March Writing Challenge- Day 5: What’s The Worst Advice You Ever Been Given?


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If you haven’t already, head over to Marquessa’s blog for the 31 Questions March Writing Challenge.

The worst advice I ever been given was from someone/people telling me that I should hang in there with a person no matter how hard it gets. I call bullsh*t on that because that’s what it is. There is a saying that you have to pick your battles wisely.

Well, being in the South all my life, I have witnessed women “hanging” in there and it had gotten most of them nowhere. Their lives wasted on the wrong person when those women could have spent it doing something better with their lives. Though, there are the women who don’t take any crap from men or anyone, and refused to bow down to what people feel women should do and be when it comes to a role.

And then there’s me. I was told that if you don’t try hard enough then you didn’t try at all. They had me thinking in the beginning that parents supposed to stick together, live together, and take care of their child/children…together.

(I don’t really like following what others do and say, but come on! Some people are good at giving advice, but can’t advise themselves.)

Sometimes things don’t work out as they should and I felt like I gave it my all. But, I don’t want more of a new set of problems existing in my life. So advice from people who don’t have your best interest in mind in the first place, nope.

I feel like most people need to stop giving advice to people in certain situations where it won’t benefit them in the long run. It is unwanted and one of the worst pieces of advice ever.

Thanks for reading.


Life After NaNoWriMo: What You Can Do Next

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Writing Challenge (Day 17) Quote To Live By

“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”
– Oliver Wendell Holme


I’m back at it again with my fave quotes. This time part of my daily (30 day) writing challenge. I love quotes and for this challenge, I’m to share a quote that I live by.

Where do you plan on going in life? What direction does life have you standing in now?

Life is our best teacher and we are the pupils taking in the lectures being given to us. You can stand still, waiting on something to happen. Or, you can make that move, whether a right one or a wrong one, and tread forward.


This is a short post as I am late from doing many things. I hope whatever direction life points you in that you are capable, mentally and spiritually ready on all that it have in store for you.

When Loneliness Strikes


Feeling lonely in your relationship is by far the saddest and depressing thing to go through. After reading a blog by Dr. Leslie, I asked myself, what’s the point in being in a relationship when you feel lonely or even ignored. There are too many good people out there who are going through this matter and can’t find their way out. Life is tough. Relationship is tough, but both parties have to do their part to make it work, or call it quits.

I, myself had been lonely in and out of a relationship, but had found it better to just be alone. But, to each person is different. Dr. Leslie have a break down on what a couple should do whether to try to work things out or not.


When love hurts , it put many of us in a sense of despair, where loneliness can find its way home. Some of us may find ourselves doing something immoral, like cheating or drinking. There is help out there that can help you through this no matter which decision you make.

The first link above is by Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD at WebMD. I frequent there from time to time in the past about issues I was dealing with, and sometimes still.
What do you all think?

Click on the link to read what Dr. Leslie has to say on loneliness in a relationship.

This Year, Let’s…

So, a whole month and a half has went by for 2015 and I am making it about me. I had spent the majority of my life allowing other people to orchestrated how my life should go. I was unhappy, lost, and felt like my life wasn’t going nowhere how I’d envisioned it.

When you had been beat down, degraded and to the point of no return, STOP!

Stop whatever you are doing. You may believe that there is no other way but down, but tell yourself this,

“I am someone special. I deserve nothing but the best and will accept nothing less. I am___” Or you can choose something of your own choosing. Just always keep in mind that you don’t deserve to be treated badly.

Let’s start with this year, (or if you had already started on your journey; way to go!, just reach out to someone who lost their way), and become a new you, a new and approved you.
Let 2015 be the year that you say, “F*** it! This is my year for a better change.”

I am going to take this journey and work on me. I didn’t start a blog just for someone to tell me I can’t succeed. I didn’t write my novel Secrets Unveil just to stash it somewhere, afraid to move forward on what others may think. It may be unpublished at the moment, but I’m determined to bypass what negatives come my way.

This year, let’s become a whole new person despite what others may think and say. Whatever it is you want to do in life, any dreams you want to see come through, push until something happens.

I will share any insights, tips, my own advice and journey as we go about this year. Much success and love to you all. Good luck.

Until we meet again,
Pamela 🌹