Getting Inspiration From Twitter

Some of you may be on Twitter as often as you can. And some of you may get on every once in a while, every few days, or few weeks or so. I find myself on there every few days, though I’m slacking off with the word prompts events.

Another thing about Twitter is that other than connecting with those I follow there, I oftentimes find inspiration. Those inspirations may be for writing or life in general.

Below, are a few inspirations I’ve found on Twitter that I would like to share either you. Inspirations can come from anywhere. And they can remind you that though social media can be filled with superficiality, and can have its negatives, you can still find the good within it.

What inspires you, and do you find inspiration on social media?

Sunday Motivation: Inspirational Quotes by @valand_rakesh

Happy Sunday everyone! I apologize for being away for a while. I have been sick with an excruciating headache and toothache. No matter what I took or did, it wouldn’t go away. I’m feeling a whole lot better now. 

I was motivated to share with you all these two quotes below. I hope it can help someone with whatever you are going through.

Stay strong and positive. Be blessed.

Take care,