Writing Challenge (Day 20)- My Shuffle Music

I love music, all genres. It’s what kind of helped me write and to blog. It also had helped me through a lot of problems in life. I can’t see my life without it.

Today, for this challenge, I am putting my MP3 player on shuffle and choose three songs. I will also tell you what I think about each one. Hope you all enjoy them.

  1. Savage Garden- Truly, Madly, Deeply- Romantic, will make you fall in love, make you believe love exists, to keep believing

Watch video here- Savage Garden- Truly, Madly, Deeply


I’ll be your dream

I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy

I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love

Be everything that you need

I’ll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong I will be faithful

’cause I’m counting on

A new beginning

A reason for living

A deeper meaning, yeah


I want to stand with you on

a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining

brightly in the velvet sky,

I’ll make a wish send it to heaven

Then make you want to cry

The tears of joy for all the

pleasure and the certainty

That we’re surrounded by the

comfort and protection of
The highest powers

In lonely hours

The tears devour you


Oh can you see it baby?

You don’t have to close your eyes

‘Cause it’s standing right

before you

All that you need will surely come

I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish

I’ll be your fantasy

I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love

Be everything that you need

I’ll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

[chorus 2x]
2. David Glen Eisley- Sweet Victory- Motivational, good rock and roll, champion, fighting for what you want

Verses that spoke to me when I want to give up: ” Don’t ever look back on the world closing in. Be on attack with the your wings in the wind.”

To you all, I want to tell you to keep this in mind when times are hard and you can’t seem to find that light at the end of the tunnel:

“Against all the odds, against all your pain, Your backs on the wall with no one to blame. Wild hearts won’t be tamed.”

Watch lyrical video here- David Glen Eisley- Sweet Victory

3. Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror- Inspirational, the acts of brutality, racism, hatred, and violence. Keeping faith and hope this world will change if we first look within ourselves and make a change.

Watch video here- Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror

Songs are emotional at times, yet they are like a blanket on a cold night or a friend when you need them. Thanks for reading and watching the videos.

♥️ Pamela

Writing Challenge (Day 3)- First Love and Kiss

This may come off as untrue but I don’t have a first love, nope, I don’t. Believe it or not. For Day 3 of this writing challenge, we are to write about our first love and kiss. I’m like- err. Just exactly what a person who had never fallen in love can say in this post. And a first kiss, forget about it.

Thinking back, I draw a long, deep blank as question marks begin to fill the blank space. I can only dream or wish, but never had. Yes, I have a daughter, but just because two people have a child doesn’t mean they love each other.

Anyway, moving on, my first love if I can called it that is music. The sweet sounds of music had never steered me wrong. My love for music, almost all genres, had gotten me out of ruts, when I’m feeling down, and when I feel like being vivacious. It’s like it speaks to your soul, becoming one with your spirit. Without it I would be lost.

My next love is writing. Since most of you has followed my blog for some time now, I don’t want to repeat myself on my love for writing. All I can tell you is that it started when I was a kid who read too many books, and was introduced to writing when my then teacher placed a pencil and composition notebook in my hands.

As I grew and mastered my craft, (and still is) it never stop. I have to keep my hands busy, my mind entertained, and if that’s the only love that will never hurt me; then I’m cool with that.

So, there you have it. Allowing myself to take on this daily challenge for a month as I peeled back layers after layers; is leaving me thinking what else will be reveal. I dare not look ahead to peek at what else lies ahead for this challenge. It will only overwhelm me. I’m taking it one day at a time.

On a side note, I respect and appreciate the love others have for another. Especially real, true love. I never found it, but I know now that it exists. It’s like finding a gem among a mass of rocks waiting to be pick up and cherish.

Love you all, thanks for reading! ♥️

Music, Read, Walks & Trampede

For today’s Writing101 assignment, we are to write about what we do when we are not writing. Well, as of lately, all I’ve been doing is writing, writing, writing; among other things that falls into that category. I rarely gives myself a break from writing- a fear that I might fall into boredom.

As you can see, I have a rather bored life. When I’m not doing the obvious, I like to read. It can range from novels of all kinds to posts from fellow bloggers. When I’m done, I find something else to read.

Walking is not just for your health, but it’s the spiritual aspect of that appeals to me. (I wonder why this body weight hasn’t went down more.) People would always tell me that I can walk my butt off, and I would then look behind me to see if it’s still there. When I walk, it helps clears my mind. I speak affirmations to myself to some people would believe that I’m just merely having a lonely conversation with myself. Walking helps me to stay on track, especially if I am sharing a walk with someone to make the trek more enjoyable.

Music, along with dancing, has been my lifelong passion on a top list with writing. The effects I received when hearing lovely, touching lyrics, or the sweet sounds of a musical instrument puts me in a jubilant mood. You can never be steer wrong when it comes to song lyrics that speaks to your heart or instruments that touch your soul.

With everything moving at a fast pace, I feel like I’m in a middle of a trampede.  Sometimes, I feel like most things get in the way of my writing, running a taxing trampede around me. I have to catch up. I want to catch up.  Writing is never far from me. I’m learning to make time for everything in my life.