Mixed Emotions On A Long Stretch of Road

From my Instagram page.

The mixed emotions I felt heading to a destination known and unknown set a rocky motion of fear and confusion inside me. My heart raced after each mile completed, which set a bundle of nerves taking over me. I fought to keep my breathing in control and my skin felt clammy. I knew that I was getting closer whether I was ready or not.

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The Night He Refused To Be Captured #Flashfiction

From my Instagram post.

I hadn’t mentioned it, but from August 3- 13, I had participated in a challenge called #writethemoon on Instagram that I had forgotten to share a few of the post on here with you all.

Below is about describing a scene in detail. Something that had been challenging for me, but something I am overcoming and working on doing more and better at. The scene below is about what I feel is happening in the picture above; well, to my imagination.

Isn’t imagination fun!

The guy knew they were nearing closer as he ran with all his might through the thick forest. He inhaled deep breaths. His eyes stretched wide with fear when he saw the bright lights gaining up on him. He couldn’t stop now as he made haste and continue moving forward. He refused to be captured.

Photos courtesy by: pixabay.com