March Writing Challenge- Day 20: What’s One Mistake You Keep Repeating (And Repeating)?

I guarantee there are patterns in your life. Sometimes they are NOT good and that pattern must be broken. Learn from your mistakes so you do NOT repeat them again and again. #inspirationalquotes #lettinggo #letgo #moveon #moveforward #badassery #motivationalquotes #changeyourlife

The one mistake I keep repeating over and over is believing in what someone say, especially when it comes from a narcissist. I always have a problem in giving people more chances than they should, and thinking they will change. Sometimes, the signs can appear early after meeting them, and I also feel stupid trying to see the good in people. And then 9 times out of ten, they prove me wrong.

I have to learn to ignore the signs and stop trying to see the good in people who are clearly showing their true colors. Their mask slipping down their face like egg yolk. Or maybe, it’s the egg on my face not believing the truth in the first place.

I have learned, and still learning not to make those mistakes again. Though there are good people, it’s still best to have a spirit of discernment when it comes to the others to choose wisely.

What one mistake do you keep repeating?

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March Writing Challenge- Day 15: If You Could Choose Your Own Life Obstacles…?

The more obstacles you overcome in life

Today’s question for March Writing Challenge is: If you could choose your own life obstacles, would you keep the ones you have? Um, my answer to that would be yes and no.

I said yes, I would keep the ones I have because one of my life obstacles is overthinking my goals. I’m afraid of failure and of things not working out the way I would like. Sometimes I feel overthinking is good because I wouldn’t rush into things without giving it a thorough thought.

I also said no because I wouldn’t want to keep limited finances. It is true that money can solve a lot of problems. If I could have more than enough money, it would help out a lot without having to worry about money for bills, food, and such. If there was more than enough money I could have, a shelter for those looking to better their lives for themselves and their children would be a great help. Money for food could be deliver out to or have a building used to hand out boxes and bags of food that a trusted person could monitor and give out to the ones who need it the most.

Life obstacles are something to learn from and overcome, and I like to think I am trying to do just that. Though, at times, obstacles can be a good thing because they make you stronger. Stronger to overcome the obstacles so when new things come up, you’re better equipped to handle them.

Thanks for reading.

If you could choose your own life obstacles, would you keep yours?


March Writing Challenge- Day 10: Have You Ever Been Genuinely Afraid For Your Physical Safety?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Have I ever been genuinely afraid for my physical safety? Yes, I have, in more ways than one to the point I feel like I have to always keep watch over myself. Life can make you feel like that at times, especially when you suffer behind not only verbal and mental abuse but physical as well in the past.

You want to do whatever you can to avoid situations like that, but most importantly the people who are out to cause harm.

So yes, I might always be afraid for my physical safety because there were times when I didn’t feel safe. It has been for years because I felt like I couldn’t trust the ones I was around.

I have learned to prepare myself for the what ifs. And to be careful about certain areas and people.

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March Writing Challenge- Day 8: Are You Currently Operating At 100% Capacity?

Quote by: Ben Okri

I can truly say that I am not operating at 100% capacity.

There are times when I feel like I am when I am constantly running around trying to cram everything in one day. There is simply not enough time in the day.

I don’t know how some people do it. It’s like they work (or doing something) every bit of the 24 hours of the day. Hats off to them.

One could probably hope to get as much done as possible while still trying to find rest whenever they can. I’m still trying to figure out how some of those mothers with nearly ten children or more get so much done. It’s a mystery.

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March Writing Challenge- Day 5: What’s The Worst Advice You Ever Been Given?


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If you haven’t already, head over to Marquessa’s blog for the 31 Questions March Writing Challenge.

The worst advice I ever been given was from someone/people telling me that I should hang in there with a person no matter how hard it gets. I call bullsh*t on that because that’s what it is. There is a saying that you have to pick your battles wisely.

Well, being in the South all my life, I have witnessed women “hanging” in there and it had gotten most of them nowhere. Their lives wasted on the wrong person when those women could have spent it doing something better with their lives. Though, there are the women who don’t take any crap from men or anyone, and refused to bow down to what people feel women should do and be when it comes to a role.

And then there’s me. I was told that if you don’t try hard enough then you didn’t try at all. They had me thinking in the beginning that parents supposed to stick together, live together, and take care of their child/children…together.

(I don’t really like following what others do and say, but come on! Some people are good at giving advice, but can’t advise themselves.)

Sometimes things don’t work out as they should and I felt like I gave it my all. But, I don’t want more of a new set of problems existing in my life. So advice from people who don’t have your best interest in mind in the first place, nope.

I feel like most people need to stop giving advice to people in certain situations where it won’t benefit them in the long run. It is unwanted and one of the worst pieces of advice ever.

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