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“No! No!” Tyra let out a long wail. This can’t be happening, she told herself. Feeling lightheaded, she made a dash out the door and down the corridor.

Racing breathlessly, she pounded the pavement with her red heels moving too fast her body can allow, and drove madly to the babysitter.

So many thoughts ran through her mind. The picture of Kevin with Ms. White, his mother, to him being her husband’s prodigal son.

Everything he mentioned she hadn’t known. Like her husband leaving his then-wife for her, marrying her which resulted in having them having a family of their own.

“That damn bastard!” Tyra screamed. She was screwed. Her original plan for ending things with Kevin has turned into her wanting- no, make that demanding answers from her husband.

However, Kevin told her he won’t be release from prison. He would know, her husband is his father.

Tyra turned the corner sharply, careful not to flip her car. Ms. White doesn’t live too far from her. She wanted and needed answers badly. Would the elderly woman know? She had to. Then again, why would the woman befriended her and assisted on watching her children? Her ex-husband’s children he has with another woman he left her for? It doesn’t make sense.

Reaching her destination, Tyra turned into the tight cobblestone driveway. Little Tykes bikes were lined up against the few bushes in the front of the stucco home. Ms. White made it her job to babysit the neighborhood’s children. She does her job extremely well.

Tyra walks up to the door, still breathing heavily and tried her best to calm herself before knocking.

“Hey! I see you’re back early. Well, the little ones are in the rear playing-” Ms. White greeted her.

“I’ll get them in a moment. I need to get some answers from you before the children come running in here,” Tyra got straight to the point, no need in lollygagging around.

“O-okay, what about?” Ms. White dried her hands on a dish towel and sat on the burgundy couch which holds several book bags and books from a few kids.

Tyra stared at the woman momentarily before digging into her purse. She pulls out a wallet-sized photo and asked, “Do you know this man?” She held the photo up for the woman to see.

Ms. White picks up her glasses and after her eyes adjusted, she gasps. Her hand flew to her heart.

“Uh- why yes I do.” She stammered. “But, why is my ex-husband in a picture with you?” Ms. White inquired, already knowing her answer.

©2016 Pamela Hester

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The Night That Started It All #amwriting #fiction

From my novel (w.i.p.) Secrets Unveil


Paris was last to sashay in with her Jovani strapless gown that flows around her ankle, decked out in sparkling diamonds. Caitlin had told her to wear a thong with that dress, but Paris declined on that. She didn’t thought it was necessary even though no one could see though the dress.

Her sparkling silver stilettos that the girls taught her how to walk in, was an eye-popping beauty. She looks ravishing in her diamonds, and with her auburn hair swept back into a bun with soft tendrils accentuating her gorgeous face.Trudy, who’s an expert nineteen year-old in cosmetics, done an exceptional job on Paris’ face. She was simply flawless. So elegantly.

Even though Paris was the youngest and the newest female there, everyone took extra care of her. The older women introduce themselves and made small talk before moving away. Gentlemen tend to her every need leaving Paris believing if the party was really about her.          

Paris sat with Caitlin and a few girls on a white leather couch. She had never seen a white leather couch before and she immediately touch it so see if it was real. She was amazed and then admire the immaculate living area. 

There was decorative African arts on the walls and the floors. Accented mirrors were everywhere. The ceiling was vaulted and the crown moldings was impressive. Paris couldn’t stop admiring the view as she felt a soft caress on her shoulder. It was Travis.

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Pamela E. Hester ©2016

Secrets Unveil: A Romance-Erotica Novel- #MondayBlogs


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Synopsis of Secrets Unveil

In this novel, the main female character, Paris Thompson is torn between two best friends. Although, she loves one, her heart belongs to another, Trent Devereaux.

Paris is an eighteen-year old college student majoring in nursing in Columbia, S.C. She’s ambitious, a bit of an introvert, and open-minded. When her best friend snatches Trent before Paris can say Rumperstiltskin, the best friend is pregnant by him.

Trent is a college student who comes from a wealthy family from Cherry Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. He’s attractive, muscular build, a lover at heart. Nothing stands in his way to what he wants, and…

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