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Continued From- Baby, Your Love Kills Me.


It has been about a week since Andrew and Jessica’s sexual encounter at a friend’s party, and Andrew had only heard from Jessica only once; which was very brief. He missed laying eyes on her and holding her dearly.

No sight no hear. He tried calling, yet received not a sound from her sing-song voice. What could it be? He kept asking himself, thinking back days ago of anything that could have gone wrong. Was it the negative vibes from a few women who sat gossiping about her? Jessica doesn’t give a damn about that. Or, was it the invasion of ants that messed up her so perfect hair after her afterglow? Andrew laughed at the hilarious memory. Nevertheless, they had fun, or so he thought.

Picking up the phone once again, he heard a loud knock at the door. He hurried over hoping it would be his Jessica. He jerked opened the door and found his best friend, Tamia with an upsetting look stretched across her face.

“Why haven’t you returned any of my calls?” She asked tautly, glancing about the place.

“I’ve been busy,” Andrew simply replied. He noted how distracted his friend was. Her large eyes glimpsed about as if to find a particular something or someone.

“Busy, huh? Oh, please don’t tell me, with Miss Prissy Jessica?”

“Yeah, busy,” Andrew avoided telling Tamia about his feelings towards Jessica’s absence. It would make her day worth living for just to know he’s having issues where Jessica is concerned.

Tamia studies him closer, not believing him for a second. Maybe “busy” worrying over that thot, Tamia thought, seething.

Andrew turned to ambles into the kitchen to fix a drink for them both. Disappointment washed over him that it wasn’t the one he was hoping for. He absentmindedly grabs the Tropicana and a glass. Anxiety began to tear him down. Not one time had he done something Jessica didn’t like. Andrew always went above and beyond for her.

“Earth to Andy!” Tamia yells, hitting her fist against the counter.

“Damn girl! Chill much? Here’s your orange juice,” Andrew shook his head, his nerves fired up. Call me Jessica, now!

Look, you been tripping over something since I walked in here. This is me. Tell me what’s bothering you, or I’m out.” Tamia fussed. She let her fingers drummed against the granite counter.

Sighing audibly, Andrew spilled out his feelings about Jessica and her absence anyway. They always had a bump in the road, yet they managed to work through it. They survived.

“…I know Jessica loves me, but she just have a funny way of showing it,” Andrew was saying.

“A funny way? Jessica don’t care about anyone but herself. She’s a leech, a freaking narcissistic. You have been damn near broke since she entered your life. You are always back and forth with her. Andrew, she’s no good for you.” Tamia prays that what she said resonate with her good friend.

Andrew is a great catch; she can see that. She can see herself with him as well. However, guys like Andrew seemed to fall for the bad girls’ type that broadcast their sexuality on Instagram and Snapchat like it was no problem. Jessica is a woman who wants a man for what he can give her, and once she gets what she wants, she moves on to the next; that is if she hasn’t lost interest.

Yeah, Tamia was sick to her core of those types of women who take the good guys and make a mess of them.

“You are wrong for this, Tamia. You are better than that.” Andrew glance up at the ceiling, hoping that by the time he counts to three, this nightmare with his childhood friend will cease to exist.

“No, you are better than being with a bitch like Jessica-”

“Don’t call her that!” Andrew interrupted furiously.

“How about this changing your mind,” Tamia digs into her Coach bag and threw numerous pictures at him.

“What is all this?” Andrew got his answer as his eyes scanned his scantily-clad woman in the arms of another man. Multiple pictures of the one whom he loves and thought love him, seducing and being seduced by a guy, who wasn’t him.

“I warned you about her. You see, she-”

“You have no right bringing this-” Andrew heard the sound of his doorbell ringing.

He hastily went to the door, still arguing with Tamia. Flinging the door open without asking who it was stood Jessica with a weird look plastered on her beautiful face.

If you haven’t already, read the beginning of their sweet misery of love. 💋

Baby, Your Love Kills Me #MondayBlogs #amwriting #fiction

Continued from Your Love Is Sweet Misery.

Warning: 18+ (Mature Audiences)


“He can smell the inviting scent of her perfume a few feet away. It was driving him insane! It sent an unbearable electrifying desire throughout his body and ached in the middle. He sat down his drink, ambles over to her with hunger in his eyes..”


🌹 🌹 🌹

Andrew wrapped an arm around Jessica’s slim waist from behind; inhaling that intoxicating perfume he loves so much. They grind against one another not caring who was watching; cause at this moment the only one that matter was them.

“Rock me slow,” Jessica breathes out, turning around to envelop her delicate, soft hands around his thick neck.

Andrew did what he was told, staring into her hazel eyes. The rocking intensified. Andrew groaned. Jessica slow-wind; pressure is building up, feeling Andrew’s thick hardness through her thin material. She threw her head back in satisfaction, allowing the cool breeze to ease her troubled mind.

She had a rough day over some finances on her part going wrong; and right now with Andrew, she felt exhilerated. The fluidity of their movements and of the wind blowing, her baby pink mini dress lifted up fluttering around her hips. It caused an upsetting murmurs from those who couldn’t or wouldn’t tear their eyes away. She made no attempt to smooth down the dress.

“My Andew,” Jessica sighs and hugged him tight. She could feel the daggers being thrown her way by envious women who actually thought they had a chance with her man. No chance is given when she is in town.

Andrew. Her comforter. Her lover, knight in shining armour. Her ATM machine. Yeah, she found the right one.

Andrew pulled away as the song ended, basking in the sight of such gorgeousness before him. He licks his full lips. So enthralled, he saw Jessica’s mouth moved. What was she saying? He wondered. Andrew’s mind was a whirlwind, envisioning sensual thoughts of them behind a bush somewhere.

“Do you want to?” Jessica asked. She nibbles on her bottom lip, coyly. An act that gets her her way…with anyone.

“Hmm?” He answered absentmindedly, lowering his head to hear her.

Jessica laughs and pulls him towards her, laughing as her lips mesh with his. He could feel her body pulsating electrifying heat against his body. It sent a feverish feeling throughout with an insatiable desire that forgetting everything and everyone; he quickly picked her slender body up and walked them behind a tall rose bush.

..Nowadays, you can’t do anything without a pair of eyes or two watching your every move. Some people gasped, mostly women while others whooped. But, there was one who sat mean-faced oozing hate for the couple who rolled around in rose petals, groping and moaning without a care in the world.


Stay tuned next week to find out what happens next.

Writing Challenge for SYTYCW- Opening Line #amwriting #WriterWednesday #romance


Where it all began with Michael J.


I was introduced to this challenge for SYTYCW(So You Think You Can Write) @Harlequin this Sunday passed by the beautifully spirited writer friend named Marquessa. You can find her awesome blog at Simply Marquessa where you will find wonderful posts and sexy stories. She had me on fire with this post and the previous ones, so afterwards, go visit hers, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the prompt: Your hero and heroine have just met. Give us your hero’s most impactful/ funny/ sexy/ intriguing/ eye-catching opening line!


Courtesy of standard.co.uk
Michael isn’t the type to wait, but for Cynthia, she’s worth it. From her raven-black hair to her French manicured toes, Michael will wait for a lifetime for her. Sitting at an oak table by a window near the back of the coffee shop he frequented since his college days, he waited patiently still for Cynthia. Their online interaction which led to nightly phone calls has always left them desiring more.

Sitting tall with a 6’6 muscular frame of Iroquois and Greek mixed, his handsome, chiseled face transforms to wistfulness. Where is she? He wonders. His chestnut eyes began to search frantically around until-

Cynthia is like a breath of fresh air as she sashay his way. The scantily red baby doll dress with stilettos was sending burning longing Michael’s way.

Her witchy green eyes glared at him. He smirks. “So you decided to meet here? You naughty boy,” her husky voice teased.

“Yet, here we meet again after all this time.” Michael gruffly replied back, his eyes bore into hers with hunger.

Read the rest of the series by clicking on the stories below. Let me know what you think. I will also be taking a break from the Michael J series for this character is complex, daring, and… and I felt like I wasn’t doing him much justice. I may resume this series at a later date.

Thanks for reading!

The Eccentric Soul Of Michael J

Not A Good Time Today- Michael J 

Tell Me What You Want 

Have Faith In What You Do

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for awhile taking care of life’s problems, with dealing with my health, and other things. Yesterday was a terrible day but now that’s out the way… I’ve mentioned in a post about my blogging goals for this year, you can find it here, which I’ve managed to complete. One of them at least.

It has taken me awhile to work it out since I didn’t quite understood how to copy or move a post to another page. So I went into my admin and worked on my menu. I ended up adding related posts to the Romance- Erotica Stories page. There, you will get a drop-down menu of stories, poems, and such. It is now available for viewing. Please go visit and tell me what you think. Some of you may have already seen the posts, but I will add new content later on.

I’m still doing edits in my book Secrets Unveil. I’ve went through a lot with this manuscript last year and back nine years ago when I first started writing it. At first I wasn’t ready to release it to the world, the feeling of sharing something you hold dear was downright scary. And, with the non support I would get from others before I was even finished then.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you writing a book is a waste of time or asking you why you want to write a book with violence, sex, and language throughout it? Many times I had, yet I put my book to the side, went back to it, back and forth. With it finished, so many times so, I cried tears of joy; now I’m brainstorming the sequel.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, do what makes you happy. I can’t stress that enough. I have some people in my family and friends who do not read, follow, or share my blog and its content or care to read my book, but it’s okay. I care and that’s all that matters.

And should not care if certain people don’t  share your hopes and dreams. One thing I know, someone does and they want to read your work.

Enjoy your day!