Let Go Of The Things That Doesn’t Serve You

Photo courtesy of: The Zen Life

Happy Wednesday!

Though the list in the photo are only a few, there are many things a person may want to let go of that doesn’t best serve them. Life is precious and your health and peace of mind and well-being is super important.

Let go of negativity, toxicity, things you have no power over, people-pleasing, saying yes all the time, etc. Let all that stuff go. Take one day at a time, and take the best care of you.

What are the things you’re letting go of?

4 thoughts on “Let Go Of The Things That Doesn’t Serve You

  1. I agree totally, Pamela. This is something we should stay cognizant of at all times, but unfortunately, we only “take stock” of our mental condition after experiencing life-altering loss or deep trauma. We need to be ongoing advocates for ourselves.

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  2. This is necessary. I’ve been in a space of letting people and things go that no longer serve me. Every now and then, I just wake up like, hmmm…I don’t think this is helping me anymore. It’s like taking inventory.

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