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Image Courtesy by Pamela Hester.
Image Courtesy by Pamela Hester.

“This page is about my completed novel, Secrets Unveil. Periodically, I will update this page and let you all know how this novel is progressing.

 So, with that being said, check back as often as you can; for you may never know what you’re missing out on.”

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Life Is Too Short – A Poem For Strength

This poem really speaks to me and what I hope to overcome, yet work on in life. “You have the strength to prosper.” Stay bless! 💜

Kimberley Chan

I just wanted to remind everyone that nothing you ever try will be lost.

After going through a year where everything turned it’s tables on me, I kept asking myself “why me?” and at times felt like the most useless human being on the planet.

After reading my blog, a gentlemen named Alex sent me the following poem, telling me that the blog had inspired him to write it. I want to share it with you all and hope that if you ever have to go through a messy path down the road, you’ll remember that you are stronger than you think you are.

Thank you Alex!


Life Is Too Short
By Alex Malnasi

Life is too short
Everyone has their ups and downs
But how you come out of them makes you the person you are
You have the strength to prosper
Everyone sees and feeds off your…

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A Moment Alone For Peace


Go out for a moment alone for peace

Meditate to find your moment alone for peace

Light candles and burn incense to find that moment alone for peace

Take a hike to admire the scenic view for a moment alone for peace

Take a herbal warm bath in candlelight to find your moment alone for peace

To all that want to find that moment alone for peace, I sincerely urged you to find that inner peace. At times, it is hard to find your inner peace. From jobs, family, and whatever we have going on in life; it is difficult to get by ourselves to have peace.

Whatever you can, however you can, find that INNER peace, because we all need it.

With love,

Pamela 🌹

#Blogging 101 Prompt- Can’t Stand Myself If…

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Daily Prompt- Can’t Stand Me: What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

For today’s daily prompt and for Blogging 101, I believe that seeing a video of myself is more unbearable than the latter. Although I despises the sound of my own voice, it’s not so unbearable that I want to go into hiding if it’s on a recording.

Now, watching a video of myself, it depends on what I’m doing. If I’m doing something criminalize, being slapped with silver bracelets too tight for comfort, then it would be my own fault for getting caught and being shame on the news. Lol! All jokes aside, I wouldn’t do anything to land my butt in jail; then again you don’t know what you will do.

The one thing that is too unbearable and I may go into hiding for, and/or move away and change my identity is a video of me doing adult-related activities that should be kept between the two persons (another person and me).

Yes. I wouldn’t live with myself. I would be devastated, cause videos land on the Internet and lives longer than the person being “involve”. People are quick to say that a person shouldn’t put themselves in that type of situation but how can they not.

Whether or not you watch pornographic films, it’s not my thing to judge. I do not and will not judge even though most of the films are filthy while some are not. Don’t ask.

But, what about an innocent filming between spouses, lovers, or what have you? Same thing applies right? In my opinion, no! I’m not down for anything of the sort, mainly because I have trust issues. What if I’m being filmed by a trusted boyfriend or b.f.f. without my consent (which I will Not give)?

What can seem fun and innocent at the time of filming can wound up being distributed after a messy breakup or divorce. Yes it can happen. A young woman a few years had this happened to her when she broke up with her boyfriend and he wanted some get-back. Yet, it wasn’t a video, it was pictures she once sent him.

See? Making this post shorter because I’m about to rant- I really can’t stand myself if that was to happen.

How about you? What can’t you stand?