March Writing Challenge- Day 28: Do You Have A Morning Ritual?

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To be honest with you, I am not a morning person at all. I get up around 6:45 now to get ready for work. The commute is very short because I work from home. Before I log on around 7:40, I usually get a little cleaning done, like dishes. I hate dishes in the sink. And I do the laundry. Anything else can wait until during my breaks or after my shift.

Some mornings I’ll eat an early breakfast or I’ll wait for late morning. I got to have my coffee. It’s a must. A tall mug of coffee, that is.

On days I am off, I plan to do more in the morning if I can shake the tiredness and/or the fact that morning isn’t my thing. After cooking breakfast and grabbing my mug, I normally check emails, read blog posts and other forms of reading, because you know reading is fundamental. 😁

I also try to get some meditation and music in if I can before I start my day, but that only seems to happened on days off.

I don’t do the same thing every morning unless it’s a work day. After housework, I would brainstorm on what I want to write and blog about. Someday, I just may be able to get a whole lot done in the mornings and not wait to the afternoon to accomplish that.

What is your morning routine?

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 27: Would You Rather Have A Live-In Massage Therapist, Or A Live-In Chef?

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I would rather have a live-in chef than a live-in massage therapist because I love to eat and don’t want to have someone touching me. Then again, I hope to really trust the chef and not have him/her mad at me so I won’t get get poisoned.

In another world, I might have a female live-in chef and a male live-in massage therapist. I hope we would to get along since we’re to live together. (Wiggles eyebrows.)

So, would you rather have a live-in chef or live-in massage therapist.

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 26: Would You Consider Yourself An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert?

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Just in case you might not know already, I consider myself an introvert. Yes, I know, shocking isn’t it. 😀

I have been an introvert my entire life. I love being by myself and get overwhelmed being around so many people, unless they are people I can connect with. At one point I thought maybe I was ambivert, then when I checked my surroundings, I had noticed it was people who are authentic and on the same level as me.

So, I believe—I am sure that I am just an introvert. Sometimes, I get awkward when I first meet them. Then, when I get to know them, then I can decide whether this person is someone I can be around or not. And if they choose not to be around me, then that’s okay too.

There was a time (or two) I was sitting at home in my own little world, and the person I was living with went to a family cookout that was across the street. One of their relatives walked over to ask me why didn’t I come over and kept trying to convince me I would have a good time. And every time I would tell them that I was okay and wanted to be by myself. Whether they thought it was weird of not, was their problem, but the person I was living with did bring me over a plate a food over. And kept saying how everyone wanted me to come over.

I always felt content being in my company, and I now choose wisely who I let into my space. I don’t like not being myself around people. And if I feel like I have to be anything else, then I can’t be around them.

I don’t care to stand in front of people to talk. I rather write it down and let them read it. I don’t like when people try to put me under a microscope to see what is wrong me. I am just like this. I can go out and be around people even though I don’t like crowds, but it doesn’t bother me too much. But, I don’t want to hang out with a group if I don’t have to, so I don’t see how these Real Housewives of these cities do it.

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 25: Where And When Do You Get Your Best Ideas?

I don’t know when I would get my ideas unless you count “at the strangest times.”

I normally get them, for writing, listening to music while sitting on couch after work or days I’m not working while letting the TV watch me. I had always said there was something therapeutic about music and the way it makes me feel. I can sometimes feel the creative juices flowing as I feel this jolt of energy coursing through me. Or when I’m watching a movie trailer or a movie itself.

Oftentimes, crystals and stones help center me and helps with the spiritual aspects of things. But, there are times I can be doing nothing at all and a scene or idea of sorts would pop up in my mind.

I’m sure this may happen to others, but I tried to have something to write those ideas down because they can pop up one minute and disappear the next.

When and where do you get your best ideas?

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 24: When You See Peers/Competitors Getting Things You Want, How Do You React?

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In the past, I would react badly to someone getting something that I wanted. Back then, it was mostly a job I had applied for and gave it my best, and then you to have someone I know to get that particular job position. It didn’t help that this person was always in competition with me, but they always got what they wanted.

It was during the time of my life when I was grieving the loss of my dad and wanted to do something with myself, and every job I applied for this person would get. They would constantly quit and get another while I couldn’t get a decent one other than a temp plant job.

I thought maybe I wasn’t applying myself more so I tried harder. That didn’t work. I never gotten whatever I wanted in life. Thinking about it, maybe I never had so I don’t what it feels like to have what I want. I had to take whatever “life” gives me, then and now. All in all, I was happy to see that person and anyone accomplished or gotten what they wanted. Even if I do put myself last and think about others first.

Anyway, I had grown to learn that maybe it wasn’t my time, or my season, and things will work itself out for the good. Though, it did hurt on many occasions whenever I had worked my butt off for whatever it is I wanted (or needed) and to find out someone else got it. Or the company/person turned me down for the job, proposal, etc.

So I’ve learned not to belittle myself, and to continue to be happy for others. My apologies if I sounded like I was complaining. I just wish the best for everyone, but for myself as well.

Thanks for reading.