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Where it all began with Michael J.


I was introduced to this challenge for SYTYCW(So You Think You Can Write) @Harlequin this Sunday passed by the beautifully spirited writer friend named Marquessa. You can find her awesome blog at Simply Marquessa where you will find wonderful posts and sexy stories. She had me on fire with this post and the previous ones, so afterwards, go visit hers, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the prompt: Your hero and heroine have just met. Give us your hero’s most impactful/ funny/ sexy/ intriguing/ eye-catching opening line!


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Michael isn’t the type to wait, but for Cynthia, she’s worth it. From her raven-black hair to her French manicured toes, Michael will wait for a lifetime for her. Sitting at an oak table by a window near the back of the coffee shop he frequented since his college days, he waited patiently still for Cynthia. Their online interaction which led to nightly phone calls has always left them desiring more.

Sitting tall with a 6’6 muscular frame of Iroquois and Greek mixed, his handsome, chiseled face transforms to wistfulness. Where is she? He wonders. His chestnut eyes began to search frantically around until-

Cynthia is like a breath of fresh air as she sashay his way. The scantily red baby doll dress with stilettos was sending burning longing Michael’s way.

Her witchy green eyes glared at him. He smirks. “So you decided to meet here? You naughty boy,” her husky voice teased.

“Yet, here we meet again after all this time.” Michael gruffly replied back, his eyes bore into hers with hunger.

Read the rest of the series by clicking on the stories below. Let me know what you think. I will also be taking a break from the Michael J series for this character is complex, daring, and… and I felt like I wasn’t doing him much justice. I may resume this series at a later date.

Thanks for reading!

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