Choice- The Actions We Take From The Choices We Make #writingprompts


That small two-syllable word can create a great impact in our lives. We make choices all day everyday. Today’s writing assignment asks to write a post on a word- whether it be about choice, regret, home, hope, or secret.

Before you even can get out of bed you made a choice to stay in for a bit longer and go back to sleep, or get up and prepare yourself to make breakfast.

I had once made a serious choice to not take on a job because if wouldn’t have benefited my child. When you don’t have much family support, you choose to do the unthinkable- whatever that may be. I turned down the job a couple months ago and cried because yes, I needed it but I had to start right away and there was no one willing to care for her until I’m off from work.

Long story short, I have another chance and this time I am making a choice to move closer to my mother who will care for my daughter, while I work and have money to also put her in an after-school program she and I been having our eyes on.

Yes, a lot comes with a child but it’s the choices you make to provide, love, and care for them.

It’s the choice you make anywhere for anything to get through life. You either go left, right, forwards, or just turn around. One thing I can say, whatever choice you make, there is always the good and bad to think about.

What choice(s) have you ever had to make? I would love to hear them. 

Have a wonderful Sunday! Take care.

Writing Challenge (Day 15) Pet Peeves

The thing I can safely say about pet peeves is that everyone has them. Some more extreme and absurd than  another.

In response of today’s writing challenge I am to tell about three of my pet peeves. Bare with me while I lay out only three of my biggest pet peeves I can safely say on here. Here goes:

  1. Being mean for no apparent reason. I really don’t understand how a person can go out of their way just to belittle another human being. And not only that, but just for the heck of it. What gives them the right to exude mean just because they think they can? I don’t like those type of people and will stay clear of them. We all have enough going on in our lives, and even in the world to sprinkle hatred on someone’s day. They are a bully. Show and make love not hate.  
  2. Procrastination. One of my biggest one which in fact should had been first. But, I’m not going in order. I always have the tendency to start something, say I’m going to finish, and 75% of the time doesn’t finish. I’m seriously working on these issues especially if I’m adamant about my budding career.
  3. Immaturity.  This has been an issue of mines for as long as I can remember. I used to abhor people who refused to mature even at an age when maturity is a must. Although I’m still young, there is no excuse to act immature when it comes to certain aspects in my life. I see my peers behaving in a way that a twelve-year-old would behave and it would grind my nerves.  

These are three of my biggest, serious pet peeves. I did mentioned before I am weird right?

Writing Challenge (Day 12) Phrases 

Phrases. Hmm… We all have said them, heard them, and lived by them. But, for today’s writing challenge, it’s the phrases that makes me laugh.O-kay.

Whenever someone tells me “dream it”, “wish it”, “you can do it “; I laugh. Not like I would if I was at a comedy show, but laugh cause it’s darn right impossible. There are times in life when we say things without looking at the entire picture. “You can do this!” Can I really? Can they really? How do one know what a person can do or not. Ha!

We all have dreams and yes, some people are able to live out their dreams. Some can’t. I would rather hear someone say, “Put your mind to whatever you want to do”, instead of, “You can have whatever you want in life.” No I can’t. That’s impossible.

These phrases blows me away sometimes. Mostly because people will say anything when they are in the moment, yet given another go and they’ll look dumbfounded when you ask them if they meant it.

“I love you”. “I will never hurt you.” Haha! I’ve had heard those words coming out of mouths of the ones that don’t really mean them. Why lie? If it’s true, show it and not just say it. Nowadays, we need more actions than words being spoken. We need to see that we are being love, care for, treated with respect, and dignified.

I laugh not to be unkind, but take what being said to heart. Like that saying goes, “I know a joke when I hear one”. I don’t say anything just to have something to say. I mean what I say and say what I mean. In which I’m getting better at everyday.

I know deep down that some people don’t mean any harm and they only want the best for you. Like, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and just plain being mean.

Take phrases serious if possible and love always. 💜