Lists Of Things I’ve Learned- #writingprompt

Today’s post assignment, I’m to write a list of things I like, learned, or good at. This post will be about the things I learned over the years in no particular order.

  1. Life throws curve balls, lemons, other objects, and people at you for any particular reason I can’t understand. I just have to prepare myself for anything that comes my way.
  2. Magic works if you believe in it.
  3. The universe, the known and unknown is seriously piquing my interest. More for the unknown, like what’s really in the other galaxies. Aliens? Alternate universe? Hmm.
  4. Horror movies from real-life events are…
  5. Stress eating leads to health problems. I’m working on eating healthier and have a better lifestyle choice overall.
  6. I’m getting better everyday with dealing with how I handle stress. Sometimes, you have to get away just to have a better way.
  7. Not all men are smart. They say, do, and think whatever they want without any concern for the repercussions. (Sorry guys, I had to throw that one in.) Now that is off my chest…
  8. Sisterhoods among women of all ages, races, and backgrounds aren’t the same anymore. We need to come together more to unite, love, and cherish.
  9. Dancing helps a lot with everything until you get so far gone, you go flying across the table because you were in the groove.
  10. I want to be my weird self and know that being normal is and isn’t normal. Or just plain boring being normal.
  11. I tend to get obsessive over almost anything real quick and bounce back just as quick, and I’ve learned to slow down and calm down. It is also helping my mental health, which I have been battling with for awhile.
  12. I’ve learned not to be so hard on myself, especially with anything out of my control.
  13. There are actually good people in the world. There was a time when I thought everyone was out to get me. It literally took for me to create a blog to connect with others and found out that not everyone is out for bad.
  14. Love means more than just saying so. It’s an act of kindness, passion, and patience. Love is unconditional selflessness. Oftentimes, people take that word for granted. I been told that a few times in my life, but I had come to find out it was all a lie. Smoke and mirrors. Love should be expressed, not muttering the words that was only meant for true endearment.

I’m going to end this post since I’m starting to “feel” a way I don’t want to. This is a shorten version since I really don’t want to take too much of your time.

Thanks for reading.

What I’ve Learned From Yesteryears

Whew! Yesterday has been full and quite enjoyable from Monday’s holiday to my first assignment with Blogging U- Writing 101. It’s been fun getting to know many people, learning new faces, and reading others’ work; time to buckle down with Assignment 2 with a list I would like to share.

Here goes:

Here’s a list of the things I’ve learned in the past that made me who I am today.

1- Hard work and struggling had attached, and still seem like they are, themselves to me like a leech. I truly believe the struggle was what kept me grounded, and reminding me how far I had came.  Hard work is all I do and I believe it will get anyone far with a much dedication, commitment, and perseverance .

2- Knowing who you know or thought you knew. I had came across a lot of people in my life. Some for a season, and some to teach you a lesson. For someone like me who is kind, gentle, and caring shouldn’t have to go through life as if I’m walking on a bed of hot coals just to find out snakes awaited me. Why are there so much evil in people? Why would anyone take advantage of a good person? I’m no angel, but I believe in karma and I just cannot mistreat or even abuse another person. That’s disheartening.

But there are good in most people who cherish life, give love, and dedicate themselves to helping others.

3- Not doing much or what I wanted with my life. I went through life like most people, some were good times so were not. (I’ve written posts about those times on my blog if anyone would like to read them) Other than blogging and writing, I had always wanted to travel the world; share my experiences of the sights and the different cultures that I only get to see on television.

I spent too much of my natural-born life doing what others requested of me, instead of what I, Pamela like to do with my life. I missed out on a lot, but I’m only in my early thirties so time’s a ticking. I made a vow to myself to get my 9 year novel rewritten and published and live life to the fullest. I would like to go much more in detail of the list I created, but soon enough I will break them down to individual posts. I have to get back to novel writing and such.

Thanks for reading.