March Writing Challenge- Day 6: What Are You Freakishly Good At?

Photo by Mark Cruzat from Pexels

I believe I am freakishly good at procrastinating. Yeah. There have been projects and writings I have been working on that I have started either years ago or several months ago. I don’t mean to be so good at procrastinating, but I’ve been hoping it would be something I can change because things need to get done. It’s not so much as laziness though I would start something else new. Sometimes, if I lose interest or decided to come back to it later, I would start that new thing and/or take so long to come back to what I was working on.

Another thing I am freakishly good at is reading. Yeah, I know. You might be asking how can I be that good at that. Well, let me tell you. Since a little girl, I would go through boxes and bags of books and magazines and encyclopedias in a week or less (depends on life). I never skimmed through them, I actually read all of them. I remember receiving those Highlights magazines for kids, encyclopedias for kids, and Disney books in the mail and how I would read in rapid speed for so many (I forgot the number) in one weekend and can recite what was either written or give a break-down of my own about what I’ve read.

Since then, my parents would have more books and magazines come in the mail. And I would also skip to the school and town’s library ready for the next book adventure.

Now, I’m still that way, and I feel like now I have to read slowly because I don’t want the book to end. I want to savor the time spent with the characters and go on that literature journey with them.

I am also doing another book challenge on Goodreads this year where I’ll read 50 books this year. I’m at 15 books read so far. I will share the books I’ve read once I finish the challenge. Some days, I have to find time to read books when work and life get in the way when I just want to read.

I may procrastinate like crazy, but not so much when it comes to reading.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you haven’t already, head over to Marquessa’s blog for the 31 Questions March Writing Challenge if you like to join us.

7 thoughts on “March Writing Challenge- Day 6: What Are You Freakishly Good At?

    1. Yes, throwing things out you don’t need count, I’m sure. 😄
      I had donated most of those books since then and some got lost from moving around so often. Though, I would like to have a room with nothing but books one day.

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