First off, happy Thrusday to you all! I know that I tend to get on a serious note, but this is serious- or however you may want to look at it.

I had came across this article on Facebook and wasn’t going to read it, thinking it may be garbage or something blah blah. It was deemed interesting; I must say. So, ladies tell me what do you think about these five reasons you think those women( the word hoes sounds harsh) are winning in your opinion.

Also, women who are available, fun, or stroke men egos aren’t always a hoe, mind you.

Men, you are welcome to chime in as well. What are your thoughts?

Chat with you soon. 💋


A Poem For Our Girls

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Today’s post is for we women and for our little women. I’d found this poem on Klout while searching through articles where you can add your input to them and share with others.

This beautifully written poem is by a female, of course, and speaks about how females are to be strong and not to let “the world” take away your innocence, your heart, that sacredness that belongs to you.

I see this as a poem I will someday read to my daughter as she gets older. It’s a poem is for we women to instilled within ourselves and to pass onto the females in our life.

Even though this a post for females, men are welcome- to passed this poem on as well to the females in their lives.

**To my beautiful women (and young girls) be strong. Be empowered and know your self-worth. I love you all! 💖💖


You Are Daughters Of The Sun

you were born with a fire inside you,

and this world is determined to stamp it out.

You will see it when you stand up for yourself
and you are told how arrogant you are amongst your sex

because ‘it isn’t ladylike to raise your voice.’

(Speak louder when they say things like that to you.
Let them see how quick a single flame can take hold of an entire forest)

You will hear it when you wear something that hugs your body
and feel the uncomfortable sensation of being stripped naked

by the eyes of men who call you names you are still too young to understand.

(One day these same men will have daughters
with fire spines like yours who will make them understand)

You will know it when a man tries to use his strength
to have his way with you the first time, and no isn’t good enough, so you need to use your fists/teeth/legs to get him off.

(What did he think would happen if he manhandled flames? His burnt fingers are his own fault, not yours.)

You will feel it when you see
your mothers eyes filled with terror

because you are two hours later than you said you will be home.

(She understand so well how dangerous it is to carry a soul made from a firestorm in this broken world.)

You must understand: they fear you.
There is nothing scarier in their minds

than a girl who knows the power of her flames.

Your passion is terrifying,
your beauty isn’t pretty

it is unashamed,

determinedly uncaged

and so honest and wild

that they can only think of ways

to either own that fire

or try their damnedest to stamp it out.
But you must never ever let them take

those flames from within your soul,

Instead, you must burn brighter than ever

because you are a daughter of the Sun,

And you belong only to yourself, not to this world.

—Poem by Nikita Gill from Thought Catalog

Instagram Moments On Monday- How To Keep One Happy


For today’s Instagram moment, I went with something a bit humorous. But is it true though? Although, they claimed it doesn’t takes much to keep a man happy, yet I heard, (from men actually) that women want too much. As I look over the list, it’s not that long really. So, why do these men act like we have a Santa Clause’s list of demands? Lol.

What do you all thinks?

Show Your Self-Respect, You’re Still Beautiful

It’s becoming a well know fact all over social media of women being misjudged, mistreated or they, themselves, going beyond their means to devalued their self-respect.

For one, most people had took to the internet some of the most insane, asinine photos and videos of them doing ridiculous stuff. I had to keep telling myself it’s just the internet but when is enough is enough?

From women twerking (and little girls too) to posts up of them nearly naked. It’s damn near soft porn! Excuse my language. When these same females received comments from another female to tell them to respect themselves and so forth, they claimed they are being hated on. Huh? How can another woman hate on another woman who posed provocative and barely have on any clothes. Mind you, majority of them are not models or anything of that nature. They just love the overwhelming excitement from men who leaves lewd comments that shouldn’t be on a public site.

Most men craved women of this nature while saying how the women  have no self-respect, no class, no morals. I don’t get it. They just hit “like” and left those ridiculous nasty comments. I’ve seen men tell these women not only that they are beautiful but no other woman of their caliber are. A few weeks ago I commented on a model(which she was more than just that) that I had the same body type as her before pregnancy, and asked for advice related to weight loss. This guy commented to me wanting proof that I have that body type. I was flabbergasted yet outraged. He kept pressuring me to show him photos of me and when I demanded that I will not send him any and to leave me alone; he claimed I was a liar about my body and I should SHOW it to him. So in his eyes, based on me not showing it, I’m not deemed beautiful.

I believe ALL women are beautiful! Being nearly naked, posting pictures of yourself always in lingerie, thongs, doesn’t make you beautiful. I avoid posting pictures of my body period; you have crazies out there.

Women, your inner beauty is just as gorgeous as your outer beauty. You don’t need validation from anyone that wearing less or slutty clothes make you gorgeous enough to deemed worthy in the eyes of most of these pitiful men.

Some women, majority are very young, will only get attention if they are beauty pageant gorgeous with a body of a porn star for these men to like them. It saddens me that most women with class and self respect get overlooked because they are judged of being boring, or not pretty enough, or not showing off the goods.

I am going to teach my daughter early on to know her self worth and to never fall weak for attention. I apologize for my ranting, I’m mortified and saddened what this internet is coming to.

Have anyone ever had this happened to them or witnessed it happened to another female?

What else can you add to this?

Thank you for reading. Light and love.

Playing Wifey in a Non Married Relationship- Part. 1


We all may have been there. Being in a relationship, living together like you’re married.
The one thing I dislike about that is the fact it gives the other person the okay to act like they are single. For most. While others demand of you to do this and that, carrying on like two married couples.
Now, how can two people who claim to love one another, be there for one another, and then live together for years and not be married. I personally believe if you live together, have children then you should be married. But, part of me believe that you should live apart until ready to say those vows.
No one, that I know of, wants to be a wife or husband in a non married relationship. They rather have the real thing and live in honor and in truth. It’s even honorable to God.

How long can you live together as married until you realize it is time to tie that knot?

I know for a fact that it doesn’t take years and years. You either know this person is who you are meant to spend the rest of your life with or not. You also don’t play mind games. (And I’m talking only to the ones that does this.)

Ladies, we as women have to draw a line somewhere. You can be the cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, mother, and lover with a little more titles living with a man for over five odd years and not be in a monogamous marriage.
I’m not downing the men either because they are some men who want to settle down and feel like they found the right woman, but she isn’t ready for marriage.
Can you see yourself in that type of relationship for years to come- a non-marriage one? Don’t fool yourself. Don’t kid yourself into believing that this person who promise to love you and treat you like a queen that he will put a ring on it.
You should also not jump head first into marriage, because for some are headed down to divorce court. Take it from me, although had never married yet, know this person for years and still feel like things won’t change. And a future with is only non-existence like Santa Clause.

If a man want you to play a role of a wife, look at your bare left ring finger and say, “Not until we say I Do”.

Look forward to part 2 coming soon.

Until we meet again,