Don’t Give Up…Take A Different Route #saturdaymotivation

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Hey loves! The other day I had to tell myself this over and over and that I was making the right decision. You see, I was waiting on this for a very long time (in my mind-not that long) and it had to be declined. Sighs.

Have you ever wanted or waited for  something and when it manifested, you can’t take it because of the timing or it was snatched away at the last minute?

Well, in my case, as most of you know, I’ve been applying for many jobs and going to interviews so I can move out of a situation I’m in. And of course, support myself and daughter financially.

The other day I have received wonderful news that made me jumped up and down gleefully then it came crashing down like an oversized anchor over my head. I gotten one of the jobs I applied for! I worked there for, actually it was the last job I had back in 2014.

After realizing that my daughter isn’t quite finished with school yet and with no support. After finding out her last day of school (May 26) after being forced to declined the job offer, I was floored. (Yet, fingers crossed for the other two coming my way.)

Yeah, I was. But I made a mistake last time trusting someone with my daughter that didn’t ended well-I had decided to quit. Long story short, my mother will keep my daughter while I work until she and I enrolled her in a summer camp or whatever safe and trusted.

What I want to leave with you is, when you believe everything is out of your control, don’t give up. Don’t fret and don’t feel like all is lost. Just find another route to take when one- or two, is blocked.

Enjoy your day! 💜

Be Strong…You’re Gonna Need To

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Courtesy of Google Image

For every dollar I’ve heard that, I would have thousands of dollars. Lol. I never had any guts coming up and often got picked on. Or cry when someone put me down about something. Or get scared to move forward based on what someone said. Until my late father once told me, “Pamela, stop all that d–n crying! Everybody’s not going to like you or like what you do.” “You have to make the best out of a situation with what you have.”The other day I was on Goodreads where I signed up years ago to begin my writing career, which went kaput by the way at one point, but it’s cool now. Yet, at the same time whenever I read a book or check the Goodreads site for a book out there to read, I’ll ease on down to the reviews. Some were good and most were shocking.

It’s like the reader hated the story like it was based on their own life and it was traumatic. They left mean reviews but everyone is entitles to their own opinion. I know that now and at that time it had discouraged me from writing. Well, from putting my book out there. (And would you believe it when I posted on my blog about what my book was about, someone hounded me very badly for a few days on because my main characters are similar to people she knew. I had to blocked her.)

Long story short, the book written, edited (my own), emotions all over the place with my characters stressing with each other and fussing with me, and ready to find a professional editor, I took a glance at the reviews again the other day.

I’m doing a reading challenge on reading 50 or more books this year for Goodreads. So there I was, searching for a recommended book, typed in my fave author’s name and after reading the excerpt, I saw a review(the first one) and the reader blasted on the author. She did not like the book to its finest. Then after her, everyone followed suit with more bad reviews. She also was actually giving writers advice on how and what to write. A whole screen worth of her rants. I was like “dang, for real?”

My thing is you’ll have your days where you’re sitting back sipping merlot and some days you will stare at the screen hoping your next book will be a success.

Can’t give up though. I just want to share this tidbit of information to not let reviews about your book get you down. Get that book out there. Someone wants to read it. Take care.