Health, Beach Trip And Other Things

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Last month, my daughter and I had done something for the first time together and that was taking a much-needed trip to the beach. Our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, in which we spent 3 nights, was something that had its moments but was well spent. The only thing I wish was that we could have stayed there longer.

But first, I’m would like to update you on some things that I haven’t mentioned or haven’t in a long time. My anxiety has gotten worse since last year which led to going back into depression. I had been on this anxiety/depression medication since last November, but the dose was low.

The side effects from it definitely got me to question it, but I kept taking them. I hated the feeling of being sad and crying off and on, and sometimes for no reason. Sometimes I would go through so many different emotions in one day I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep it all away.

Around me, there was one problem after another. And some problems were happening in my family that affected me in some way as well. For instance, last school term, my daughter had been dealing with one issue after another with students at her school. She had gotten into a fight with a girl. She had been bullied, as she had before in elementary school and last school term.

The entire school term for 2021-’22 was horrible. The school officials weren’t doing their job. I tried just about everything I could… My daughter was so stressed, that her anxiety got worse and she went into depression. Now, she has been getting therapy sessions and I still do.

Another day another post for that. It’s getting me a bit emotional.

Taken by me at Myrtle Beach, SC

That weekend beach trip was relaxing and fun for both of us. It had been years since we have been to the beach or anywhere that was more than 10 miles from our home rather. That Friday, our transportation had gotten us there early, like around 11:00 am. And the hotel’s check-in time was 4pm. So the front desk allowed us to leave our suitcases with them and my daughter and I walk to get lunch and just walk around to check out places around the boardwalk.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
View from our room balcony.

That evening, we rode on the Skywheel for the first time. If you’ve never been to one, you’ll love it.

View from the Skywheel

The next day we visited the Hollywood Wax Museum. We’ve done three attractions in one place: the wax museum itself, Hannah’s Hall of Mirrors, and the Outbreak-Dread The Undead. The Outbreak consisted of “zombies” so-called scaring you. The only thing that scared…ahem, scared me was the women screaming in my group. Lol. I felt like we were extras in a scene in a sci-fi movie. The entire experience at the museum was enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Later that night, my daughter and I got into the pool at our hotel. It was going well at first until my daughter almost drowned. It was scary and thinking about it still, reminded me of when someone threw me (when I was her age) into a pool and I thought I was going to drown. My daughter and I don’t know how to swim. Though, it’s not her first time being in a pool. She had even dunked her head underwater then, but last month was a different story. She pushed off into the water and lost control. I was sitting near the edge, the part where the steps are, and reached out to grab onto her. Her arms and legs were flailing and with one last grab on her jeans shorts, I tugged hard and got her to safety. That was a scary moment.

After recovering from that, the next day, (Sunday) we went to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park. A few of the rides we had gotten on were quite fun. The park is old (opened in 1966) and most of the rides are close to showing their age, but they run pretty well.

My daughter never rode on a rollercoaster before, so I had gotten her hyped up weeks before our trip about getting on one. I love rollercoasters; they’re one of my thrills. By the time we got in line to get on the rollercoaster, my short self stood on the tips of my toes to see the coaster we were getting on. You know, to see the mechanics of them up close.

Well, by the time we got even closer, I looked down, and my first thought was I wasn’t going to fit. But I got in anyway because my daughter really wanted to ride. And… I couldn’t fit, at least not comfortably. My thighs were squished together. My breasts were in the way and my stomach isn’t close to being flat. My butt just couldn’t fit at all. The seats are small, yeah, but I could have fit if the divider was between us. Then again, probably not.

Anyway, by the time I was easing out of my seat while letting my daughter know I can’t ride, an attendant came up. The look on the guy’s face was a look of disgust. I will never forget that face.

My daughter never got on because she wanted her first experience to be with me riding with her. Just know, I had struggled with my weight for some time. When I was in that toxic environment with a gaslighting, abusive man, I stressed ate until I finally moved out last year. Since then, I had worked on getting healthy, in which I had improved in some areas.

It’s a process, but I am confident I will get there, and get my weight down. I just don’t want to go back to being thin as I was before my daughter was born. I just want to be at a healthy weight. I had even gotten a treadmill when I don’t want to do my walks outside.

Okay, I don’t want to ramble, but that is what had been going on with me lately. One more thing, I have also been working on taking one day at a time. The future isn’t promised to us, so we really don’t have all the time in the world. We all have to live life on our own terms and do so how we see fit.

Tell me, how have you been?

April Writing Challenge: Day 5- Places I Want To Visit #AprilWritingChallenge

As I sit here and peek at what today’s challenge is about, I see that it says to list the five places I want to visit. Well, the thing is as we all have to be home and can not go anywhere but to the grocery store and places that most of us must go to, it tends to give me a sense of despair. Why? Because it only makes me want to throw my hair back and roll my eyes. Though, I have to do the challenge for today and why not; it can give me hope or whatever you call it and to wonder that one day I may be able to visit these places one day.

1. The Caribbeans

Photos courtesy by: pixabay

There’s something about gazing into the blue-green waters, walking on the white sandy beaches, and feeling the breeze blowing in our hair that makes a person fall deeply in love with who or whatever you choose. I always want to visit any of the Caribbeans islands because of the description above and the beautiful people and culture. I want to eat the delectable food, dance into the wee hours of the next morning, and soak up the euphoria of EVER-Y-THING.

2. Paris, France

Photos courtesy by:

They say that Paris is the city of love, and though I’ve never visited there yet, I had fallen in love from afar while sitting in French class in high school in South Carolina. While our teacher who was from a town in France I can’t remember taught us the lovely language of French, I’ve found myself growing fond of the language and the city more and more. Still, to this day, I can not roll my r’s. (Side note: our class was to travel to France, but my guardian at the time wouldn’t allow me to go.) All in all, I also believe the language to be sexy when spoken when I hear an adult speak it. The Eiffel Tower and the Paris Bridge are the top places I would love to visit there, along with eating the baguettes and cheese. I would like to leave you guys this phrase I like in English. Here it is in French: Tombez amoureux de vous-même et vous connaîtrez la beauté de la vie.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

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Wow oh wow! Visiting here would be a dream come true. It is so breath-taking in Cape Town and though going anywhere here will be a first, I don’t know where to start. I just hope to travel there one day to take in the culture, food, visit the wineries, and explore other things to do in Cape Town.

4. Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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“Well, well,” in my Maleficient’s voice. I grew up watching Disney shows and movies just like anyone else and their grandmothers. Though, I haven’t step near a Disney resort, hell, I haven’t even been to Orlando, (yeah, my life sucks) I wanted to visit this magical place because of the same reason as anyone who goes there. We want to see the characters, get on the rides, get swept up in the many attractions, entertainment, and all the other plethora of wondrous things to do while there. A simple weekend is not enough for what I and anyone who would come along with me will want to do. I’ll take a week, okay?

5. A City/Town In Greece

Photos courtesy by: pixabay

When I think about Greece, Greek mythology is the first thing that comes to mind. I love to read about mythology as a school-aged child and up to now. I don’t actually know where in Greece I would like to visit in particular, but I know that their architecture is what drove me in. I’ve read that Greece is known for its beautiful marble. They are indeed glorious. I would love to learn more about their culture in person, go to their vineyards, beaches, taste their food, and whatever else suits y fancy. Their ancient sculptures are a sight to see in person and I would like to visit their theatres as well.

This has been a toughie and it took some time to do this challenge mostly because I was thinking and researching. Though I couldn’t list all the places I would like to visit because it would take a few posts, I listed my top 5. Most places I thought about, I ended up doing researching on what people had to say about it. Turns out most who are the same race as me had horror stories to tell about some of the people from a different race not wanting our kind there.

Though I must admit, it doesn’t surprise me because most places I would like to visit are places I wanted to go to solely for the architecture, food, etc.

Still, I enjoyed the process of doing this challenge. I learned some new things as I research and perhaps one day I can get started on traveling to these places.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Stay tuned for Day 6.


PressThis: How to Become a Travel Writer (seriously)

For a little over a year, I have thought about traveling since it’s something that I love to do but don’t get a chance to… hardly. I always wanted to explore the world, nationally and internationally since I was a young girl.

For those of you who have been following me a while, you know I love to write. Writing is a lifelong passion of mines and a way of life. Anyway, although I am working hard on my craft, to get my content, stories, etc out there, I’m not giving up. Some things been going on and I won’t speak negative on them.

I am, though, considering other ways, just haven’t started, though I am sharing what I researched for anyone who may be thinking about trying travel writing out.

I’ve included a preview below on tips for becoming a travel writer. You can click on the link to learn more. Hope this helps anyone.

How to become a travel writer.
1. Read.

Start reading and don’t stop.

Read all the “greats,” but don’t skip the more obscure writers. Read magazines. Get yourself a library card if you don’t have one, and if you can’t do that, check Google Books and Google Magazines.

The idea isn’t to imitate, but to simply know what — what genres, what styles, what writers — came before you, as well as who your contemporaries are.

2. Redefine the genre of travel writing.

“Travel writing” includes hotel reviews and destination guides, published in guidebooks and in glossy travel magazines. But travel writing’s more than service pieces.

Check out this genre-busting, long-format narrative by Porter Fox. Or this blog postu by multi-genre writer Elizabeth Eslami, which I’d categorize as “place-based writing.”

In a way, all movement and all settling is travel, and so the stories we tell about these experiences are “travel writing” in the broadest sense of the word. Even if some editors don’t see it that way.

3. Start a blog.

In the not-so-distant past, a writer had to have a decent portfolio of publication credits to be considered a “travel writer,” and certainly to be published in a glossy mag.

Not so anymore.

Thousands of writers have published their writing primarily or exclusively on their blogs. Some have gotten book deals. Some have gotten print gigs. Some get offers of free travel. And some get nothing more than the recognition that their writing means something to a random reader who stumbled across their blog doing a Google search.

Not sure how to get started? Check out Matador’s stockpile of blogging tips.

4. Develop your online presence.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to connect with other writers, editors, and readers.

5. Build a network, online and off.

Start your blog, set up a Facebook and Twitter account, but make sure you get offline, too. Stories and relationships don’t develop best through a screen. That only happens at ground level.

MatadorU hosts frequent workshops and events around the world.

6. Travel. But not just to “exotic” places.

You’ve got a 9-5’er. You’ve got kids. You’ve got debt. You’ve got no money. You’ve got an expired passport.

What you’ve got are excuses. A walk beyond your front door is travel. The only thing you need for a trip is curiosity.

Click the link below to read 22 tips for becoming a travel writer.

Source: How to become a travel writer (seriously)