March Writing Challenge- Day 16: If You Could Sit Down With Your 15-Year Old Self..?

Photo by Aaron Mello from Pexels

Today’s question is: If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell her?

Well, I would tell her not to follow the crowd and not everyone is your friend. High school and being a teenager are harder by itself than to deal with all what comes with it. I would also tell her to not be afraid of being who she is. Not everyone is going to like you or understand you, so don’t try to fit in because desperation isn’t a good look.

Also, cry when you need to if you feel the need to but remember to get your butt up and keep it moving. Spend more time with Dad because the next four years will be hard, love. Eventually, you will get through it. Time doesn’t really heal all wounds, but later in life you will understand what I mean.

And an(other) thing(s):

  • Stay strong and don’t be afraid to be unique,
  • Don’t feel like you don’t measure up, or feel like you don’t look like what you see on television. Remember that society has their own standards, but girls that look like you are beautiful and strong, and can conquer anything you set your mind to,
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, and don’t forget to live,
  • There are so many things I want to say to you, Pamela, but I am getting too emotional because I want the best for you. Life can be hard at times, sometimes all the time, and cruel, but you will get through it.

Until another time, Pamela; we have much to talk about. I love you and believe in you!

Thanks for reading.


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