Take That First Step…Be Fearless

An amazing quote from Chadwick Boseman. He came into our lives and graced our screens with his presence with a talent that was so undeniable remarkable. I don’t believe I can find words to describe such a man whom I fell in love with his acting abilities, especially when he played Jackie Robinson and James Brown, then King T’challa in The Black Panther. I am heartbroken and like everyone else, I will miss him but never forget him.

I saw this quote above on Instagram and thought I share it. Fearlessness is the one of the things I lack because I am sometimes afraid to take that first step when I am not sure or don’t know where I’m going. It is also something I am working on.

I encourage not only myself but to whomever needs it to be fearless whether you know where you are going or not. It’s okay to have some amount of fear, it just means you’re human. But, don’t allow it to paralyze you because you won’t be able to move forward in a manner that will take you to greater heights.

Thank you, Chadwick. Rest in power.

And I hope everyone has a good rest of your weekend. Be safe, and stay bless.