March Writing Challenge- Day 24: When You See Peers/Competitors Getting Things You Want, How Do You React?

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In the past, I would react badly to someone getting something that I wanted. Back then, it was mostly a job I had applied for and gave it my best, and then you to have someone I know to get that particular job position. It didn’t help that this person was always in competition with me, but they always got what they wanted.

It was during the time of my life when I was grieving the loss of my dad and wanted to do something with myself, and every job I applied for this person would get. They would constantly quit and get another while I couldn’t get a decent one other than a temp plant job.

I thought maybe I wasn’t applying myself more so I tried harder. That didn’t work. I never gotten whatever I wanted in life. Thinking about it, maybe I never had so I don’t what it feels like to have what I want. I had to take whatever “life” gives me, then and now. All in all, I was happy to see that person and anyone accomplished or gotten what they wanted. Even if I do put myself last and think about others first.

Anyway, I had grown to learn that maybe it wasn’t my time, or my season, and things will work itself out for the good. Though, it did hurt on many occasions whenever I had worked my butt off for whatever it is I wanted (or needed) and to find out someone else got it. Or the company/person turned me down for the job, proposal, etc.

So I’ve learned not to belittle myself, and to continue to be happy for others. My apologies if I sounded like I was complaining. I just wish the best for everyone, but for myself as well.

Thanks for reading.

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