A Moment Alone For Peace


Go out for a moment alone for peace

Meditate to find your moment alone for peace

Light candles and burn incense to find that moment alone for peace

Take a hike to admire the scenic view for a moment alone for peace

Take a herbal warm bath in candlelight to find your moment alone for peace

To all that want to find that moment alone for peace, I sincerely urged you to find that inner peace. At times, it is hard to find your inner peace. From jobs, family, and whatever we have going on in life; it is difficult to get by ourselves to have peace.

Whatever you can, however you can, find that INNER peace, because we all need it.

With love,

Pamela 🌹

Relaxed Day at the Beach

It has been almost two weeks since my relaxing, fun-filled day at Myrtle Beach, SC with my family. I know, I’m late posting. My apologies. It had been nearly sixteen years that I been to the beach until now.

Spending time with the family while also relaxing, feeling the ocean waves against my skin, and watching my daughter pretending to be a mermaid, was glorious. I had always blog about relaxing, finding your bliss, and etc., but finally took my own advice.

Now, I have been writing my novel for my 90-day writer’s challenge for a little over a month now. My mind is clearer. I can finally get my creative juices going.

Writing and blogging besides being a mom and plugging in my iPod listening to variety of music, really makes the whirls of the world easy to deal with.

What do you do to help you find inner peace?