PressThis: Atticus Review [2021]: Is it Worth it? Pros, Cons, and Features #MondayBlogs

I have recently came across a writing software in my email that is fairly new, (well, new to me) that looked like it my be useful for someone. It is known to be an all-in-one writing software for authors and the article is informative. The software, Atticus, sounds like it is worth a try when it comes to writing your book and formating.

See a review of the book writing tool called Atticus. Learn about its features and how well they work in this detailed overview. Will you be able to use it for your next book? Find out here!

What is Atticus?

Atticus is a software that currently gives authors an excellent way to write, and format their books at a lower cost and with equal results as a program like Vellum. However, one day it will be the all-in-one solution for writing, formatting, and collaborating.

Atticus not only has a ton of features at launch, but also boasts a HUGE number of upcoming features that will make it the be-all, end-all of writing software.

How Does Atticus Work?

Atticus is currently both a word processor and a book formatting software. You can write, edit, and export your novel with ease.

You start in the dashboard where you can create a new book or upload an old one (there are a variety of ways to import a book that I’ll get to in the features section).

atticus dashboard

Then you’re brought to the word processor element of the program, where you can create chapters (or front and back matter elements), and begin writing. In this section, you can drag and drop chapters or sections just like you can in Scrivener, and are offered an array of writing tools.

In the next couple of weeks and months though, there will be a whole slew of new features added to the writing section of Atticus, to really make this one of the most fun, aesthetic and helpful book writing software out there – without being complicated or convoluted. We’ll talk about this later, but we’ll be focusing on adding writing goals, special writing modes, analytics, character or note cards, and more.

From there, it lets you format the book and export to ebook or print, to use in KDP, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, or wherever you sell your books.

Alice in Wonderland Formatted Using Atticus

In the future, there will be more features as well, including tools to keep you motivated, organized, and even collaborate with other authors.

In other words, it has everything that the top formatting and writing software has, and there’s more coming to make it the best in the industry.

Atticus Cost

The cost of Atticus is one of its strengths. Programs like Vellum cost $199 for just eBook and $249.99 for ebook & print book capability.

Atticus, on the other hand, costs only $147 for unlimited books and ebooks.

Plus, that price is for a lifetime purchase. $147 will get you the current version of Atticus, plus all future updates.

So, you get all the capabilities as before, but for a fraction of the cost.

Complete List of Atticus Features

Atticus is packed full of features, so for this review we’re going to break down all of them one by one.

1. Cross Platform Use

This is, by far, the strongest feature that authors have been asking for. Package like Vellum are not available outside of a Mac, and their website even says that they do not plan to create a Windows version, so waiting is not an option.

Atticus, on the other hand, is available not just for Mac, but for Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, as well as in your Internet browser.

2. Ease of Use

Atticus was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while not sacrificing functionality. You shouldn’t have to watch a whole course just to figure out how to use a piece of writing software.

That sets it above other programs that might have a lot of features, but also a huge learning curve.

3. Autosave, Cloud Storage, and Backups

The Autosave function makes it easy to keep from losing your work. All you have to do is write and format, and it will take care of the rest.

The books in Atticus are saved to the cloud. Everything is saved on secure servers, meaning you can access it from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about your computer breaking down and losing all your data.

Additionally, you have the option to backup your books, either one at a time, or all at once. It’s secure and you therefore you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

4. In-app Spell Check

Atticus is set up to have spell check natively in the app, with further plans to integrate ProWritingAid in the future. While we’d like to integrate with Grammarly, it’s a bit of a difficult company to work with and the way they designed their program, it’s a bit problematic – but we’ll keep trying.

5. Footnotes/Endnotes

endnotes in atticus

Footnotes and Endnotes are also a function of Atticus, making it comparable to Vellum, and also ensuring that those of you who write nonfiction, academic papers, or any other instance where you’d need a footnote, you can add them with Atticus.

6. Offline Use

While Atticus is cloud based, you can use the program and all of its features offline if you so choose.

To do this you can to download the Progressive Web App (instructions here) onto your computer or smart device, or you can log in with a browser before you go offline. That way you can take Atticus with you wherever you need to go. The only time you’ll need to be connected online is either initially login in, when you upload a document, export a document, and when you collaborate (a future feature).

7. Exporting Options

export feature in Atticus

Like Vellum, Atticus will export an EPUB-format eBook, as well as a PDF file for print.

Unlike Vellum, however, Atticus will also export to a DOCX file, which makes collaborating with editors that much easier.

Note: Even though Amazon no longer accepts MOBI files for eBook, Atticus will be coming out soon with a MOBI export so that authors can send MOBI files to their ARC team or Beta Readers.

8. Importing Options

Atticus also allows you to import a document, if you are taking an old book and importing it into Atticus, for example.

Atticus currently supports DOCX, RTF, MOBI, and EPUB file types for importing, with more options on the way. What’s great about this is that incase you need to update a previous submitted m MOBI file, it’s easy to drag the MOBI file into Atticus, make your changes, and export it as an EPUB so you can resubmit to Amazon – cause remember, Amazon no longer accepts MOBI files. This alone should be a major time saver.

9. Device Previewer

atticus device previewer

To see how your manuscript looks when formatted, Atticus boasts a device previewer with 14 different device possibilities to preview, including print.

Currently, this feature is being updated to include pagination, so that it functions more like an actual eReader device or a print book. But you can still get a solid sense of the style of your book, including its font, the chapter header, the table of contents, etc.

10. Chapter Splitting

button to split chapters in Atticus

Atticus allows you to split a chapter from any place in your manuscript. This is useful if the manuscript import fails to detect the beginning of a chapter, or if you’ve written a chapter, decide it’s too long, and want to divide it into two.

Along with this feature is the ability to merge chapters as well, should that be necessary.

(Click link to read more features Atticus has by the founder, Dave Chesson.)

Source: Atticus Review [2021]: Is it Worth it? Pros, Cons, and Features

What do you all think about Atticus? Does it sounds like something you may try?

Genesis: If Only I Knew Before Now- #MichaelJseries #amwriting #fiction

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Continued from The Genesis of Michael J’s Life

“You have some nerve being here. What if my husband comes home and sees you darkening our doorstep?” She hissed at him.

“I’ve been to Michael’s graduation away from your family. Now, I’m here to see him in person. I want to spend time with our son… today.”

Karena huffed. She felt like the last bit of energy was draining out of her and she had no strength to do anything about it. She wants and needs for him to be gone before her husband come back home early.

“Fine. When are you bringing him back?”

“It should be an hour before his bedtime,” Xander smirked.

Karena shook her head, knowing that meant whenever he felt like bringing him back. She called out to Michael to grab his things because he was going out for a ride with Mr. Xander.

When I heard my mom calling out to me to pack my things, my first thought was I was going to spend the night with someone. But when I went downstairs and saw her with her arms folded appearing upset standing next to Mr. Xander, I knew something else was going on.

“Yes, mom?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow. I needed to know why I was packing my things and for what.

“Michael, you are going with Mr. Xander for a day. So pack whatever you want, okay?”

Before I could say something, Mr. Xander interrupted.

“Pack an overnight bag, just in case,” he said.

“For what?” I wanted to know.

“Well, there’s a lot we’re going to do today. Pack an overnight bag just in case it runs over into the next day.” The way he spoke that let me know that I may or may not like it.

So I nodded and turned to leave, but not before I saw my mother glaring at the dude like she wanted to yell at him about whatever. I don’t know what is up with those two, and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed that until now.

After I threw some things like two shirts, jeans, socks, underwear, that sort of thing along with toiletries, I called my best friends, Craig and Cynthia to let them know I would be out for today. I know they would be pissed since this is a last-minute thing, but they’ll understand.

When I came back to the living room with my tote bag, I noticed my mom and Mr. Xander staring at each other like they were telepathically having a conversation. I didn’t know what to make of it, and it gave me vibes that they share or once shared some type of love for each other. I cleared my throat and they immediately broke contact to look my way.

“Ready, son?” Mr. Xander asked me.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, wondering why he seems to take great pleasure in calling me, son. Like damn, yeah, I am somebody’s son but not his.

We rode around for like thirty minutes before we ended up at the Robert Mueller Airport. I glanced around through the side window wondering why we were here. A look of puzzlement settled on my face because no one told me we were going to take a flight. Or maybe he was picking someone up like his sister like the last time. All I know is, the vibes I was picking up didn’t feel right.

Don’t get me wrong. I like hanging out with the guy and I have been since I was maybe six or seven. Off-and-on was more like it, and I would constantly hear my parents argued a lot with Mr. Xander’s name coming up just as much.

“Michael, we are going to take a short flight to Austin on my private jet.” When he saw my eyebrows raised up to my forehead, he added,

“Hear me out. We are going to do something different this time. Remember when I told you it was okay to be spontaneous and to do something entirely different than before, well this is it.” He actually said that with a huge smile and twinkled eyes like he had some big secret up his sleeve. I just nodded, feeling some type of way about it.

After we retrieved our bags from the trunk, we walked to the back of the airport. Once there, we got on a white jet with black stripes, and inside was impeccable. I have never been inside a jet before- private or commercial, and I really wish I could have brought Cynthia with me. She would love this!

The day went by smoothly and sort of fast, and I am not complaining either. The activities we did with his family had brought so much fun and joy, I didn’t want to leave. His family really believes in having fun at the highest level. They also like doing things as a family, and they are so tight-knit.

Now that the day was nearing an end, I settled into the cotton sheets and brought the white and yellow bedspread over my shoulders and stared at the ceiling. No matter how much of a great time I had today, I’m still worried about what my dad Jarren told me last night and I haven’t seen him for breakfast.

The next day around five in the evening, Mr. Xander pulled into the Gulf gas station. When I took a peek at the fuel gauge, I saw that it was above the halfway mark. And we are less than thirty minutes from my house. I know we weren’t stopping for gas and the way he steered the car away from the gas pumps to park near a telephone booth, so many things ran through my mind.

“Michael, I have something to tell you.” He started off to say.


He turned his full body to face me. He had a solemn expression on his face like something was weighing heavy on his mind.

“This is something I wanted to say for so long. And, it is killing me to get it off my chest. After having a quick talk with your mom yesterday before we left, she told me that it was revealed that your dad, Jarren isn’t your father.”

“Oh! Uh, yeah. I found out the previous night. Why did my mom tell you?” I wanted to know. I knew they were friends, or whatever they are, no one told me, but their weird friendship is making me question a lot of things. And just like with my sibling, we were taught not to get into grown folks’ business.

“Because she-” he paused, and then sighed. He cocked his head to the side and stated, “Michael, I am your father.” He said it with such a straight face I couldn’t help but laugh. I threw my hands over my face and continue to laugh.

“Michael, I’m serious. You know what? Let’s get you home and get our answer while we’re at it. Shall we?” Mr. Xander was serious. I can see it in his eyes. For as long as I have known him, when he was serious, he was serious. He had joked around about things before, but this new to me.

Arriving at my house, I saw my mom walking up and down the driveway glancing down the street probably looking for me. My dad, well, my dad Jarren, or whatever it is I can call him, was bent down digging up something by a bush. When they saw the car stopped by the sidewalk, they paused.

I saw a look of horror stretched across my mom’s face. And my “dad” Jarren appeared angry as he would normally be when I’m gone too long without him knowing about it. When I got out and got my tote bags and extra bags for myself and the family, Mr. Xander rose out of the car like he was on a mission.

Next thing I knew, my “dad” angrily approached him and started shouting.

“What the hell your ass doing here?”

“Excuse me, Jarren. Karena, tell Michael that I’m his biological father.” When Mr. Xander said that, we all looked to my mom who just stared back at us.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cynthia walking up. Damn, if only I knew before now.


©2020 Pamela E. Hester

The Genesis of Michael J’s Life #fiction #MichaelJseries

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

Michael came from parents who harbored a deep secret. The man who he thought was his father turned out not to be his father. This man, Jarren Johanssen, raised him as his own, but it had been tough not only for Jarren but for Karena, Michael’s mom.

When her husband would go away on a business trip and would often be away from his family, Karena had soon become lonely. She would go to work to take care of their three children at that time which would leave her feeling weary. She had few friends she would hang out with, and a mother who occasionally would help out with the children. But, Karena needed a different kind of attention and love. While at work, she was being seduced by her boss on several occasions and had finally given in to him that night of the day her husband left for a business trip to California.

A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. Being hit with the conception date had hit her hard because she knew who fathered her child. And she was hoping it would have been her husband since they had an intimate moment before he left to go on his business trip.

It was the summer of 1978 in Houston, Texas when Michael found out about this at a barbeque after he graduated from high school. He had never felt so devastated since receiving this information. So, he had a sit-down with his parents and demanded answers.

“I can’t believe what I’ve heard. Is it true? I need to know!” Michael questioned as they sat away from everyone at a picnic table. He somberly sat down, shaking his head in bewilderment. He used his thumb and middle finger to massage the throb that threatened to come.

Karena had downcast eyes as she knew this day would become exposed someday. She also hated the fact that her son-in-law had blurted this secretive and personal information out to everyone. She would have to have a talk with her daughter about airing the family’s dirty laundry even to people like her son-of-law. The thing with that is, her daughter must have overheard it at some point because Karena had never told any of them.

Jarren gave his wife a sidelong glance and set his eyes back on Michael. He leaned forward and clasped his hands together on the table, trying to figure out how to say to a child the hate he has for his biological father. Or, how he truly feels about all of this. Nevertheless, it wasn’t Michael’s fault he was born. Jarren felt a rush of emotions hitting him all at once.

“Michael, I want you to know that I love you very much. I know this comes as a shock to you about me not being your biological dad, but we have gotten through the worst before. And, I’m not going to lie. It was hard raising another man’s son who, um, slept with my wife. And, er- in the beginning, I didn’t want anything to do with you. But when you were thirteen months old, and I was going through depression, you walked up and comforted me. It was the way you did it that helped-” Jarren paused because he was starting to get choked up.

Karena didn’t know whether to console her husband since she’s to blame for him to feel this way. It still hurts like hell to see her husband like this. Over the years, and after they had one more child when Michael was turning two years old, they had worked through it. Or so she thought. It had been hard, she won’t front, but what made it worse was Michael’s birth father kept popping up demanding to be in his son’s life.

Michael turned to his mom and saw sadness swimming in her eyes. Her long jet-black flowing hair was waving in the wind like a flag. He wanted to hear what she had to say because he needed to know not only why he was conceived the way he was, but why she never mentioned anything to him. Or at least try to. His stomach started to knot up as he expelled a long sigh.

Jarren took a quick glance at his wife with hurt and anger etched on his face. He then stood up and walked away. He has always been a proud man and not one to show his emotions much- at least not pain and sadness.

“Michael, I promise to talk about this to you. Right now, I want to wait until most of the people are gone so I can have that talk with you. Okay?” Karena reached out to caress the side of her son’s face. She is a private person and doesn’t like talking about herself or her family’s business around people who she feels are not family in that sense.

“Okay, mom,” Michael said quietly, closing his eyes when his mom planted a kiss on the top of his head. He didn’t know how to process it, and since his mom wanted to wait to talk about it, that time may not come anytime soon. He patted the head of his Saarloos Wolfdog, Rocko while he stayed at the picnic table deep in his thoughts about his life taken a drastic turn.

The next morning after breakfast as Karena and one of her daughters was cleaning the kitchen, there were a loud knock at the front door. She yells out to Michael to answer it.

She wasn’t quite in the mood for company and was hoping it would be a friend of one of her children coming to see them. But as she moves out of the kitchen and was heading toward the front door, she overheard a familiar voice.

“Hey, Michael! How’ve you been, son?” Standing at the door was a handsome dark-haired man with olive skin, gazing at her son with fatherly love in his eyes.

“I’ve been good, sir,” Michael responded. He glanced at his mom and saw she had reached his side with confusion and terror on her face.

“That’s good! Hi, Karena. Good seeing you again,” the guy said, staring into her dark brown eyes in a way that always made her feel uncomfortable.

“Michael, will you give me a moment with Mr. Xander, please?”

“Sure, mom.”

When Michael was out of earshot, Karena looked at the guy she fought so hard to rid herself of. The guy who, no matter where she goes, would always seem to find her, and she that she exorcised out of her system.

“You have some nerve being here. What if my husband comes home and sees you darkening our doorstep?” She hissed at him.

“I’ve been to Michael’s graduation away from your family. Now, I’m here to see him in person. I want to spend time with our son… today.”


©2020 Pamela E. Hester

My #Goodreads 2021 Reading Challenge

You all may remember back in March, there was a writing challenge hosted by Marquessa at And one of the daily writings where we had to write about what we are freakishly good at. And one of the things for me is reading. You can find the post here. Well, I mentioned a reading challenge and that I would share the books I was reading. Well, I had completed the 50 books in the 2021 reading challenge.

Before I go into the books I’ve read for this year, I would like to share with you the books I’ve read last year and other years that weren’t part of the reading challenge.

And they are:

I have read other books by them and plan to read more books by them as well. I found myself reading the books more than once because I enjoyed the books these authors wrote. I also didn’t include other authors and their books I’ve read from other years because the list is long, but please feel free to view them on my Goodreads Read pile. Also, if you haven’t read the books listed above, please do visit the books by these wonderful, talented authors because you’re missing out. 😊

** Note: The books I have read this year, the majority of them I have added to my Goodreads read pile for the challenge. But, there are books I read but didn’t add for no particular reason. So it would make my books read for this year over 50, but let’s focus on the ones added on Goodreads for the year 2021, shall we? Okay.

To let you know: Since I started the first week of January, I wanted to up my reading game by reading outside of my genre. Other than reading romance, nonfiction, erotica, and urban fiction, I started reading fantasy, paranormal fiction, paranormal romance, urban paranormal, supernatural fiction, LGBTQIA, and more this year. I wanted different, and to strengthen my reading, and I got it. I also would like to say that even though when reading these marvelous and entertaining novels, I don’t tend to go by the race of the author/characters, or whatever, though looking back, I noticed nearly all of the authors were women. I don’t feel bad about it, but it did felt good to come across Black/African American authors would who can really write fantasy, paranormal and supernatural fiction works. I am well pleased.

Now, finally, on to the 50 books read from this year:

(In order from January- September)


Fake Dating My Boss
Fake Dating My Boss
by: Izabella Brooks

I enjoyed this novel, especially since it was a happily ever after because most books I read don’t tend to have that. I also don’t read books with a HEA as much. It’s not my go-to, but I still enjoyed it.


Zane: A Second Chance Romance
Zane: A Second Chance Romance
by: Alexis Adaire

Hmm. What can I say about this book? For one, this is my first book by this author. It is one of those books where if you don’t like steamy erotic scenes, then it is not for you. I loved and enjoyed this novel because the female main character had found her second chance at love. I’m not going to spoil it, but it is always a good thing to me when a woman is in her forties and she may feel down on herself, then she picked herself up and take charge of her life again. She found that in this book, and with a so very attractive and sexy man at that.


Fanatic: A Standalone Novel
Fanatic: A Standalone Novel
by: Jade Jones

This story is where the girl who is known to be an ugly duckling who also has stalking issues found love with a guy who loves her for her, no matter what she looks like. The thing is with him though, he is something of a vigilante. Let him tell it. If you read this book, you will find out why he does the things he does. When I read this book, I couldn’t put my phone down, because I kept swiping to read the next page and the next one. It is different than what I read before when the woman is always beautiful and has a killer body, no pun intended. I like how the female character in this book gains her confidence and the love that blossoms between her and the “vigilante” guy who is in love with her that is real and true.


Look But Don't Touch
Look But Don’t Touch
by: Alexis Adaire 

Even though this book came out around when the pandemic started, I read it with that in mind because the story is about this character who works in a strip club as a bartender eventually finds love with a customer. The “look but don’t touch” made me think how people who had to work in such business as this, where they still have to do their job, but kept the 6 feet distance from the customer when they have to dance or deliver food and drinks- at the customer’s home where it is done outside. Still, I won’t spoil it by revealing too much, just know, I love the ending. Because for me, I wouldn’t care about finding love especially during the beginning or middle of the pandemic. (Or anytime soon.) Then again, this character wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the guy, or him with her.


Dicks are Dumb: A Woman's Guide to Choosing the Right Man
Dicks are Dumb: A Woman’s Guide to Choosing the Right Man
 Mary B. Morrison

I usually read this author’s books that are fiction. I read this book in mind that it is to empower women. Since this is a nonfiction book, I feel that each person should take into consideration how it may work for them.


Boss'd Up With A Billionaire
Boss’d Up With A Billionaire
by: Jade Jones

Love it! It was a page-turner for sure.


Boss'd Up With A Billionaire 2
Boss’d Up With A Billionaire 2
 Jade Jones


Boss'd Up With A Billionaire 3: The Finale
Boss’d Up With A Billionaire 3: The Finale
 Jade Jones


Succubus: A Standalone Novel
Succubus: A Standalone Novel
by: Jade Jones 

The thing is with this novel is this was my first time reading a novel about a succubus. This novel was everything, and since I wanted to read something in a genre I had never read before, this was it. I didn’t search for it, for it came to me in an email from Amazon. I saw the red color and the title, I read the description and fell in love with the story. The story takes place in Chicago, and it was interesting to read about people who are my race who trying to get their life together. With the male main character trying to do just that, he came across a Succubus who helps him in making his dreams into a reality in a way she can. But it comes at a price, and that doesn’t The ending was sad to me on some levels. There is a part two I ended up reading later in the year.


Under his Spell
Under His Spell
by: Jade Jones

Well, I ended up reading another book by this author that I should be ashamed. But, I’m not and couldn’t help myself. This story is set in Louisiana. Even though I am not from there nor I have ever been, I can relate somewhat to this story. It’s mainly because I am from and have been living in the South. (South Carolina, that is.) And I am no stranger to the knowledge of voodoo-practicing, tarot cards, magic, and others of the like. The main male character thought he could cast a spell on the main female character, and like most spells when not done correctly or misused, it can have bad effects on the intended person. Like I would most likely keep saying, I won’t spoil the story and its ending, but I was shocked at a few of these characters.


Under his Spell 2
Under his Spell 2
by: Jade Jones

Part 2 of the last novel as you can tell. All I can say is I had enjoyed it a lot and love how it ended.


Hollywood Players Club: Book 1: Drake
Hollywood Players Club, Book 1: Drake
by: Alexis Adaire 

I saw the cover and my eyes journeyed down to read what the book was about. All I can say at first is, with my not-so-good luck with men, I would never need to worry about dating a Hollywood man. They can be shallow and promiscuous, and some other things I dislike. I also shouldn’t worry because my chances of dating one are none to none. Anyway, this guy turns out to be the type of guy who turns his life around after meeting a woman that doesn’t quite fit that so-called society definition of beauty, and he ended being deeply in love with her.


Hollywood Players Club, Book 2: Mason
Hollywood Players Club, Book 2: Mason
by: Alexis Adaire


The Witches of Salix Pointe
The Witches of Salix Pointe
by: Noelle Vella

Where do I start with this one? Well, this novel is about witches who became friends who have something– or someone putting them in danger. Well, there are these brothers who have different fathers, and oh man, the descriptions of these brothers had me envisioning what they look like, their movements, and the voices. One was an angel, and the other is half-angel, half-demon. I like both brothers, even though they are different from the other. But, I love love the women (witches) who became close to the point where their bond became strong they were like sisters. This novel came to the point where the good can be bad, and bad can be good. Funny how that goes. I am also glad to have found out a few weeks ago the authors of this novel are writing Part 2. Eek! I am so thrilled about that.


Deep Down In The Bayou
Deep Down In The Bayou
by: Neicy P

Man oh man! This novel is more on the lines of “better careful what you wish for because you just may get it.” But, it may come at a cost. This novel had me thinking that when living in the South with most people you know and don’t know who claim not to believe in the voodoo, tarot, witchcraft, etc, you know they truly exist. These four friends wanted something out of life which is to have their deepest desires and/or dreams come true. Oh, they got it. But damn! They suffered bad. This novel is one of those novels where you have to read it for yourself. The ending had me like, “oh, oh!” Because…well, just be careful what you wish or pray for, and be more specific.


Become a Successful Indie Author: Work Toward Your Writing Dream
Become a Successful Indie Author: Work Toward Your Writing Dream
By: Craig Martelle 

This book has useful information for anyone looking to be an indie author.


Incubus Caged (The Incubus, #1)
Incubus Caged
(The Incubus #1)
by: A.H. Lee

I like the writing style and the world-building is something I am new to. I grew up reading nearly all of the Harry Potter books since I was a teenager, so I am used to fantasy books and their world-building. Though, this is something quite different. The characters are adults and there are sexual scenes most wouldn’t want to read. Some people are calling it a YA novel and that is not what I took it as because if so, most scenes and descriptions would have made me cringe. I enjoyed it but not to a certain extent. It did make me read the rest of the books in the series because I am a sucker for series books.


Incubus Bonded (The Incubus, #2)
Incubus Bonded
(The Incubus #2)
by: A.H. Lee

The thing is with these Incubus Series books is there is an MFM romance going on. Some people may not be interested in reading books about gay lovers who also share the same woman as their lover. Since I read this in March, and now writing it in late September, I can’t seem to remember some parts. It is descriptive in its rights, and the connection between the three lovers was beautiful. This is also my first time reading a novel with the characters being in the LGBTQ group.


Incubus Dreaming (The Incubus #3)
Incubus Dreaming
(The Incubus #3)
by: A.H. Lee


Incubus Yule (The Incubus, #4)
Incubus Yule
(The Incubus #4)
by: A.H. Lee


Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals
Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals
by: Karen Frazier

I read this book because it goes more in-depth about each crystal and how you can use them to benefit you. Everything you need to know and learn about crystals is in this book. I wasn’t overwhelmed when reading the book. The magic of crystal healing is a powerful thing to me. And this book touched on grief, anxiety, health, and more. I highly recommended it.


Hollywood Players Club, Book 4: Link
Hollywood Players Club, Book 4: Link
by: Alexis Adaire 


Wrath: Seven Deadly Sins Saga
Wrath: Seven Deadly Sins Saga
by: Jade Royal 

Whew! When I got to this book, I was so so so impressed! And it is not because the characters are of the same race as me. Though the characters could all be different races, the novel doesn’t say what the races are and it doesn’t really matter. I love this novel. This is the first novel in this series called the Seven Deadly Sins. And this one is where the characters live in Fireland where the main character is a shape-shifting dragon and he lost his pregnant mate who died. The thing is, the novel really captured the sin, Wrath.


The mrs Sexy Chronicles
The mrs Sexy Chronicles
by: Juliet Adelaide

This novel is about the author’s real-life sexcapades. And all I’m saying when reading it is “got damn woman!” She really had, and most likely still have a free-spirited sex life. And I don’t usually read a novel like this where the character in the novel is based on the life of the person who wrote the novel. And no, it is not an autobiography or anything like that. Though when I read erotica, the characters are fictitious. This was well-written, sinful, and sizzling hot.


by: Jade Royal 

Hot damn to this book! And yes, the sin here is called, Lust. I-I…um, I just love it, and not because of the steamy scenes. Okay, who am I kidding? I love it for that as well. I am also definitely in love with the main character. On another note, what got to me is how mean and chaotic the majority of the humans are toward the creatures and shape-shifters. Like who died and made them royalty. The majority of these humans are witches and I hate that they used their power on the creatures and beasts, and shape-shifters alike for bad. Though, in the end, the humans/witches got what they deserve.


by: Jade Royal 

The thing about this series is that these shape-shifters are good beings and they still are, but they do something that caused them to commit some type of sin and the “sin” takes over their body. The “sin” that takes over their body (and mind) is a demon. I love reading the parts when the sin/demon are talking because they are quite funny. The connection the demon sins have with their hosts and the hosts’ mates is entertaining.


The Game Never Ends (The Game Series Book 2)
The Game Never Ends (The Game Series Book 2)
by: Zaire Crown

This is Part 2 of Games Women Play. It’s an action-packed novel.


Pride: Seven Deadly Sins Saga
Pride: Seven Deadly Sins Saga
by: Jade Royal 

Yessss! When I got to this novel and I saw the cover, the first thing that came to mind was,” yesss, a woman this time as one of the main character.” And she is strong, fierce, and don’t take no ish. When she got contracted with a demon sin, everything after that, I felt like I was holding my breath. I had my phone in my hand reading on lunch breaks, in between calls, etc just to know what will happen next. For her to have her mate find her, who is the polar opposite of her, I was in awe and love their chemistry and the way he love her.


Sloth: Seven Deadly Sins Book 5
Sloth: Seven Deadly Sins Book 5
by: Jade Royal

The main character in this novel is a wolf shape-shifter, and for someone like me who loves wolves, I wanted to read this guy’s story forever. The thing with him is that he is a person who loves to help others, and gives them jobs, but having the sin of Sloth caused him not to be able to do much of anything for too long. There are times when his body would shut down causing him to be helpless. His mate has to help him with a lot of things even when it comes to what he wants to say and can’t because the demon sin takes up a lot of his energy. I really enjoyed this novel.


STIFF (Heavy On The D Book 1)
(Heavy on the D #1)
by: Stephanie Nicole Norris 

This novel was hot and heavy. The female character took charge of her life ( more like sex life) and goes to a place called The Den. It’s a place for women mostly to go and have their desires and fantasies fulfilled, and oh man do they. I was almost jealous of these women having their fantasies fulfilled in this series. The woman in this book meets a guy, and the way he rocked her world had her constantly coming back for more. The thing is, she doesn’t know who he is because the men that worked at The Den, their faces are covered.


STRIP (Heavy On The D Book 2)
(Heavy on the D #2)
by: Stephanie Nicole Norris


by: Jade Royal 

I read this book solely because it was a novel about vampires that live in a world next to humans. But most of the humans would venture off the vampire world for the main purpose of selling their blood to the vampires. And if the humans want to take it a step further, they would have to sign a waiver so the vampire won’t be held liable for anything going wrong. And the humans will pay them for the step further which is, um… for sex. It is said in this novel that you haven’t been kissed unless you have been kissed by a vampire. And they were talking to the women. (I’m not quite sure if there any vampires in the LGBTQ group, though I don’t remembered reading that part.) I was thinking, hmm, my real-life fetish if you want to call it that, is fangs. So I would be amazed just to see the fangs, just not to be kissed. Then again, it might depends on where at. As I read on, they were talking about being kissed below. I guess it works out for both parties involved. Um…


by: Jade Royal 

Part 2 of the last novel as you can see. I love that one of the two female friends from the last novel ended up being in love with one of the two male best friends who are vampires. The same thing happened with the other two who knew each other the longest, except that were stubborn about forming a relationship when they clearly love each other. I love the romance in this novel, and you know I can’t spoil it for you by revealing too much. The love for the two couples is truly supernaturally beautiful.


Quartet: A BWWM Contemporary Romance Collection (Quartet, #1)
Quartet: A BWWM Contemporary Romance Collection (Quartet, #1)
by: Shirrá Lynn

This novel is four short stories in one about the love between interracial couples. I enjoyed them all and wanted more. I am glad to know from IG that the author is coming out for a Part 2, but it might end up being with more couples.


The Souvenir
The Souvenir
by: Neicy P

And here we are with a story about werewolves who were once humans, of course. A virus of some sort broke out and caused some people to turned into one. And it caused more humans to become one because they got bit by someone who is affected. This story is well-written, and the descriptions played themselves out like a movie in my mind. I hated that the scientists thought that in the beginning, they could play God, and create something that put others’ lives in danger. The wife had to make a sacrifice when one of her family got attacked. Which led me to…


The Souvenir 2
The Souvenir 2
by: Neicy P

This novel picks up from where Part 1 left off. All I can say is the ending had me truly shocked, and I am the wife and her family was able to get justice on what her family went through.


Goldie's Grizzly: Urban Paranormal Fairytale
Goldie’s Grizzly: Urban Paranormal Fairytale
by: Neicy P

This is a modern-day retold story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is written by an author who previously wrote some of the books above. This is not a book for children or anyone under the age of 18. I love reading this from a Black author because I remembered when I was a young child reading the Goldilocks and Three Bears, I wondered what it would be like when a girl who looks like me, my skin tone. There weren’t many books by my race with characters who are of the BIPOC group. This novel is short and a joy to read.


Heart Of The Phoenix by [A.L.  Tate ]
Heart Of The Phoenix
by: A.L. Tate 

I had to read this one because it is about a phoenix. There were so many characters in this series but I didn’t felt too overwhelmed by them. There were a lot of things going on. I hated that two lovers had people who kept trying to keep them apart. When


Heart of the Phoenix 2
Heart of the Phoenix 2
by: A.L. Tate 

There are times when I felt like the female main character was childish with the way she bounced from one guy who is the vampire king and the other is a king of the Lycans (werewolves. ) It was like she never knew what or who she wanted. And the Lycan king in the first book and this one lied about his former mate and can’t seem to stay faithful.


Heart of the Phoenix 3
Heart of the Phoenix 3
by: A.L. Tate 

Okay, I know she is a phoenix, but she died and a whole heck of a lot. Her life constantly started over until she came across her mate who triggered her memory. Loyalty among friends doesn’t seem to happen much, because how in the hiz-zell did her best friend got with her man. I know the girl died but she comes back because she is a phoenix, but her best friend totally betrayed her. Oh best believe, some beings got away with some stuff they did, and some definitely got what’s coming to them. Though, the ending was great. I’m glad the Phoenix got her true mate in the end even though she went through hell more times I can frigging count.


by: Mica Rae


Greed and Gluttony: Seven Deadly Sins Saga: The Finale
Greed and Gluttony: Seven Deadly Sins Saga: The Finale
by: Jade Royal

This novel is the finale of the Seven Deadly Sins. I enjoyed it way too much to the point I would read it again. This time instead of the demon sins taking over one person, it’s two–twins. These young women are nearly polar opposites of each other. The thing is I was sad when this book ended because the stories of 14 people (the hosts and their mates, and their demon sins) are coming to an end. Imagine my surprise when at the end of the ebook, the author mentioned they are going to write a full-length novel of the epilogue instead of a few pages at the end of this one. The beauty of friendship and love between these beings is astounding. It made me want to get to know them in person and enter their worlds. The author has done an amazing job on this series and I can’t wait to read the Epilogue novel.


STROKE (Heavy On The D Book 3)
(Heavy on the D #3)
by: Stephanie Nicole Norris


(Moon #1)
by: Desiree M. Granger 


Moon Child
Moon Child
(Moon #2)
by: Desiree M. Granger


(Moon #3)
by: Desiree M. Granger 

I really enjoyed reading this Moon series. The majority of these characters are based in my home state, South Carolina. I love the mentioned of voodoo-practicing, the supernatural of the like, etc., because it exists. And with this based in the South, I couldn’t help but love it, even though I don’t like the history of the South with my enslaved people being brought over to this country. Back to the book, there is so much to say and the series isn’t over even though I had stopped here for the challenge. There is two more books in this series that I have to read. There is also a lot of characters and their lives in this series to keep up with. They all connect in a way, and even though it’s too much to say about them, just know it is good enough for me to finish reading the series. It’s better than good.


How to Self-Publish Your Book: A Complete Guide to Writing, Editing, Marketing & Selling Your Own Book
How to Self-Publish Your Book: A Complete Guide to Writing, Editing, Marketing & Selling Your Own Book
 Jan Yager 

This is the first book this year that is paperback. All the other books are ebooks. I also checked this book out at the library and kept it a little longer than I should before having no choice but to return it. This book covered a lot for a person looking to publish their novel. It has a lot of useful information that will make you want to take notes.


Sucker for Love (Succubus Book 2)
Sucker for Love (Succubus Book 2)
by: Jade Jones 

This is Part 2 of the novel above called Succubus. Oh, I love this one. I love them both equally. This one had boggled my mind when the realization of what this guy really is was revealed. He is said to be a rare vampire and to find out what he truly made me so angry with the succubus from the first novel who kidnapped the guy when he was a baby from the first book and took him to the Underworld where she is from. She made him who he is, and I wanted to choke her. Finding out the truths of everything, whew! I read this book in a few hours. It is a must-read, definitely a page-turner. I am hoping for a Part 3.


Hush (I'm Yours, #1)
Hush (I’m Yours, #1)
by: Mica Rae

This novel was well-written and made me sad because it is about a teenage girl who was raped and no one believes her but less than a handful of people. The guy who done this to her didn’t even do time because of who his father is. It may me think of the many people who are sexually assaulted and how some choose not to speak up because either they were threatened and/or scared. I like how the author captured the emotions and the thoughts of the characters. The steps the main character takes to healing made me root for her. It’s the thought of what people in life have to go through.


Soul Ties: An Urban Paranormal Story
Soul Ties: An Urban Paranormal Story
by: J. Danae

So, what do you guys think about this reading challenge and the book choices I’ve picked? Have you read any of these books, if so, which one? Also, have you ever done a Goodreads reading challenge before?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this long post, and I’m sure and hope I made it worth your while. Here’s a link to the 2021 Reading Challenge- click here to view. Note: from this page, the books are ordered from last to first.

Thank you!