Instagram Moments On Monday- Humors

Today I want to change how I normally do Instagram moments. What I found on Instagram this morning was quite funny, depending on what you take as funny. Some I had wanted to post, but it has either excessive profanities or slang for body parts. Take these as you may, perhaps I might do this in a near future. Happy Monday!

Mostly when I’m home alone and you don’t call first, I’ll have this expression on my face.

Just as soon as I wake up though. I’ll want to go back to sleep, but feared life and responsibilities will double-teamed me. 😂 Yet, you have to face them.

I seriously thought this about myself. I’m getting better though.

It seems like she doesn’t do much, but makes so much money. (Sighs)

And lastly, nothing funny about this one, yet don’t give up on love even if you already have her.