Writing Challenge (Day 8) Book I Like…And Don’t Like 

Yes! My favorite topic- books. I can’t begin to say when I started getting into reading books, more like a mad person for I have to surround myself with them. Or else. So, if you have a book you would like for me to read, let me know. Also, a friend of mines who is doing this challenge as well has a book out. You can check out her website here and book.

Since I been out of work for a while now, I couldn’t buy any books like I want that came out or what have you cause the library doesn’t have everything. It does not stop me from checking out a book- I mean, books. I would leave out with at least 15 of them. Yeah, I love to read and I’m a fast reader.

Okay, this challenge is to write about a book I like and one I don’t. Aww…only one? A book that interest me is called “The Honey Diaries” by my fave author/mentor Mary B. Morrison. I spoke about her in other posts about my 90-day write a novel challenge; in a Facebook writer’s group ran by her.

I started reading this book (Sweeter Than Honey-Book 1) back in 2008. In the book, the main character, Lace St. Thomas was kicked out of the house by her mother at the age of 16. Lace ended up working at a brothel and took on her dead sister’s name, Honey. She was offered a job as a madam and used the name Honey.

This book exudes sex, extortion, and the will to hunt down the killer of a friend. It’s raw, not afraid to go there, life struggles, and female empowerment. The series are astonishing. I get overwhelmed with it, especially when a character I grew to love gets killed. I’m honored to be mentored by such a beautiful, helpful person who use her free time and resources to help other aspiring authors.

I wish I can mentioned more books but it would take a lot of time, and reading on your part. No books I don’t like, every author has their own unique style, which is amazing.

Happy writing fellow writers and bloggers.