March Writing Challenge- Day 14: How Do You Reign In Self-Critical Voices?

Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

I have dealt with self-critical voices before and it was the worse thing I could have ever done. Anytime I felt like I could have done better, I would criticize myself. I don’t know if it came from hearing others criticize me growing up or what. Somewhere down the line, I became my own worse critic.

I try not to be so hard on myself, but there are times when you are so used to doing something for so long that you’ve grown used to it. Whenever I hear those self-critical voices and realize it is being said and done, I have to reel it back and banish them because it has the tendencies to bring me down to a place I keep telling myself not to go.

Sometimes, it is good to give yourself that “talk,” but not to the point where it is breaking down your spirit and mental health. It can be self-destructive when a person is constantly being negative to themselves, which has been in my case.

It broke down my self-worth and cause me to feel stuck and broken. It had taken some time for me to stop being so critical of myself and learned to pay attention to my thoughts and to stop replaying bad and/or painful memories over and over.

I had worked on self-improvement and actually do the work and still working on myself to this day. Because, it’s about being better mentally and spiritually.

How do you reign in self-critical voices?

Thank you for reading.


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