Don’t Be Frighten, My Dear, It’s Only A Friendly Ghost #happyhalloween #amwriting #fiction

Warning: Scary image below may not be appropriate for some readers.

Althea had awakened from her late afternoon nap to an ominous sound happening downstairs to her nemesis that she could care less about. The piercing, frightening screams vibrated off the cold, white walls and then sounds of the woman’s body movements echoing down the wooden stairs was heard as she crashed to the floor.

Althea sighs and turned over to gaze out through the bay window to the rose garden that was in serious need of watering. The annual women’s convention of sisterhood is going well, too well. 

She reflected back to when her nemesis, Veronica once played a mean trick on a fellow coworker, an innocent, quiet woman, and prank her using life-like toy snakes into scaring her. The woman was deathly afraid of snakes and Veronica knew that. The woman recovered, but today is personal. Althea got up to see about Veronica.

“Ayee! Someone helped me! I saw a-” Veronica screamed out. On the floor, sliding backward in her black floral lace jumpsuit, she sweated profusely and breathing laboriously. The evil demonic-looking apparition left her petrified as she tried to figure out the how, what, when, and why. Her day was going well until now.

The last thing she remembered was demanding the housekeeper to get her something for her room, then she turned around and seen the spirit. She forgot what it was she had wanted, but it didn’t matter now. She could barely breathe to give the answer to a friend of hers question.

Althea snickered as she watched Veronica and her friend scrambling for the door. That’ll teach her to screw over people, Althea thought. She really trying to use her powers for good, to be a virtuous witch, but there are people who will push you to the limit.

“Well, looks like our work here is done, hunny,” a raspy voice whispered in her ear.

“Tamara, I owe you big. Thanks for your help.” Althea squeezed her best friend hand and smiled warmly.

“You know I got you. You think John will leave her ass?” Tamara asked, referring to Althea’s ex-boyfriend.

“He can have that mean, basket case. He’ll soon find out the real her. Today only pushed her further into the deep end. She messed with the wrong damn witch. And, oh yeah, thank Ms. Waterford for me for giving that bitch Veronica a fright.”

Happy Halloween everyone!” She shouted to the remaining women, throwing her head back cackling.

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Writing Challenge (Day 25) Weird Traits Of Mines 

Oh why must this writing challenge confound me so?! Lol. I’m yet to revealed more about myself and I’m starting to feel fine with that.

I have always seen myself as different not weird. Yet, I have even have a few to called me creepy and yes, weird too. So, here are the four traits of mines that I suppose you can call weird. Here goes:

  1. I don’t like crowds. Not sure if that means anything. I believe it’s more on being afraid of crowds. Although, I’m not claiming it. I don’t like crowds because as a child I often gotten lost within a crowd. So many people. So many times being lost. I’ve gotten lost so much that to this day I will avoid them at all costs; if I could. I even gotten trampled on by a crowd at church while kneeling at the altar. You see my point?
  2.  I always dream of bringing my imaginary friends to life. I remembered them vividly to this day. I guess even back then I like to played out my characters that I wrote. I remembered a few family members would say, “Pamela will grow out that nonsense one day, hopefully.” My parents saw nothing wrong with it, especially when I’ll walked by them with a pencil and notepad or a voice recorder in hand. I want to put these characters in books. Now, as I think about it, a writer’s characters are like “imaginary” friends. Is that weird? I don’t believe so.
  3. Paranormal and the  supernatural. I don’t bother with Ouija boards or summoned  anything. I’m just fascinated with the known and unknown. I supposed it’s because I experienced apparitions that I really wished I haven’t at an early age.

  4. I tend to stare up at the ceiling with my ear buds in for hours. When I’m lonely, bored, or emotional, ear buds where art thou? I haven’t noticed I had picked up this trait since I was twelve. Whatever going on, happiness, angry, sad, aroused to one of  the soothing song; I’ll lay in bed or couch and stare at the ceiling with my ear buds pretending to be somewhere else.

There you have it, four of my weirdest traits I can safely share with you all without sounding like I should admit myself.