Press This: The Best Time to Start Building Your Author Platform: Right Now

Happy Saturday everyone! Most of you may have already started, (I have only begun then slowed down), but I want to share with you an article on getting started branding your platform. Whether it’s an author platform or what have you, now is the time to get started.

Get seriously involve in social media, connect, connect, and connect. Don’t wait until you want to put that book out and then build a platform- no, get started on it now!

Click on the source link below and it will break down everything you need to know on branding your platform. It’s very informative.

Source: The Best Time to Start Building Your Author Platform: Right Now

Press This: Book Marketing- Webinar

Hi, all my loves! Today, I’ll be short and sweet with today’s post. I had came across this post on Twitter and immediately click on the link and found out it was about book marketing. Since I’m sort of sure which direction I would like to go- whether self-publishing, selling my book to an editor, or going with an agent, I plan on joining this hour-long webinar and learn all I can.

I want to share this information, there’s a webinar being held on book marketing next week- one on Thrusday, the other on Friday. If you like to join, I urge you to click on link to find out more and sign up; it’s free by the way.

 This webinar will answer that big question you are asking: What social media channels should I be on to sell more books and build my email list?

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Source: book marketing

Blogging201- Dig Deep Into Social Media

Today’s prompt was fairly okay to say the least. I have attempted to do a Facebook page for my blog. You can check it out here. It’s not going the way I would like for it to go, but it’s moving nonetheless. I’ve expanded by being on Twitter. I’m also on LinkedIn and Goodreads also, but not as active as I should.

Social Media has never been my friend. I sucks at it. No feedback or any type of interaction, so I’m not sure if what I’m doing is of any good, or what I’m not doing.

I’m still working on my brand on social media and hope to reach more audiences. Any suggestions? How do social media works for you?