From My #Instagram– “Indulgence” #26daysofalliteration #Poetry 

Indulging in a little or a lot

You may win the battle but not the war.

What interests you?

Imagine important interruptions

Coming into your life; yet,

You intended to only indulged a little.

That inner voice in one ear telling you to slow down, or don’t do it.

In the other ear, encouraging incredible impatience.


Is it worth it?

Your choice.

©Pamela E. Hester

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#Instagram Moments On Monday- What Brings You #Passion 

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been sickened with this god-awful illness of mines and still is for the last few days. If there are people who can roll out of bed, sick and tired and still work, then I can to. And if I can go to work in whatever condition I’m in, then I can pick up this small screen phone and work on my blog.

Okay, now that out the way. Today’s Instagram moments is about passion. This blog brings me passion like writing does to me. I once hated this blog, nothing was working, and I was severely frustrated. I had started this Instagram moments several weeks ago to share insights I’ve seen on the largely famous social media site.

For one, Instagram is annoying me. I’ve never seen so many fakes, Internet trolls, and people who lives for this stuff. No rants Monday, I just wanted to point that out. Secondly, it’s not working well for my blog when I posted them. Sometimes the Instagram image shows up and days it does not. That’s the thing about a blog, you try out what works and continue if it does or stop if it doesn’t.

Thank you for liking and commenting on these Instagram moments. I really do appreciate it.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Follow your #passion and #success will follow✨

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Instagram Moments On Monday- #Timing 

Today’s Instagram moments are from Mario Rodriquez Jr.

After going through Instagram, and bypassing many photos, I’ve landed on the ones below. I know I’ve mentioned before that I was going to include the picture of the person whose Instagram moments I’ve chosen, I had gotten away from that yet I’m back on it.

Timing is everything or so I believe. Nowadays if the timing isn’t right or if you’re aren’t in the right place, you can missed out on a great thing. Like last year for instance, I didn’t want to make any excuses so when I went back to school, I did so online on my tablet. Then went through writing and blogging courses on WordPress and finished my book all on my phone.

With so many bad kept happening,  a lot of good happened and placed me in the right place and with the right people to achieve greatness.

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Timing is everything 🚀

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Happy Monday good vibes only 😊 ✌️

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Instagram Moments On Monday- Don’t Let Your Thoughts Control You
Happy Monday lovely people! For the first Monday of the year, I want to share something with you that is important to me and should be for you as well. I won’t get into my own ordeal for I don’t want to sound like a broken record. Previous posts summed it all up.

What I want for we all to do is take a little time out of our day to meditate or do something to clear your head. Don’t let thoughts, negative thoughts for sure, control you.

Take one day at a time.

Instagram Moments On Monday- Humors

Today I want to change how I normally do Instagram moments. What I found on Instagram this morning was quite funny, depending on what you take as funny. Some I had wanted to post, but it has either excessive profanities or slang for body parts. Take these as you may, perhaps I might do this in a near future. Happy Monday!

Mostly when I’m home alone and you don’t call first, I’ll have this expression on my face.

Just as soon as I wake up though. I’ll want to go back to sleep, but feared life and responsibilities will double-teamed me. 😂 Yet, you have to face them.

I seriously thought this about myself. I’m getting better though.

It seems like she doesn’t do much, but makes so much money. (Sighs)

And lastly, nothing funny about this one, yet don’t give up on love even if you already have her.