The Space I Write Everyday 

Here’s yesterday Writing101 assignment that I forgot to post.

Everyday, I pick up my phone and start typing, yes my phone. I had a tablet but the darn thing will not cut back on. In the market to purchase another or better yet a laptop. I didn’t want to make excuses why I could not write my novel or publish a post in my blog. Yeah, the struggle is real, but I’m sure there is someone who may be going through the same. So, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and that has help some. (Sighs) Can you imagine the built-in keyboard in your phone taking up half the screen that you can’t see what you’re typing? Yikes!

Anyway, sitting on the couch, sometimes alone if I’m lucky, I will type. I will turn off the TV and insert earbuds in my ear listening to different genre of music. Music always seem to calm my soul and ease my mind. Nothing can go wrong. I always use the internet for ideas or index cards and my notebook to jog down my thoughts, ideas.

Sometimes I wish I could zapp myself everywhere in the world and just write, write, and write. I seem to be more Spiritual than anything and likes to connect with nature, the universe, and let my spirit comes one with them. I let my mind takes me far.

Then, there is the awful times, not so much with my six-year-old daughter who requires so much of my attention. She stays under me sometimes, and only when I have to get to writing and blogging, I allow her to watch all the cartoons she wants.

Alas, there is her father whom we live with. He’s mean natured, mental abuser who only cares about himself. He only gives me space sometimes to write because he wants to reap the benefits from a possible book deal or etc. At times, he would stay in my ear venting, ranting and raving about all the exes who done him wrong or any women problems. He talks about them in a negative fashion, too much for my comfort for 7 years, and it drives me nuts!

I’m planning on moving my daughter and me out of this though, because it messes up my mental processes. Sometimes I will stare at the screen, prepare to write, and bursts into tears cause I’m mental drained from the abuse.

This is all I can write for today though.

Feel free to list your ideas on what I should write for a future post. Thanks for reading. 😀