Smile when you are going through something

Smile when you are feeling like you are at your lowest point

Smile when you know you look good

Smile when you are feeling the blues, but are going to carry out your goals anyway

Smile when the person in your life have let you down

Smile when you know the Lord is on your side

Smile when it’s storming outside and you know everything  is alright

Smile when your children are giving you hell but you love them anyway

Smile when the biggest orgasm you receive was recent and you’re anticipating another

Smile when you never receive it but knows that it’ll happen soon

Smile when your man/woman is treating you right and taking care all of your needs

Smile when you know the Lord will send you someone who will do just that

Smile when you know one day your trials will soon be over

And smile if this poem is speaking to you.

Until we meet again.