still.

She glides into the deep water, smiling in satisfaction as she did. But, it was cut short when she heard a rustling sound. She quickly turns, and there she saw him standing tall and proud.

She smiles seductively and beckons him ever so slowly, watching as he ambles over to where she was. He hastily puts a foot in and grimaces at the temperature of the water. He groans as she softly laughs and held out her arms to him.

They embrace, staring into the other’s eyes. They felt their love rising. Her Caribbean love. She touches his attractive face, noting the longing for her in his eyes. He brushes a finger against her soft lips and bent to taste them…