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I have recently came across a writing software in my email that is fairly new, (well, new to me) that looked like it my be useful for someone. It is known to be an all-in-one writing software for authors and the article is informative. The software, Atticus, sounds like it is worth a try when it comes to writing your book and formating.

See a review of the book writing tool called Atticus. Learn about its features and how well they work in this detailed overview. Will you be able to use it for your next book? Find out here!

What is Atticus?

Atticus is a software that currently gives authors an excellent way to write, and format their books at a lower cost and with equal results as a program like Vellum. However, one day it will be the all-in-one solution for writing, formatting, and collaborating.

Atticus not only has a ton of features at launch, but also boasts a HUGE number of upcoming features that will make it the be-all, end-all of writing software.

How Does Atticus Work?

Atticus is currently both a word processor and a book formatting software. You can write, edit, and export your novel with ease.

You start in the dashboard where you can create a new book or upload an old one (there are a variety of ways to import a book that I’ll get to in the features section).

atticus dashboard

Then you’re brought to the word processor element of the program, where you can create chapters (or front and back matter elements), and begin writing. In this section, you can drag and drop chapters or sections just like you can in Scrivener, and are offered an array of writing tools.

In the next couple of weeks and months though, there will be a whole slew of new features added to the writing section of Atticus, to really make this one of the most fun, aesthetic and helpful book writing software out there – without being complicated or convoluted. We’ll talk about this later, but we’ll be focusing on adding writing goals, special writing modes, analytics, character or note cards, and more.

From there, it lets you format the book and export to ebook or print, to use in KDP, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, or wherever you sell your books.

Alice in Wonderland Formatted Using Atticus

In the future, there will be more features as well, including tools to keep you motivated, organized, and even collaborate with other authors.

In other words, it has everything that the top formatting and writing software has, and there’s more coming to make it the best in the industry.

Atticus Cost

The cost of Atticus is one of its strengths. Programs like Vellum cost $199 for just eBook and $249.99 for ebook & print book capability.

Atticus, on the other hand, costs only $147 for unlimited books and ebooks.

Plus, that price is for a lifetime purchase. $147 will get you the current version of Atticus, plus all future updates.

So, you get all the capabilities as before, but for a fraction of the cost.

Complete List of Atticus Features

Atticus is packed full of features, so for this review we’re going to break down all of them one by one.

1. Cross Platform Use

This is, by far, the strongest feature that authors have been asking for. Package like Vellum are not available outside of a Mac, and their website even says that they do not plan to create a Windows version, so waiting is not an option.

Atticus, on the other hand, is available not just for Mac, but for Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, as well as in your Internet browser.

2. Ease of Use

Atticus was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while not sacrificing functionality. You shouldn’t have to watch a whole course just to figure out how to use a piece of writing software.

That sets it above other programs that might have a lot of features, but also a huge learning curve.

3. Autosave, Cloud Storage, and Backups

The Autosave function makes it easy to keep from losing your work. All you have to do is write and format, and it will take care of the rest.

The books in Atticus are saved to the cloud. Everything is saved on secure servers, meaning you can access it from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about your computer breaking down and losing all your data.

Additionally, you have the option to backup your books, either one at a time, or all at once. It’s secure and you therefore you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

4. In-app Spell Check

Atticus is set up to have spell check natively in the app, with further plans to integrate ProWritingAid in the future. While we’d like to integrate with Grammarly, it’s a bit of a difficult company to work with and the way they designed their program, it’s a bit problematic – but we’ll keep trying.

5. Footnotes/Endnotes

endnotes in atticus

Footnotes and Endnotes are also a function of Atticus, making it comparable to Vellum, and also ensuring that those of you who write nonfiction, academic papers, or any other instance where you’d need a footnote, you can add them with Atticus.

6. Offline Use

While Atticus is cloud based, you can use the program and all of its features offline if you so choose.

To do this you can to download the Progressive Web App (instructions here) onto your computer or smart device, or you can log in with a browser before you go offline. That way you can take Atticus with you wherever you need to go. The only time you’ll need to be connected online is either initially login in, when you upload a document, export a document, and when you collaborate (a future feature).

7. Exporting Options

export feature in Atticus

Like Vellum, Atticus will export an EPUB-format eBook, as well as a PDF file for print.

Unlike Vellum, however, Atticus will also export to a DOCX file, which makes collaborating with editors that much easier.

Note: Even though Amazon no longer accepts MOBI files for eBook, Atticus will be coming out soon with a MOBI export so that authors can send MOBI files to their ARC team or Beta Readers.

8. Importing Options

Atticus also allows you to import a document, if you are taking an old book and importing it into Atticus, for example.

Atticus currently supports DOCX, RTF, MOBI, and EPUB file types for importing, with more options on the way. What’s great about this is that incase you need to update a previous submitted m MOBI file, it’s easy to drag the MOBI file into Atticus, make your changes, and export it as an EPUB so you can resubmit to Amazon – cause remember, Amazon no longer accepts MOBI files. This alone should be a major time saver.

9. Device Previewer

atticus device previewer

To see how your manuscript looks when formatted, Atticus boasts a device previewer with 14 different device possibilities to preview, including print.

Currently, this feature is being updated to include pagination, so that it functions more like an actual eReader device or a print book. But you can still get a solid sense of the style of your book, including its font, the chapter header, the table of contents, etc.

10. Chapter Splitting

button to split chapters in Atticus

Atticus allows you to split a chapter from any place in your manuscript. This is useful if the manuscript import fails to detect the beginning of a chapter, or if you’ve written a chapter, decide it’s too long, and want to divide it into two.

Along with this feature is the ability to merge chapters as well, should that be necessary.

(Click link to read more features Atticus has by the founder, Dave Chesson.)

Source: Atticus Review [2021]: Is it Worth it? Pros, Cons, and Features

What do you all think about Atticus? Does it sounds like something you may try?

#CampNanowrimo, Writing, And Me #MondayBlogs

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Hi everyone! I hope your weekend went well. I can’t believe how fast this month is going by.

When I started #CampNanowrimo, I had thought I had set some realistic goals for myself. Not only had I changed my word count goal from 50K to 30K, I had changed the novel I wanted to write.

Well, for one, I didn’t know that for the Camp, you can set your own work count goal until a week after I started. It’s different from the regular Nanowrimo where the word count is set to 50K and there’s no changing it.

I had started out revising Secrets Unveil to becoming frustrated and tired of it. I ended up jumping to the second novel, its sequel, which is called, Secrets To Live By. I had started out writing this novel during Nano 2016 and had gotten to 50k. I went back this month to attempt to finish it because 50K is too short for a novel.

Have you ever had this notion to change something constantly in a given month? And it left you almost feeling indecisive and struggling with it? Yeah, me too.

I had struggled with what I want to do with the two novels. The first is completed and the second is nearing a completion just needs a few more thousands of words and edits. Can’t forget the edits.

So I had this weird thought, well, not so weird, to put the second novel first and not publish the first one. Yeah, I know right, what? I questioned myself the entire month. I had stopped flip flopping and just kept writing Book 2.

Still, I wondered what to make of former Book 1, Secrets Unveil. So I posted my question to Quora. So I have decided to either:

Merge Book 1 to Book 2 or,

Cannibalized parts of Book 1 and add them to Book 2.

My original thought was to try to rewrite the first book to and released it before the second book, of course because 1 becomes before 2. The thing is I had tried to rework Secrets Unveil so many times and it had become to the point where I am like, “f*ck it!”

Still, I was also thinking of just putting the first novel on WattPad if I don’t merge it or add parts of it Book 2 since I don’t plan on publishing it for sale; at least, not anytime soon.

The truth about Secrets Unveil is that I had originally written it over ten years ago with a different title and the revisions had definitely changed countless times over the years. Life had gotten in the way and a lot of other things and I had to put it down for years. Long story short, this novel itself used to be two novels merged into one.

I had learned that I have to seriously make my mind up on what I want to do because I don’t want to spend another so years still not publishing what I have written.

Okay. I said a mouthful. I know, I know. I sometimes have issues trying to make something perfect and making a final decision on something. Yeah, I need to get my act together on that.

Have ever gone through this and how were you able to overcome it? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

With love,



Joining The Writing Camp #CampNaNoWriMo #AmWriting

Scheduled post.

Oh wow! It is another month and I can’t believe how fast these months are shooting by. Anyway, I’ll make it short and sweet for you all today (sorry no strawberry shortcake) by stating what’s going on for the month of July.

First, my daughter and I will finally get to see my mother and my siblings for the first time in several months. With this coronavirus going on, it’s sad that we can’t get to see our loved ones how we want to. The other thing is, I am wondering if wearing masks is something we should do sitting in the living room as well at my mother’s. I don’t know and I dislike this new normal. Don’t worry. I won’t complain about the pandemic.

Well, anyway, whatever we do, it will still be great to see them for the Fourth of July. I don’t actually celebrate it, my brothers are coming down and my mom wants to see us. And we really want to see her.

Also this month, I am participating in CampNaNoWriMo. I have participated before in regular NaNoWriMo when it was going on in the month of November. This was back in 2016 and I remembered like dang, 50,000 words in one month? But I did it. Tried again the following year and gave up half-way through it. Now since they are having the Camp version this month, I was like why not. (I wonder if I’m going crazy.)

I am doing revisions of the novel I kept talking about before but haven’t gotten around to publishing yet. And that is the novel, Secrets Unveil that I been putting down for some time. It had been nearly two years since I last laid eyes on my manuscript, not counting looking at it over the weekend.

Secrets Unveil- Book

The book cover here is something I had created to aid me in pushing myself to do those revisions, work those edits, and get my novel publish someday. Since I just saw the email from NaNoWriMo about their camp today, (by the time you are reading this it will be yesterday) I am glad that I had done some type of prepping already. Tap/click the image or link to read what Secrets Unveil is about.

I am a bundle of mixed emotions on doing this writing camp, so wish me luck.

Is anyone else doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month or had back in April? What are other projects you are working on lately?

Here I Come, NaNoWriMo! #amwriting #NaNoWriMo2018

Late post.
Good morning/afternoon everyone! So, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Last year, I had started it, got 3,000 words in (I believe), and quit.

So much was going on and I was furious at myself for not pushing and trying harder to finish. Or at least get close to 50,000 words which is the limit. I will spared you the agonizing details.

This is my third year with the first year I have completed my first novel, Secrets Unveil. Actually, it was just a total revision.

Now, I haven’t published it yet, but for this year for the second time, I am finishing the sequel, Secrets To Live By. 

Also, since I will be working on my novel and a short story for something entirely different, I won’t forget about you guys. There will be posts that will be reposted, and for most of you who may have already seen them, new ones will be thrown in.

For anyone participating this year, much luck to you. Don’t give up on anything you do. It’s okay to take time out for yourself, but don’t EVER give up.

Take care,

Pamela 😘