Bouncing Back To Self and Life

Happy Monday everyone! And a Happy Memorial Day to all the fallen soldiers we’ve lost over the years.

I would like to say over the course of a week- or two ago, I’ve been battling several problems that was extremely difficult to be dealt with. For one, I had and still have writers block. My novel and my blog is not going the way I want them to go. No new content is finding its way into my brain for my blog. What happened to Post XYZ? My novel is another story- no pun intended, and it’s driving me crazy. One day the words are flowing like a bottle of vodka onto a glass and other days like aged molasses. I’m uninspired and unmotivated.

A week ago, I started a new prescription… let’s just say I am off of them and onto something else-now. I had experienced nausea, several cramps, you name it. The pains I had endured was excruciating. From last Monday evening (6pm) to that Tuesday morning, I felt like I was in hell.

It’s something nearly compared to Braxton Hicks but I can assure you I am NOT pregnant. Oh the agony! My doctor had the nerve to say it was a very low dose and generic. Oh really! It was jacked up to say the least.

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, my internet modem was in and out all week. When I had it, it teased me unmercifully. It would give me another connection to check emails but after ten minutes it was out. And when I called for the technician and canceled when the modem started working, yet it went back out. I wanted to throw it in a tree or something.

Anyway, as of today, I’m doing better other than having to get more wisdom teeth pulled out and being turned down for another job. Yeah it sucks to be me.

Like that motto: I’m taking it one day at a time.

How have you all been doing? 

Life Is Too Short – A Poem For Strength

This poem really speaks to me and what I hope to overcome, yet work on in life. “You have the strength to prosper.” Stay bless! 💜

Kimberley Chan

I just wanted to remind everyone that nothing you ever try will be lost.

After going through a year where everything turned it’s tables on me, I kept asking myself “why me?” and at times felt like the most useless human being on the planet.

After reading my blog, a gentlemen named Alex sent me the following poem, telling me that the blog had inspired him to write it. I want to share it with you all and hope that if you ever have to go through a messy path down the road, you’ll remember that you are stronger than you think you are.

Thank you Alex!


Life Is Too Short
By Alex Malnasi

Life is too short
Everyone has their ups and downs
But how you come out of them makes you the person you are
You have the strength to prosper
Everyone sees and feeds off your…

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