What Does The Meaning Of Love Means To You?

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Love doesn’t just means to say you’re sorry. Love is the essence of what we have to conquer to make this thing right, within us and around us. It is often taken for granted, from the ones who haven’t got it quite right yet. It’s something that is often hard to decipher, leaving most confuse to understand the language- the language of love.

You have to first love yourself. Before you can love another human being, you have to first love the person you see in the mirror everyday. No one can love you better than you love yourself. You’ll know what you can and can not tolerate, what makes you tick, and knowing that person (which is you) deep down can handle.


What does it mean when a person tells you they love you? Is it from the heart or are they just saying it for the moment? Some people say it with their whole heart, but it’s the matter of doing not just the saying. From the little things they do to the greatest; showing goes as far as just hearing those three little words.

Love is expressed as an action and experience as a feeling. When you expressed love, it goes deeper than the deepest well, further than the widest sea, higher than the highest mountain.

What are the qualities of love? They are:

  • Empowering
  • Appreciated
  • Everlasting
  • Valuable
  • Confident
  • Peaceful
  • Respect
  • Co-operation
  • …. just to name a few.

Give immensely without expecting something in return. Actively show love. Love unconditionally. Accept what love has in store for you and expect nothing less. Be tolerant.

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Instagram Moments On Monday- Work On Yourself First


What she said above. 🖕🏼Happy Monday everyone! #relationship goals

Writing Challenge (Day 20)- My Shuffle Music

I love music, all genres. It’s what kind of helped me write and to blog. It also had helped me through a lot of problems in life. I can’t see my life without it.

Today, for this challenge, I am putting my MP3 player on shuffle and choose three songs. I will also tell you what I think about each one. Hope you all enjoy them.

  1. Savage Garden- Truly, Madly, Deeply- Romantic, will make you fall in love, make you believe love exists, to keep believing

Watch video here- Savage Garden- Truly, Madly, Deeply


I’ll be your dream

I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy

I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love

Be everything that you need

I’ll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong I will be faithful

’cause I’m counting on

A new beginning

A reason for living

A deeper meaning, yeah


I want to stand with you on

a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining

brightly in the velvet sky,

I’ll make a wish send it to heaven

Then make you want to cry

The tears of joy for all the

pleasure and the certainty

That we’re surrounded by the

comfort and protection of
The highest powers

In lonely hours

The tears devour you


Oh can you see it baby?

You don’t have to close your eyes

‘Cause it’s standing right

before you

All that you need will surely come

I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish

I’ll be your fantasy

I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love

Be everything that you need

I’ll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

[chorus 2x]
2. David Glen Eisley- Sweet Victory- Motivational, good rock and roll, champion, fighting for what you want

Verses that spoke to me when I want to give up: ” Don’t ever look back on the world closing in. Be on attack with the your wings in the wind.”

To you all, I want to tell you to keep this in mind when times are hard and you can’t seem to find that light at the end of the tunnel:

“Against all the odds, against all your pain, Your backs on the wall with no one to blame. Wild hearts won’t be tamed.”

Watch lyrical video here- David Glen Eisley- Sweet Victory

3. Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror- Inspirational, the acts of brutality, racism, hatred, and violence. Keeping faith and hope this world will change if we first look within ourselves and make a change.

Watch video here- Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror

Songs are emotional at times, yet they are like a blanket on a cold night or a friend when you need them. Thanks for reading and watching the videos.

♥️ Pamela

Instagram Moments On Monday- How To Keep One Happy 



For today’s Instagram moment, I went with something a bit humorous. But is it true though? Although, they claimed it doesn’t takes much to keep a man happy, yet I heard, (from men actually) that women want too much. As I look over the list, it’s not that long really. So, why do these men act like we have a Santa Clause’s list of demands? Lol.

What do you all thinks?

Writing Challenge (Day 11) Relationship Status

For todays writing challenge (Day 11), I’m yet to expose myself more and more everyday and share it with the world. I am to write about my current relationship status, whether in a relationship or single.

This post is two posts (of a previous post) merged into one. Since, I can not simply speak on my current status, (too overwhelming) I’m just going to lightly scratch the surface.

Most take a relationship for a joke, after they feel like they have “gotten” you; and take what was meant to be beautiful for granted.  I hate to see ones who want and try so hard to keep a relationship going while the other is merely slacking off. Some get into a relationship or marriage with false pretenses leaving the other to believe what the heck happened.

I’m sorry. I have to leave this one here. Just too emotional to write about. Please feel free to share what being in a relationship means to you, or anything else you feel fit. Thank you for reading.



Above photo are merely tips and explains everything on how one could keep a relationship going. I, for one called them advice. I can tell you it is not easy keeping a relationship going, especially if one of you falls into a pattern; or get a little too comfortable. It’s easy to start off doing all the right things in the beginning, but what happens months later? Years later? We have to do everything in our power to make a relationship/marriage work. And, that is if you are willing to make it work.

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