April Writing Challenge- Day 3: Top 3 Pet Peeves, You Say? #AprilWritingChallenge

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Hmm. What can I say about pet peeves? Well, ahem, today’s challenge is about pet peeves, but the challenge asked what are my top three. Before I get into that let me start by saying that today is my birthday! And since quarantining is what’s needed, I am still trying to find out what I can do for my birthday while being at home. I should be used to this since before all of this I’ve been in the house- not by choice either. So, I’m making the best of it.

Now, time for those pet peeves. Though I have many, I can only name three. Darn it! Here goes:

1. Gossipy people who do more bad than good. Gossiping period is considered bad. But I am talking about the ones who caused more damage than they should and if they would have kept their mouth shut, lives and reputation could have been saved. It’s not just the gossiping that bothers me, it’s the people who do it like it’s their God-given right to do so. I remembered this time that would cross my mind occasionally is when instead of receiving help from “certain ones” I wound of homeless with a 16-month old child. Yes, I had asked for help. I was desperate enough to leave my child with them because we “know” them while I got myself together. I lost out on the job during that time and lost my place on the waiting list for public housing. Anyway, they chose to “talk” like they normally do, and most likely still do instead of helping. But, up to this day, they want me to play nice and come around. I only forgive them for myself but it is not that easy to forget. I just don’t get upset anymore, and I also left out a lot because of certain reasons. I guess I remembered when I would stick my neck out to help others, being there in someone’s time of need, and… Okay, moving on.

2. Know-It-Alls and Attention-Seekers First off, I’m not talking about the brainiacs; I love a smart brain. I don’t care to elaborate much on the Know-It-Alls and attention-whores, just know that they get under my skin more when they are deliberately trying to wear on me and want my constant focus on them. And the ones who would act like I don’t know something to the fact that I should dumb myself down for them. Been there done that. I feel dumb just thinking about it when I’m actually smarter than I- look. The attention-seekers, well, I guess it’s some type of behavioral disorder, but those type of people just makes me feel like I have to succumb to their wants, when I just want to give them a warm bottle of milk instead of saying or doing something I would regret.

  1. The last thing, of course, is when someone who is mean, rude, all of those types of things to others for no reason whatsoever. Like being mean to someone because they don’t like that person’s age, race, background, you get the point. Sometimes I feel like I should just mind my business. Though if I hear it and I’m home or someplace like this, I can’t help but say, “can you just back off.” I have heard someone say that this man was gross and he deserves to catch AIDS and die because he was supposedly dating a man. And another time I heard someone mentioned that this woman deserves to fail with her kids because she left her abusive husband and took herself and her children out of a toxic and abusive environment. My blood tends to boil like a person can’t possibly get meaner than that. I don’t like seeing someone getting a door close in the face by a person who saw them coming through the door. People who judge and mind other people’s business fall in this category because I can only name my top three pet peeves and I will stop now before and end up naming more peeves.

I hope you have enjoyed my…uh…pet peeves. I would love to know what you think of them and if you like to share yours with everyone, we would love to read them.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for Day 4 as I share about someone who inspires me.

Writing Challenge (Day 15) Pet Peeves

The thing I can safely say about pet peeves is that everyone has them. Some more extreme and absurd than  another.

In response of today’s writing challenge I am to tell about three of my pet peeves. Bare with me while I lay out only three of my biggest pet peeves I can safely say on here. Here goes:

  1. Being mean for no apparent reason. I really don’t understand how a person can go out of their way just to belittle another human being. And not only that, but just for the heck of it. What gives them the right to exude mean just because they think they can? I don’t like those type of people and will stay clear of them. We all have enough going on in our lives, and even in the world to sprinkle hatred on someone’s day. They are a bully. Show and make love not hate.  
  2. Procrastination. One of my biggest one which in fact should had been first. But, I’m not going in order. I always have the tendency to start something, say I’m going to finish, and 75% of the time doesn’t finish. I’m seriously working on these issues especially if I’m adamant about my budding career.
  3. Immaturity.  This has been an issue of mines for as long as I can remember. I used to abhor people who refused to mature even at an age when maturity is a must. Although I’m still young, there is no excuse to act immature when it comes to certain aspects in my life. I see my peers behaving in a way that a twelve-year-old would behave and it would grind my nerves.  

These are three of my biggest, serious pet peeves. I did mentioned before I am weird right?