Blogging Goals For 2016

Hmm. My blogging goals for 2016? Well, first off let me say, 2015 have been an interesting year. I met some wonderful people whom I’ve shared the same interests with- you all are awesome and I am thankful to have met you!

I had bookoos of writing and blogging challenges. I had completed a novel in 90 days, which took a lot out of me but was worth it. Did I mentioned the beautiful spirits I’ve met here on WordPress?

For 2016, my goals are to publish more on my blog, but differently than I used to. However I go with my posts, I can only hope it’s successful and I don’t get bogged down. For Secrets Unveil, I’m hoping to find an agent or whatever direction I’m headed to. It’s very taxing so kudos to all who has already on their writing journey.

Two new pages has already been created and I plan on giving this blog a new theme. One page is already in the works. Secrets Unveil has its own page which talks about, you know it, my book. Right now is only the synopsis. You can check it out here. I want to put certain posts/stories in its own place, which make it easy to find.

The other page is called Romance-Erotica Stories. Which housed stories from previous posts that I’m moving here that meets the page criteria. The page is up but starting next year I will add stories to this page.

I want to work on myself and for once do what makes me happy without letting others orchestrate my life. I like helping people, and also for next year, I want to be more involve in any way I can. I believe you can get far with like people when we all work together.

That’s my goals for 2016 so far. I have a lot of I(s) in this post. What are your goals for 2016? 


PromptWhat are your blogging goals for 2016?


Happy New Year!


So long 2014…Hello 2015!

As I say goodbye to the ever predictable 2014, and welcome in the new year of 2015, I take a glimpse back on all that had transpired. From a new job to it being ended, to happiness to despair. Although this year hasn’t been the best, I plan to embark on a new journey down 2015.

2014 has taught me not to expect the unexpected. It had enlightened me to do more for me and put myself first without stressing over what others think. I had allowed people to control my life and I’m planning on trying hard to grab the reins and steer my life the way I want it to go. You only get one life to live and once that life is over, there’s no going back.

I don’t make resolutions because it never follows through, but I’m going to make sure whatever plan I make is of my own choosing. The act of being happy, independent, financial independent, and to have my daughter see her mother strong and not dependent on others.

Whatever plan you make, do it for you. Don’t allow others to control which way your life should go. Remember, you only have one life to live.
Happy New Year!

Until we meet again,