What I Have Is Mines To Have #blogging #womenempowerment #selfrespect


Give You What I Have?

I have nothing to give you.

What makes you think you are entitled to what I have?

You are a con artist. A mastermind of deception, dominance, and cruelty.

What I have, I hold precious and off-limits, not to be mistaken for lust.

What you don’t understand is that what I have is NOT yours to possess nor control.

Cause let me tell you, once this conversation is over, I shall leave with my dignity and self-respect.

Now, with that being said mister, you have yourself a fine day!

In regards to the men who disrespect women by grabbing their body parts and just downright abusing them. NO MORE OF THAT!!! NO MEANS NO!!!

By: Pamela E. Hester