What Do You Love To Do?

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The work and time authors put into writing their book is a task that is both challenging and rewarding. It’s almost doesn’t feel like work, but it is. Then there’s the reader who gets experienced in the world in which the characters lived. And go on this journey with the characters.

Being an avid reader is something that had done more than give me a place to escape. It is both relaxing and gives me this “book high.”

As I went through the days, weeks, and months of last year, so much had happened that I can’t even begin to list them all. I had gotten away and moved from an abusive ex where the person and environment took toxic to a whole other level. I was sick two months straight and had to force myself to do everything because I felt like a walking zombie.

In a previous post, I spoke about my doctor who doesn’t really do her job like she should. I ended up getting another doctor and was placed on different medications for my blood pressure. And I also ended up on anxiety/depression medicine.

And I also found out why I was always tired and weak– my blood levels for vitamin D were extremely low. I had gone through a few years with my previous doctor and she always claimed to not know why my health was declining. And here comes the new doctor who knew what to do and was able to get my health where it should be.

I can say so many negatives happened last year, but there were some positives too. I confess, my therapist had to actually help me see that.

Doing that 50-books Goodreads challenge last year had helped me a lot in so many ways. I am still glad I did.

When I published my book on January 22, I was happy but also a little sad. A little sad because like I mentioned before it is the month my dad was born. On Saturday, as I’m writing this, a family member and I were talking about my dad. While there are times I still get emotional even though he passed away almost 19 years ago, this person wanted to bring up bad thoughts they harbored about him.

And all I can think about is the weekend I keep trying to get in touch with my dad the weekend he passed away in November 2003. He was very sick and never wanted us to remember him that away. But all I can remember was trying to get in touch with him because I was supposed to move in with him. And since I couldn’t drive at the time, I had to keep finding someone to take me to him.. Come to find out, I was too late. He died alone and was dead for a whole weekend before anyone knew.

Okay, those memories are making me sad again, and I’m glad it is not November.

What I am saying is, no matter what is going on in your life, doing something you love can really help. Other than reading and writing, music, and watching movies are the things that I can solace in.

What about you? What do you find solace in? Or what do you like to do that you find happiness in?

Love and blessings to you.

— Pamela ❤

6 thoughts on “What Do You Love To Do?

  1. Writing and music are my biggest comforts, and since writing has been more than a bit difficult the last two years, I’ve leaned heavily on music.My music tastes go from classical strings and piano to 30s Jazz to 70s Soft Rock and Funk to Country. I’ve found some OLD favorites and new artists that help me get through the day.

    I recently went through a Vitamin D deficiency too, and had to do the 12-week therapy plus daily sunshine. I was skeptical… but pleasantly surprised that it worked.

    I also went through a change in doctors, and may be going through another one soon. There’s simply too many doctors available to put up with one who’s more concerned with the length of time they spend with you than actually helping you.

    Wishing you the best, Pamela. Have a great week and stay safe!

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    1. I’m glad to know it had worked for you because that Vitamin D deficiency is no joke at all.
      And definitely change doctors if one isn’t helping you like they should. I just wished I didn’t waited too long to change doctors.
      Felicia, your tastes in music is so similar, especially with the 70s soft rock. Music is great therapy.
      Love and blessings to you! 💜❤

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  2. You’ve certainly been through the mill, as we say, Pamela. I think it’s fab that you have survived and can share. I love that you still think of your dad, even though it can make you sad. For me that is heaven, a kind of eternal life through remembrance?
    Where do I go for solace? A long run, 10-15 miles gives me time to unravel my head. It usually hurts at some stage, but its good to run through the pain. Yeah I know weird haha. Take care Pamela, I’m off to track your book down. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Charlie. ❤ I don’t know how you do it with running. Whew, sounds painful. But still, it’s good to know it is something you find solace in. And weird is a good thing. 😊
      Blessings and prosperity to you, Charlie. Take care as well.

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