The Beautiful Sounds Of Nature

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There is something so relaxing and beautiful about the sounds of water; whether it be a stream, waterfall, lake, or ocean. It can even be the sounds of water running into the tub.

Some years ago, I was feeling emotional about and I came upon a river. There was water rushing as it came onto some rocks, separated into two paths, and ran down a what was below. As I stopped and observed, I listened to those sounds. It began to relax me and made me feel like my problems were “washing” away with the stream.

And from then on I would occasionally used the sounds of water as a way to meditate, relax, and let whatever that is going on inside me to be “wash” away. Of course there are ways to use water as in submerging your body into the water and let that be a way to spiritually rid yourself of anything you may want to rid yourself of.

When I’m not able to get to a body of water and listen to the sounds of it running, other than from the shower or bath, I play sounds of water moving and sounds of rain on YouTube videos.

What do you think about the sounds of water? Have you ever used it in any way? Let us know.

Thanks for reading.

Below, is a video from YouTube called Relaxing Zen Music with Water Sounds, by Soothing Relaxation.

Friday Feels: The Sunset On My Soul #Poetry

Image by Jody Davis from Pixabay

I hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, (Independence day-U.S.) and whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you all stay safe and be well.

Today, I want to share a poem that touched me about something I love almost as much as loving poems and that is the sunset. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about the sunset. I believe when gazing at its beauty, I can feel the tranquility of it in my soul. My spirit feels at rest. I feel so much more by nature’s beauty.

          Sunset On My Soul
As my sunset soul dips into the ocean,
The moon rises with an eerie glow,
The darkness has a scary notion
Of its own.As white hues turn to violet,
Then scarlet and to orange,
As cool wind starts to blow,
Ripen the seeds all sown.

The stars at the tip of my pen,
As she sits and stares at the silhouette,
Mesmerised by nature’s charm,
She thinks of it all.

As she looks at the stars,
In the sky engraved,
She sees those horrible scars,
Put down by us all,
With endangered,
Every being, big or small.

Still in this new found haven,
She sits down smitten,
As she swings on the peg of life,
Rocking gently between joy and strife.
Life flows on,
Talking all,
Giving back none,
She now has avenged,
Taken her deserved revenge,
Instils it in our heart,
As you try to forget,
She gives it a kickstart,
Giving back tit for tat.

As my soul sets in the sea,
I finally let her be.

–From Star Sapphire
What does the sunset do to you? 
Enjoy your weekend, and be careful out there.