Instagram Moments On Monday- #Timing 

Today’s Instagram moments are from Mario Rodriquez Jr.

After going through Instagram, and bypassing many photos, I’ve landed on the ones below. I know I’ve mentioned before that I was going to include the picture of the person whose Instagram moments I’ve chosen, I had gotten away from that yet I’m back on it.

Timing is everything or so I believe. Nowadays if the timing isn’t right or if you’re aren’t in the right place, you can missed out on a great thing. Like last year for instance, I didn’t want to make any excuses so when I went back to school, I did so online on my tablet. Then went through writing and blogging courses on WordPress and finished my book all on my phone.

With so many bad kept happening,  a lot of good happened and placed me in the right place and with the right people to achieve greatness.

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Timing is everything 🚀

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Happy Monday good vibes only 😊 ✌️

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Three-Days Quote Challenge (Round II, Day 3)

I would like to thank Chape from Chape blog, a blog where you can find motivation, fitness, and all things health, for nominating me.

Today’s quotes are quotes on being happy. I’m not sure who they are from  since the name wasn’t provided, but these quotes really speak to me; especially when I’m feeling down like during this Christmas holiday.

Have a happy Christmas Eve!!!



Move Out of Your Own Way

Today’s post is inspired from a fellow blogger, Marlton Trainer.  You can click on the link to visit her blog which will motivate and inspire you on your health and fitness goals.

It’s something I used to dread as I would make excuses and procrastinate when it came to my health. It had took a drastic toll which left me with anxiety/depression issues, high blood pressure, and then later developed GERD. (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

Wallowing in my own distress, my health went downhill. For my severe depression, I had to bite the bullet and see a counselor a couple years ago. It took me back to high school when I felt so meek to voiced out what is going on with me- emotionally and mentally. It actually helped me, not much then because I didn’t cooperated, but now it has. I find ways to help my condition since I am no longer seeing the counselor.

For everything else, I am exercising more, and more conscious about what I eat.

I also stood in my own way. From health-wise to writing/blogging to anything else I set my eyes on, I allow myself to fall back. Allowing roadblocks in my path, oftentimes I am afraid to move forward. I would try so hard just to get nowhere. Now, I am moving my feet while pushing the roadblocks out of the way. I don’t know what is down the road, but I will at least make the effort to see what is up ahead.

See, when you stand in your OWN path, you can block your blessings to move forward in a healthy, positive manner.  As Joan (Marlton Trainer) clearly put, “Dont be an obstacle in your own path.”