Let Social Media Inspire You- Quotes We Should Tell Ourselves Everyday


Repost. Re-edited.

For the Writing Everyday Inspiration assignment, I have been busy with a lot. But, it have been and still is worth it. Or that what I at least tells myself.

Today’s post wants us to write a post we see on social media. We all how social media can be at times. It’s entertaining, maddening, educational, and a bit crazy, but that what we go through scrolling through our timeline. I prefer to use social media a lot less, but Twitter I tend to frequent on a daily basis.

With all the negativity in the midst of social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, what inspire you? What not only speaks to you, but speaks to your soul?

I love quotes. I even shared them on previous posts and read some of yours cause they are so inspirational; even also motivational. They talk to you instead of at you. As I searched for a quote that spoke to me, after several, this above caught my attention.

When I wake up every morning, it’s a blessing to even open my eyes. Saying affirmations gives you that confidence, that sense of positive thinking that you’re going to be alright. The past weeks and months, has been challenging, intense, turmoil, I might add; but there are times that you must take a step back and breathe. Once you have, meditate, and ask the Higher Power to bless and cloak you with His shield of protection.

What speaks to you? What motivates you? Tell me in the comments. 

Speak it. Believe it. Stay inspired.

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Find Your Writing Inspiration 

We all can tend to lose what ounce of inspiration we have left when it comes to writing. Whatever piece of writing you have, whether: an article, blog post, your book; don’t lose hope.

I used to shy away from making connections with others; that had always felt awkward- even online! That until I found out the power of making online connections from ALL areas in life. The other things are: reading everything, and getting out of my comfort zone. This past Sunday when I turned another horrifying year, I vowed to get serious about my writing (and everything else) like I’ve done before this 2016 graced us. I had nearly slipped away.

Everyone, please do the things you may have never done before. Definitely go outside your comfort zone. Live your life and take your writing farther than you can reach. Find your writing inspiration. Never be satisfied.

You can and will go far. Happy Tuesday! 🌹

Three Day #Quote Challenge- Day 1

Thank you Spiritual Journey for nominating me to do the 3-day quote challenge. I’m a bit late on this- my apologies. If you haven’t checked out Spiritual Journey’s blog, please go visit.

Today’s quotes are from the wonderful and greatest Oprah Winfrey. I have followed her since a child from her then talk show, movies (The Color Purple and Beloved), and to her magazine, O.

Oprah Winfrey has always inspired me from her intellect, strength, and generosity with her knowledge and love to help and motivate others. I want to dedicate today’s post to her and also since it’s her birthday.

Happy birthday Oprah!!!

To everyone, I hope you all enjoy!


“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”

Here are the rules:

  1.     Post three consecutive days.
  2.     You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.     Challenge three different bloggers per day.

I’m not sure who to nominate since I’m seeing a lot of you doing this challenge. If you do decide, please pingback so I can check out  your posts. Have fun and a wonderful weekend!

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Instagram Moments On Monday-Achieve The Impossible 

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Christmas?

Today I want to share something that I would like for you all to partake and what I need to do as well, and that is to achieve the impossible. At times, I struggled with it- the impossible. Yet, I’m pushing forward to not just do better but achieve what I couldn’t before. Especially when I want to give up when times got to hard to bear.

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Bring on 2016! #achievetheimpossible

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