Genesis: A Long Time Coming #fiction #MichaelJseries

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Continued from: Genesis: If Only I Knew Before Now

I saw a look of horror stretched across my mom’s face. And my “dad” Jarren appeared angry as he would normally be when I’m gone too long without him knowing about it. When I got out and got my tote bags and extra bags for myself and the family, Mr. Xander rose out of the car like he was on a mission.

Next thing I knew, my “dad” angrily approached him and started shouting.

“What the hell your ass doing here?”

“Excuse me, Jarren. Karena, tell Michael that I’m his biological father.” When Mr. Xander said that, we all looked to my mom who just stared back at us.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cynthia walking up. Damn, if only I knew before now.

If only I knew before now that Cynthia was going to show up unexpectedly, I probably would have done something to change the course of action. But no, it was too late now, and both of them was looking at my mom with different expressions on their face. I stared her way waiting just like them for her answer.

My mom glanced nervously around quickly in a 180 degrees turn. She diverted her eyes to the two women who were sitting on the porch talking animatedly about us probably. Then, my mom made a gesture for us to follow her and we all ended up going into the backyard.

My sister, Tiana calmly motioned for Cynthia to follow her and I was glad she did. I did not for the sake of my embarrassment for her to witness and hear what’s going to happen. It was too much to deal with at this time.

“So, anyone wants to tell me why Mr. Xander is saying what he’s saying?” I asked after seeing the three of them exchanged looks as if those looks could kill. I just want them or my mom rather to stop beating around the bush and just say what needs to be said already. I hate when people prolong the inevitable.

My mom lightly touches my arm and smiles sadly. The answer was in her dark brown eyes and all I could do was slap my hands against the side of my head. I really didn’t need someone else to tell me what I already know by now. Though, I feel like it was better if I could hear it from my mother’s mouth, whenever that will be.

“Michael, sit down for me, please.” And I did, a little too quickly.

As my mom took a seat next to me. I saw out of the corner of my eye, both of my dads exchanging words in a heated fashion. This weekend had gone from strange to upsetting for me. I love my mom, don’t get me wrong, but this is out of character for her to do.

“Michael, yes, Xander is your biological father.” She actually rubbed my hands like she would do when I was a kid, and when she would explain something to me she felt I need understanding more about.

Well, I receive my truth. I already guess I should have known how Mr- uh, my birth dad treated me all along. The fact that they all knew for so long, but not that long because I’m not that old, it made me wonder if adults can ever be trusted.

“How do you feel about that, son?” my mom was asking, but any words after that was drowning out by the sound of loud arguing. I turned my head and saw my dads up in each other face, fists balled up at the sides, faces twisted in anger.

“I told you, you couldn’t keep me out of my son’s life forever!” I heard Xander say. The fatherly love that shone through his eyes when he mentioned “son” was taking the word weird to a whole new level. I mean, I feel this way because this is still new to me. Then again, this may me think about how my other dad who raised me knew he wasn’t my father yet still raised me as his own.

“You think just because you laid with my wife and she had your son that you going to keep showing your face and disrespect me? Huh? Get the hell out! You had your say. You spent time with your son, now-get-the-fuck-out. Now!” My dad Jarren was shaking and his skin appeared flushed. The stare he gave Xander was enough to engulf the man in hellish flames. I have seen him angry before, but not to this degree to Xander.

There was no way I am going to come between and stop to big grown-ass men from fighting. They are both at six feet or above and weighing perhaps 250 pounds I’m guessing. And there’s me who is 5’9 and weighing 138 pounds. Yeah, I know. I should stay out of it.

“Hey! Stop fighting!” My mom yells out, rushing over to them.

I stayed where I was and shook my head in astonishment. Like adults wanted us to do is to stay out of their business, even if it is about me I am staying out of it.

As I headed to go back to the house through the back door, one foot on the first stone step, a baritone tone called my name. I saw that it was my dad Xander.

“Michael, follow me to my car, quickly!” He grabbed my arm and before I know it he had me sprinting along with him back to his car.

“Wait! Why am I leaving with you?” I voiced, but it went on deaf ears as he literally pushed me into his car.

As I got my composure and sat up, I looked out of the window and heard my mom yelling for me to get out the car. Everyone started talking at once to the point it was becoming deafening. I was lost at what was best for me to do. My mom and dads were all angry and telling me what I should do.

At that point, I did what I wanted to do because some things haven’t changed for as long as I can remember. And that is the three of them constantly arguing and fighting over me. From keeping secrets to pushing me off to go with Xander somewhere all these years to controlling my entire life. I had enough so I got out and announce that I was going to my friend Craig’s house for the rest of the evening.

They were baffled but I didn’t care. I felt drained and adults don’t ever think how their actions can affect the child(ren). It was too much at once that I can bear. As I started walking, I saw Cynthia coming out of my house. She rushed towards me and gave me a hug.

I looked back at my parents and told them I was going to Cynthia’s instead.

©2020 Pamela E. Hester

The Genesis of Michael J’s Life #fiction #MichaelJseries

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Michael came from parents who harbored a deep secret. The man who he thought was his father turned out not to be his father. This man, Jarren Johanssen, raised him as his own, but it had been tough not only for Jarren but for Karena, Michael’s mom.

When her husband would go away on a business trip and would often be away from his family, Karena had soon become lonely. She would go to work to take care of their three children at that time which would leave her feeling weary. She had few friends she would hang out with, and a mother who occasionally would help out with the children. But, Karena needed a different kind of attention and love. While at work, she was being seduced by her boss on several occasions and had finally given in to him that night of the day her husband left for a business trip to California.

A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. Being hit with the conception date had hit her hard because she knew who fathered her child. And she was hoping it would have been her husband since they had an intimate moment before he left to go on his business trip.

It was the summer of 1978 in Houston, Texas when Michael found out about this at a barbeque after he graduated from high school. He had never felt so devastated since receiving this information. So, he had a sit-down with his parents and demanded answers.

“I can’t believe what I’ve heard. Is it true? I need to know!” Michael questioned as they sat away from everyone at a picnic table. He somberly sat down, shaking his head in bewilderment. He used his thumb and middle finger to massage the throb that threatened to come.

Karena had downcast eyes as she knew this day would become exposed someday. She also hated the fact that her son-in-law had blurted this secretive and personal information out to everyone. She would have to have a talk with her daughter about airing the family’s dirty laundry even to people like her son-of-law. The thing with that is, her daughter must have overheard it at some point because Karena had never told any of them.

Jarren gave his wife a sidelong glance and set his eyes back on Michael. He leaned forward and clasped his hands together on the table, trying to figure out how to say to a child the hate he has for his biological father. Or, how he truly feels about all of this. Nevertheless, it wasn’t Michael’s fault he was born. Jarren felt a rush of emotions hitting him all at once.

“Michael, I want you to know that I love you very much. I know this comes as a shock to you about me not being your biological dad, but we have gotten through the worst before. And, I’m not going to lie. It was hard raising another man’s son who, um, slept with my wife. And, er- in the beginning, I didn’t want anything to do with you. But when you were thirteen months old, and I was going through depression, you walked up and comforted me. It was the way you did it that helped-” Jarren paused because he was starting to get choked up.

Karena didn’t know whether to console her husband since she’s to blame for him to feel this way. It still hurts like hell to see her husband like this. Over the years, and after they had one more child when Michael was turning two years old, they had worked through it. Or so she thought. It had been hard, she won’t front, but what made it worse was Michael’s birth father kept popping up demanding to be in his son’s life.

Michael turned to his mom and saw sadness swimming in her eyes. Her long jet-black flowing hair was waving in the wind like a flag. He wanted to hear what she had to say because he needed to know not only why he was conceived the way he was, but why she never mentioned anything to him. Or at least try to. His stomach started to knot up as he expelled a long sigh.

Jarren took a quick glance at his wife with hurt and anger etched on his face. He then stood up and walked away. He has always been a proud man and not one to show his emotions much- at least not pain and sadness.

“Michael, I promise to talk about this to you. Right now, I want to wait until most of the people are gone so I can have that talk with you. Okay?” Karena reached out to caress the side of her son’s face. She is a private person and doesn’t like talking about herself or her family’s business around people who she feels are not family in that sense.

“Okay, mom,” Michael said quietly, closing his eyes when his mom planted a kiss on the top of his head. He didn’t know how to process it, and since his mom wanted to wait to talk about it, that time may not come anytime soon. He patted the head of his Saarloos Wolfdog, Rocko while he stayed at the picnic table deep in his thoughts about his life taken a drastic turn.

The next morning after breakfast as Karena and one of her daughters was cleaning the kitchen, there were a loud knock at the front door. She yells out to Michael to answer it.

She wasn’t quite in the mood for company and was hoping it would be a friend of one of her children coming to see them. But as she moves out of the kitchen and was heading toward the front door, she overheard a familiar voice.

“Hey, Michael! How’ve you been, son?” Standing at the door was a handsome dark-haired man with olive skin, gazing at her son with fatherly love in his eyes.

“I’ve been good, sir,” Michael responded. He glanced at his mom and saw she had reached his side with confusion and terror on her face.

“That’s good! Hi, Karena. Good seeing you again,” the guy said, staring into her dark brown eyes in a way that always made her feel uncomfortable.

“Michael, will you give me a moment with Mr. Xander, please?”

“Sure, mom.”

When Michael was out of earshot, Karena looked at the guy she fought so hard to rid herself of. The guy who, no matter where she goes, would always seem to find her, and she that she exorcised out of her system.

“You have some nerve being here. What if my husband comes home and sees you darkening our doorstep?” She hissed at him.

“I’ve been to Michael’s graduation away from your family. Now, I’m here to see him in person. I want to spend time with our son… today.”


©2020 Pamela E. Hester

What Are You Waiting On? #amwriting #fiction

Excerpt from Secrets Unveil

The wind was picking up, and it was feeling very cozy outside. The group around the table began to talk on another random subject until Rachelle started to speak up about what she was supposed to keep quiet about, again. She wanted to get back at her mom for keeping her from being with her boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in months and when he finally came back to their island, her mother forbade her to bring him like she was some silly child.

“Yeah, Trenton is a good person. He has a lot of decent traits. It’s sad that he doesn’t know that daddy isn’t his real dad,” Rachelle calmly confirmed, folding her napkin in slow motion waiting for the drama apocalypse to unfold.

“What???” Everyone except Clifton, Shauna, and Garcelle exclaimed. Even Carmen and Trent had to open their eyes for this one.

“Chelly, what did you say?” Trent asks her, gently pushing Carmen aside. He moved back to his seat at the table and so did Carmen.

“I said-” Rachelle began to say, mouth agape.

“Rachelle Davina Devereux, say one… more… word!” Garcelle warned her. She had a stern look upon her face. She held her left index finger to her daughter’s face.

“Momma, what’s so secretive? Chelle, what’s up? You said that daddy wasn’t my real dad, then who is?” Trent leans forward; his head cocked to the side.

Everyone saw that Sean’s parents and Garcelle were shaking their heads sadly as if Rachelle was about to disclose a dirty little secret. Sean was wondering why his parents were acting so strange. They couldn’t even look at him.

“Mom, he has to know.” Rachelle whispers to her mother, giving her a long look.

“Not yet.” Garcelle whispers back to her daughter. ” Please, don’t say-”

“You’re not our brother! I wish you were, but you’re not. We don’t have the same father.” Rachelle said in a rush. Her eyes darted furiously around at the shocked spectators.  Her heart started beating faster than it ever did. She sweated, waiting on her mother’s infamous slaps coming.


In response to the Daily Prompt: Waiting

Pamela E. Hester ©2016

Tell Me What You Want- #amwriting #fiction #MichaelJseries

Home is where most say the heart is. Wanting to end his day, a man’s work is never done; Michael drove to de Passo’s Italian and Soul Cuisine and picked up his large order for eight.
“Thanks Crystal. Tell John I said to call me.” He stated, retrieving his AMEX card and receipt.

“Will do Mr. Michael. Is the party still on for next Saturday?” Crystal inquired, her eyes sparkle with hopefulness.

“Yes, definitely! Now, don’t lie and say you have to work, because I know you’re off.” Michael laughs loudly.

“I won’t.” Crystal took a waiting customer’s order, and Michael told her he would hold her to it.

After dinner, Michael sat in his office chair re-reading the revision of the proposal for the Dressel building. In the midst of taxing concentration, Cynthia snuck up on him, massaging his shoulders.

“Rough day, huh?” She asked, kneading deeper into his aching muscles. The quick shower he took before running to eat dinner with his family, didn’t help much.

“Oh, yeah. I don’t want to talk about work right now. Exhausted from that still. Where are the children?” Michael got up to lay back on the ivory chaise bought from Ontario by his mother, and briefly closed his eyes.

“Hmm. Everyone is everywhere; either doing homework, learning their dance steps for ballet recital, or something.” Cynthia disrobed. She pressed a button on a remote control, and soft jazz permeated the room.

Michael still has his eyes closed, feeling fatigue eating away at him. He can slightly feel the movements his wife made, and succumb to her skillfulness.

“Just relax, baby, while I massage you everywhere,” Cynthia breathes the last word out, grabbing the almond oil.

“Okay,” Michael stayed on his back, more so since he didn’t have enough energy to turn over.

Cynthia resumes her massage, paying close attention to any areas that bought on pain or delight; from him working so hard. Another side of Michael working diligently, he works even harder to stay healthy and keeping his body in impeccable shape.

Cynthia always maintained her wifely duties on the daily but lately, she’s been slacking. And with Michael being such a wonderful husband and father, she can’t dream of ever screwing up; not with the many women vying for her position.

She absentmindedly mounted her husband, stopping to study his handsome, angular face. She traced a wet line from his ear to his slightly pointed chin. Michael have always been attractive, at times she feels like his face is prettier than hers. Time changed them; his for the better and hers for the worse. Life had really taken its toll.

Michael moans in response to the finger-walking acts that Cynthia made up and down his arms and hairless chest. It was moments like these that made her appreciate what she has; especially when she tries to put forth an effort in all that she does.

“Go lower, ba,” Michael instructed, Cynthia went to take hold of-

“MOMMY! DADDY!” “Daddy, tell Xavier to stay out of my way,” goes two of the thirteen children who  dared to barge their way in yelling at the top of their lungs. What the hell happened to the door being locked? Michael thought as his eyes flew open in shocked.

“Hey! Hey! Y’all do not come through this door when its closed!” Cynthia shouted over their quarreling. She quickly threw on her red silk robe while Michael lay back casually like he didn’t have a care in the world. Cynthia fumed.

“But Mom, X knows not to bother me while I’m rehearsing for my recitals. I have only two-” Destiny whined.

“Don’t but Mom me. You are older than he is, Destiny. You know better than to come barging your way in here yelling!” Cynthia fussed, cutting her daughter off.

“But Xavier interrupted an important part though.”

“Des, like your mother said, you are older than he is. He’s only twelve and with you being seventeen, you have been taught how to handle a situation as this. Xavier, time again I preached to you about leaving your sister be when she’s going over her recitals.

Now I know how much you love your sister and seeing her dance, but give her some space to rehearse. Okay? You’ll see the final at the recital. Now kiss and make up,” Michael watches as they did so and smiles.

Once the children said apologies to each other and to their parents, they left the room talking about ice cream. Michael’s grin was slapped off his face when he turned to see Cynthia with her arms folded. Her eyes was glaring with anger. Before a word could escape his mouth, Cynthia bellowed,

“Why the hell didn’t you locked the damn door? You know how they are!”

Michael was taken aback, but not so much of what came next that nearly drove him to tears…

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