Taking That Jump On a New Lease On Life

I remembered writing the post below as part for a writing challenge five years ago. Different time. Different mindset. It is a wonder and something that is okay to do which is to look back to see how far you came. To check in with yourself periodically, you know? I do know that isn’t good to look into that rearview mirror, but I truly believe it is best to do so to learn from the past. Not to ponder on the past with the wouldas, shouldas, and couldas.

I have always been that person who was afraid to take that first step. I oftentimes will play Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and give into the lyrics. (Listen to song here.) I nicknamed myself Phoenix for a reason and I have to remind myself that no matter may have happened in life, that I must and will rise from the ashes stronger, smarter, and powerful.

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes ’til I touch the sky
And I’ll make a wish, take a chance, make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won’t forget all the ones that I love
I’ll take a risk, take a chance, make a change
And breakaway
– Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway

No matter what comes my way, I have to know that I must not be afraid to make a step, jump, slide, or sign into a new lease of life. How about you?


As I think back on my past, I had realized how much I was afraid to take chances, to take risks, to just go for it. I would say to myself, “What would others think?” “Is this too much?” “Do I come across as know-it-all?” Now I’m to the point where I’m not afraid to just go for it. My dreams. My passion. My hopes and goals.

When you seek what matters to you, go for it. I’ve wasted years on my craft because I wouldn’t get support from others on how this may sound or what they thought. And, listening to others criticizing my hopes and dreams. Never again once more. I’m soaring. I’m reaching for the stars and I would like to see others do the same. It’s never fun to be at the top alone. Who do you wake up to? Who do you say good night to before closing your eyes?

I want and am taking that jump on what I strive to achieve. I’ve been down too much for too long and fighting my way out of a dark, suffocating tunnel of despair. Happiness and success are our friends. Determination and perseverance are up there as well.

I feel the wind in my face. I feel like I’m getting closer. I see that glowing light at the end of the tunnel. I know I see it, it’s something I longed for but never seen before.

So who’s with me to make that jump? Take that leap on a new lease at life that you always wanted. A life that brings you the qualities that you have searched for. Even when you have those not-so-good days, it’s okay because you are a fighter and you can get through anything you set your mind to.

It’s As Close As We Can Get #writing #blogging

Writing is as close as we can get to keeping a hold on everything that means so much to us. Whether its writing fiction, nonfiction or writing a blog post, we tend to jot down our words before they vanish from our  idle minds. When I was a young girl, I would walked around with a notebook and pencil, looking for something to write about. When I do, I immediately started writing. For, if I didn’t, it would wither away and leave me devastated. From that point on, I write about everything that I can:

Write about phrases that grasp at your soul.

Write about the adventures you enjoyed or didn’t.

Write about childhood memories or recurring dreams you have.

You see, when we write, we tend to keep hold onto the many things that means so much to us. It’s the exact reason why we all write, correct? For if we don’t, it will slipped away like sand through our fingers.

Read more on recurring dreams.

You Can’t Erase Your Past, But You Can Learn From It #Inspirational #Quote 

Perhaps I’ll write with a pencil next time. 😬 It’s true you can’t erase your past; however, you can learn from it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You learned what your strengths and weaknesses are. You will know who should remained in your past and what they have taught you. You don’t live there anymore. You are strong, courageous, and can accomplish anything. 

Take care always, everyone! 🌹.           —@phoenixrise1                      From my Instagram.

Secrets Unveil Page- Writing, Editing

Image Courtesy by Pamela Hester. fotor.com
Image Courtesy by Pamela Hester. fotor.com

“This page is about my completed novel, Secrets Unveil. Periodically, I will update this page and let you all know how this novel is progressing.

 So, with that being said, check back as often as you can; for you may never know what you’re missing out on.”

Source: Secrets Unveil

Welcome 2016!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed bringing in the New Year!

Here rings in 2016 and already my mind is on seriousness. Lol. What a way to wake up! This year, I’m in hopes of making my life better than it has been, trying harder and pushing myself.

I will procrastinate like no other, but I want to change that. For starters, I want to excel my blog to great lengths. You can read the post here. We all started our blogs for many reasons, why not see it go as far as it can. It’s like that saying I used to hear as a child, “Look beyond what you see.” I would envisioned myself seeing a lone tree in the middle of a grassy plains, and then gazing onwards. “What else is out there?”

I hate making resolutions since I used to not follow through, yet here is a list of things I hope to accomplish in 2016:

  1. Lose weight. I could stand to lose several pounds.
  2. Get a decent job.
  3. Move to a better and safe place. My daughter and I really need it.
  4. Get off my butt and stop whining about what I can’t do. Try, try, try. Do, do, do.
  5. Get this book into publication. 

Those are just a few of the main things I hope to accomplish this year. What are yours?