A Poem For Our Girls

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Today’s post is for we women and for our little women. I’d found this poem on Klout while searching through articles where you can add your input to them and share with others.

This beautifully written poem is by a female, of course, and speaks about how females are to be strong and not to let “the world” take away your innocence, your heart, that sacredness that belongs to you.

I see this as a poem I will someday read to my daughter as she gets older. It’s a poem is for we women to instilled within ourselves and to pass onto the females in our life.

Even though this a post for females, men are welcome- to passed this poem on as well to the females in their lives.

**To my beautiful women (and young girls) be strong. Be empowered and know your self-worth. I love you all! 💖💖


You Are Daughters Of The Sun

you were born with a fire inside you,

and this world is determined to stamp it out.

You will see it when you stand up for yourself
and you are told how arrogant you are amongst your sex

because ‘it isn’t ladylike to raise your voice.’

(Speak louder when they say things like that to you.
Let them see how quick a single flame can take hold of an entire forest)

You will hear it when you wear something that hugs your body
and feel the uncomfortable sensation of being stripped naked

by the eyes of men who call you names you are still too young to understand.

(One day these same men will have daughters
with fire spines like yours who will make them understand)

You will know it when a man tries to use his strength
to have his way with you the first time, and no isn’t good enough, so you need to use your fists/teeth/legs to get him off.

(What did he think would happen if he manhandled flames? His burnt fingers are his own fault, not yours.)

You will feel it when you see
your mothers eyes filled with terror

because you are two hours later than you said you will be home.

(She understand so well how dangerous it is to carry a soul made from a firestorm in this broken world.)

You must understand: they fear you.
There is nothing scarier in their minds

than a girl who knows the power of her flames.

Your passion is terrifying,
your beauty isn’t pretty

it is unashamed,

determinedly uncaged

and so honest and wild

that they can only think of ways

to either own that fire

or try their damnedest to stamp it out.
But you must never ever let them take

those flames from within your soul,

Instead, you must burn brighter than ever

because you are a daughter of the Sun,

And you belong only to yourself, not to this world.

—Poem by Nikita Gill from Thought Catalog

Show Your Self-Respect, You’re Still Beautiful

It’s becoming a well know fact all over social media of women being misjudged, mistreated or they, themselves, going beyond their means to devalued their self-respect.

For one, most people had took to the internet some of the most insane, asinine photos and videos of them doing ridiculous stuff. I had to keep telling myself it’s just the internet but when is enough is enough?

From women twerking (and little girls too) to posts up of them nearly naked. It’s damn near soft porn! Excuse my language. When these same females received comments from another female to tell them to respect themselves and so forth, they claimed they are being hated on. Huh? How can another woman hate on another woman who posed provocative and barely have on any clothes. Mind you, majority of them are not models or anything of that nature. They just love the overwhelming excitement from men who leaves lewd comments that shouldn’t be on a public site.

Most men craved women of this nature while saying how the women  have no self-respect, no class, no morals. I don’t get it. They just hit “like” and left those ridiculous nasty comments. I’ve seen men tell these women not only that they are beautiful but no other woman of their caliber are. A few weeks ago I commented on a model(which she was more than just that) that I had the same body type as her before pregnancy, and asked for advice related to weight loss. This guy commented to me wanting proof that I have that body type. I was flabbergasted yet outraged. He kept pressuring me to show him photos of me and when I demanded that I will not send him any and to leave me alone; he claimed I was a liar about my body and I should SHOW it to him. So in his eyes, based on me not showing it, I’m not deemed beautiful.

I believe ALL women are beautiful! Being nearly naked, posting pictures of yourself always in lingerie, thongs, doesn’t make you beautiful. I avoid posting pictures of my body period; you have crazies out there.

Women, your inner beauty is just as gorgeous as your outer beauty. You don’t need validation from anyone that wearing less or slutty clothes make you gorgeous enough to deemed worthy in the eyes of most of these pitiful men.

Some women, majority are very young, will only get attention if they are beauty pageant gorgeous with a body of a porn star for these men to like them. It saddens me that most women with class and self respect get overlooked because they are judged of being boring, or not pretty enough, or not showing off the goods.

I am going to teach my daughter early on to know her self worth and to never fall weak for attention. I apologize for my ranting, I’m mortified and saddened what this internet is coming to.

Have anyone ever had this happened to them or witnessed it happened to another female?

What else can you add to this?

Thank you for reading. Light and love.

A Poem For Mothers

I’m a mother of an active four-year-old named Shelley Andrea. My joy and my mini me who gives me the pleasure to be her mother. When I first held her in my arms, it was a magical feeling that’s indescribable. I wake up each morning anticipating what the day will bring. Although Shelley is quite a handful, I wouldn’t trade her love in for the world.

Being a mother to my daughter reminds me of the times I spent with my mother. My mom was and still is the greatest. As I think back, I used to drive my mom nuts and love to comb her hair, and talk her up a storm; now Shelley does it to me.
Only different is that I wasn’t bratty and spoiled as a child.

Here’s a few poems dedicated to all the mothers out there whether you birth your child or adopted him or her. Hope you all enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Toast to All Women

Women, let’s toast to just being women!

We, women are God-gifts to the world. Without us, this world would fall apart. Let’s poured us a glass of our favorite wine and sit back and have a moment to relax and breathe.

Men want us to be this and be that. But, what are they going to be for us? Why do they expect us to be Super Woman when they know we can’t? I have to tell you. I been around a lot of guys and listened to them talked about women and their views on them. I don’t think they know what they want. Some even claimed they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. They supposedly want us to live up to that. Okay. Whatever. The names they call us- whore, slut, b***h,  tramp- list goes on. I’ve even seen some of the men get with those types of women. And then, forget who they are the next day.

First of all, what makes a woman a whore or a b***h? Is it the way she dress, walk, talk, what? Men, will not be satisfy with us and even when they do have the woman they want, their eyes are wandering. What are they looking for? Or better yet, who are they looking for? I have the answer- the next woman to replace you if they become bored with you or even tired.

We birth their babies, clean, cook, sex them, put of with all their flaws and their “my baby mama” blues, and they can’t even rub our feet after a long day or last longer than five minutes after sex  thinking they done something. Omg! Spare us.

We have so much going on in our OWN lives that sometimes we can take on everything. Praises and power to the women who do twelve things at once. Raise up your wine glass!