A Poem Of The Wonder Of These Beings | Sacred Dreams #Poetry

Good morning /afternoon everyone! I apologize to those who wasn’t able to view the poem in the WordPress reader and/or on the reader website yesterday.

It seems like it was only able to be viewed when on the WordPress site or clicking on the link to view in webpage. My apologies. So, I decided to just repost it but without embedding the Facebook link I got it from, and delete the one from yesterday.

Below is a poem from Sacred Dreams’ Facebook written by Cyrielle Soares. While pondering what I was going to do about my Facebook personal and writer’s pages, I came across this poem someone shared in a Twin Flames’ group I’m in and checked out the original post for the poem. It’s beautiful and speaks to the heart and soul. It really makes you think about certain types of beings that have come into your life over the years. 

* * * * * *

From Sacred Dreams

There are beings that satisfy you.
No not from their presence,
But of their simple existence.
There are people who sleep with you, never touch your sheets.
Just by their thoughts that accompany you.
There are some wonderful men.
Enchanting women.
Absolute beings.
There are people whose ease of penetrating you is magic.
They type your dreams like we would compose a piano melody.
They write words straight out of another world.
As if the world of the living does not have access to these magnificent words.
They perfume your tears of sense and forgiveness.
They inhabit your floors, your attics, your cellars and your attics, and illuminate them in the light of their hearts.
They travel under your skin making chills and bursts.
They rock your cravings like mornings that wake up slowly.
There are people who thrive with life.
Who draw words about minds.
Who soothe all evil.
Of those who heal, feel and pet.
Of those who upset our fragile balance.
Because they are free.
Because they love without waiting.
Because they are rare.
Magic or terrifying.
Like labyrinths where we get lost irreparably.
Where we are not looking for the exit.
Where certainties always fly in blast.
Where the abyss fixes our damaged sides.
These beings devoid of expectations that offer their absence like a tomb that we bloom from our imaginary sorrows.
They are beautiful.
Alive and dead.
They are forever.
In the form of friends, love or soulmate.
Call them what you want.
They line our lives with balms and honey.
I know that.
I’ve lived it.~

~Cyrielle Soares

What are your thoughts about this poem?

#TuesdayThoughts: A Haiku Poem- Writing For Justice

I have written this poem as part of a writing challenge called #writethemoon on Instagram. It’s a haiku poem on thoughts that I have that I feel is going on around the world.

First off, I want to stop and say that I didn’t do the Music Monday post nor much of any writing because I haven’t been feeling well. Last week, I had an eye appointment and a few days before that my eyes would watered up a lot. I have also been getting these severe pain in my eyes that would lead to my migraines getting worse.

Come to find out, I have an eye infection, and I’ve been in more pain and discomfort than I ever had in my eyes. Thankfully, I have some antibiotics eye drops and pray these work. As this moment they feel a little better than before since using the drops. I’ll keep you updated on how my eyes are progressing.

Back to the post at hand, I feel that so much bad has been going on for some time and in our neighborhoods. There are times when I don’t want to watch TV because it can get depressing. And oftentimes when I do watch TV, it’s mostly anything not news related.

There are things we can NOT turn a blind eye to like seeing and hearing about human/sex trafficking, poverty, brutality, racial injustice, systemic issues, etc. There have to be justice; something needs to be done.

And also, other issues related to children, we should be aware of like children living in an abusive, toxic environment and goes to school just to be bullied. And women (and some men) are going through abuse and some are struggling to find their way out of their toxic relationships and environment.

There is so much more I want to say but I’m going to leave it here.

What do you think about these issues and/or other issues that are happening in and around the world that gives you some thought to?

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Friday Feels: The Sunset On My Soul #Poetry

Image by Jody Davis from Pixabay

I hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, (Independence day-U.S.) and whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you all stay safe and be well.

Today, I want to share a poem that touched me about something I love almost as much as loving poems and that is the sunset. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about the sunset. I believe when gazing at its beauty, I can feel the tranquility of it in my soul. My spirit feels at rest. I feel so much more by nature’s beauty.

          Sunset On My Soul
As my sunset soul dips into the ocean,
The moon rises with an eerie glow,
The darkness has a scary notion
Of its own.As white hues turn to violet,
Then scarlet and to orange,
As cool wind starts to blow,
Ripen the seeds all sown.

The stars at the tip of my pen,
As she sits and stares at the silhouette,
Mesmerised by nature’s charm,
She thinks of it all.

As she looks at the stars,
In the sky engraved,
She sees those horrible scars,
Put down by us all,
With endangered,
Every being, big or small.

Still in this new found haven,
She sits down smitten,
As she swings on the peg of life,
Rocking gently between joy and strife.
Life flows on,
Talking all,
Giving back none,
She now has avenged,
Taken her deserved revenge,
Instils it in our heart,
As you try to forget,
She gives it a kickstart,
Giving back tit for tat.

As my soul sets in the sea,
I finally let her be.

–From Star Sapphire
What does the sunset do to you? 
Enjoy your weekend, and be careful out there.



Don’t It Make You Wanna Scream

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

With the way the world is today for those who are affected

With abuse, schemes, and injustice,

For the ones who feel they are constantly being push backwards

Don’t it make you wanna scream?

I can’t understand how all the marching, fighting for equality, for a better world

Can’t breathe, suffocating from a corrupt system,

People who will put their people in harm’s way

The ones who practice segregation, hatred, and abuse

Don’t it make you wanna scream?

I sometimes feel like I want to stop:



Talking about these things



And trying.

When will it stop?

When will children stop being hurt, victimized, and/or having a parent(s) being taken away from them?

When will people stop being judged by the color of the skin and still being killed?

Don’t it make you wanna scream?

This whole damn system sucks.

If a family needs help, you got to jump through hoops to get it, and your child may get taken away if the system feels like you can’t take care of them.

They tell a woman what to do with her body and some states made abortions to where she can’t even get an abortion if SHE wants to get one. No one has a say so on what a woman does to nor with her body.

But, is anyone going to do something about incestuous crime and other sexual crimes?


Is anything going to be done about the suicide rates, poverty, and police brutality most of all?

So much going on in the world and more than marching and posting needs to be done. But, those of us who are doing what we can, do not stop. We have to go on.

Screaming on the outside, crying on the inside thinking how 70 years ago how different races of people march and fought for change, for a better America

Just to get some changes that we so-called see today that came from them being beaten, hosed down, and having dogs attacking them by the ones who said they are to serve and protect, but don’t.

Me being a child laying on the warm grass looking up into the sky watching the clouds danced by, I would wish for a world to get better, a better tomorrow so my future children and their children’s children’s children wouldn’t still have to deal with the same bullshit our people had endured.

Don’t all this shit make you wanna scream?

I can barely focus on the good because every time I can take a breath, I feel robbed like many others when something else happened in the country/world. Like I have to get stronger so I won’t become weak to the ways of this world of people who refused to do what is right. Everyone has rights, and some forfeited their rights when they do something wrong is how I see it.

I get that this country is not utopia, but getting close to dystopia, though I am going to continue to work on myself to be a better me and do my part to help those who are deserving.

“We gotta make a change
It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
And let’s change the way we treat each other
You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do
What we gotta do, to survive.” — From Tupac’s Changes.

Side note: I hope everyone’s weekend went well. Sometimes I feel like if we put certain “things” in a bubble and keep filling that bubble up with those things and holding it in your chest, it will pop and cause something detrimental to happen.

Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Talk it out. Scream it out. Walk it off. Meditate. Vent. Center yourself. Do whatever it is you can to protect your energy and space.

Take care and be safe. Peace out, lovelies.


Would You Like A Daily Reminder? #Poetry

Photo courtesy by: pixabay.com

(Scheduled post.)

Good morning/afternoon! I hope you all are well and being safe. With what’s happening with this #covid19 #coronavirus pandemic, I hope that everyone is doing what they can to stay safe and to take precautions; and as I will do the same. One thing though, as I take this pandemic serious and pray for those affected, I am working on not allowing myself to get into the mass hysteria because…well, because I won’t since it will not help any. I need not say more on this because it gives me a headache after seeing memes about it and what people including the political and healthcare officials have to say about it. Hmm.

Below is a poem I would like to share from another writer whose poetry I had came upon on a website. It’s uplifting and filled with positivity. I hope it can help someone. Be strong. Be safe. And do what you can however you can. Do not stress yourself about any of what’s happening since in my country, the United States, it is also election year. 🤔 (I’ll stay quiet on this before I vent.)

Take care. Much love,


This Is A Daily Reminder

By: Nicolette- March 2015

This is a daily reminder
To relax,
To not get angry over small things,
To stay calm.

This is a daily reminder
To be yourself,
To not care what people think,
To know you can be anything.

This is a daily reminder
To love yourself,
To not hurt yourself,
To not work yourself up.

This is a daily reminder
That you are beautiful,
That you are amazing,
That you will succeed.

This is a daily reminder
To always have hope,
To have faith,
To know everything will be okay.

This is a daily reminder
That you have made it so far already,
That you haven’t given up,
That whatever you’re doing is right,
And that you are going to be amazing.

Don’t give up.
Keep holding on and believing.