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Give You What I Have?

I have nothing to give you.

What makes you think you are entitled to what I have?

You are a con artist. A mastermind of deception, dominance, and cruelty.

What I have, I hold precious and off-limits, not to be mistaken for lust.

What you don’t understand is that what I have is NOT yours to possess nor control.

Cause let me tell you, once this conversation is over, I shall leave with my dignity and self-respect.

Now, with that being said mister, you have yourself a fine day!

In regards to the men who disrespect women by grabbing their body parts and just downright abusing them. NO MORE OF THAT!!! NO MEANS NO!!!

By: Pamela E. Hester

Reblog: A Poem For Our Girls

How is everyone day going? This Tuesday, these last several days had been a hellhole for me, which has manufactured itself into yesterday post.

When I first shared this post, “A Poem For Our Girls”, I had begun to envisioned what life would be like for my daughter in the next five to ten years, and beyond. Will she feel like in order to fit in, she will have to degrade herself, or do something that will make me want to hang my head and cry because I thought I raised her right? Will she become popular on social media because she’s showing too much skin and doing things that is not for the “public” to see? FYI: a guy lost his 16 year old daughter to sex trafficking and viewing her soc. media account, he felt like he lost her twice.

I fear this everyday. Young girls see what goes on and want to be like these “women” because of the attention they’ll get, thinking that what guys want.

I leave you with this: be true to yourself and don’t change for anyone. Women, please know your self-worth. You are beautiful regardless.
Light and love! 🌹 💜 💜

Reblog: Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don’t Deserve You

Great post on stop trying to impress people. Always be yourself for you are worth greatness. Not everyone going to want to be in your corner, yet you have to move forward regardless.

Go visit Rosie at Hookup Culture so she can tell you more. 💜

Rosie Culture

We’re all perfectionists – there are different degrees – but we all want to be some sort of perfect. We want to look like the girl in the magazine, have a relationship like the one in the movies, excel at our jobs like a millionaire, or be the perfect family member like we see our friends being.

Rarely are we motivated by ourselves. We are motivated by people who don’t think we’re good enough. The people who give side glances when we’re in a bathing suit, the boss that rolls their eyes at us, the family member that is fed up with our mistakes.

And we consistently are trying to impress people – but are they always people that matter?

When you’re waiting for someone you went on a date with to text you back, you start evaluating all the things you’ve done wrong. But do they deserve that? Was…

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This Year, Let’s…

So, a whole month and a half has went by for 2015 and I am making it about me. I had spent the majority of my life allowing other people to orchestrated how my life should go. I was unhappy, lost, and felt like my life wasn’t going nowhere how I’d envisioned it.

When you had been beat down, degraded and to the point of no return, STOP!

Stop whatever you are doing. You may believe that there is no other way but down, but tell yourself this,

“I am someone special. I deserve nothing but the best and will accept nothing less. I am___” Or you can choose something of your own choosing. Just always keep in mind that you don’t deserve to be treated badly.

Let’s start with this year, (or if you had already started on your journey; way to go!, just reach out to someone who lost their way), and become a new you, a new and approved you.
Let 2015 be the year that you say, “F*** it! This is my year for a better change.”

I am going to take this journey and work on me. I didn’t start a blog just for someone to tell me I can’t succeed. I didn’t write my novel Secrets Unveil just to stash it somewhere, afraid to move forward on what others may think. It may be unpublished at the moment, but I’m determined to bypass what negatives come my way.

This year, let’s become a whole new person despite what others may think and say. Whatever it is you want to do in life, any dreams you want to see come through, push until something happens.

I will share any insights, tips, my own advice and journey as we go about this year. Much success and love to you all. Good luck.

Until we meet again,
Pamela 🌹