April Writing Challenge- Day 16: Something That I Missed

Photo courtesy by: pixabay.com

What is something that you missed? When I am being asked that question, the first thing comes to mind is the loss of a family member. But I’m not going to get into that. I try not to think about what I missed because it triggers something in me that’ll have me a bit emotional.

Since today’s challenge is writing about something that I miss, it’s something I will have to do. Some of the things I’ve miss is my youth, well, my teenage years. I miss it because I thought I would be able to live my childhood in the way most children should. Not a chance. So, when I entered my teenage years, it was mostly control by someone else. Most teenagers had gotten out and experienced things that most teenagers should like going to football games, going out with friends, to the movies etc.

Another thing I miss is life in general, being able to just be, to enjoy it and having fun. I miss…

What is something you miss? I hope you have a wonderful day.

Stay tuned for Day 17.

Take care and stay safe.

Writing Challenge (Day 24) Something I Miss 

Oftentimes when I sit back and ponder on life and how far I come, I think about the things that I missed. Yes, some may call it daydreaming since I do that a lot lately, more than ever, yet I can’t help but dwell on what I missed or missed out on in life.

Today’s challenge allows me to do just that. So today, I want to share with you all the things I miss.

First off, I missed my dad. For a long time before his passing, he fought to save his family. My siblings and I was taken away and placed in the CPS (Child Protective Services). Not trying to get into the details, but all I could remembered was the promises he made on getting his family back, to be a  better man, but to fight harder to do right. I was twelve and I kept those promises and hope alive, praying that one day our family will reunite.

Although my dad kept his promises and became a better man, it was too late. He died at the age of 39, November 17, 2003.

I missed his smiles, laughter, and dry jokes. He was able to watched me walked across the stage at my high school graduation. I… I’m going to get off this for a moment. You can read a related post here.

I don’t tend to miss objects I had or an event. They’re always replaceable or a redo. I do missed times being spent with someone or alone. Most times when you missed a person that arrived into your life whether in a physical body or online, it can be an emotional thing. But, you learned to get through it the way you know how. It takes me awhile, depends on the type of relationship I had with the person.

I also miss how times used to be, so carefree and vivacious. I miss courtship, no one seem to do that anymore. Most of all, I miss life before social media.

What do you missed? How were you able to get through it, if you have?